Coelacanth Hotspot – Black Desert Online – Valencia Sea – Near Arehaza Town

Is catching tons of gold grade fish and traveling far distances with them your thing? Look no further than the furthest away place on the map. Gold grade fish spawn in many areas of the Valencia Sea. Blue Groupers, Tilefish, and Coelacanth are the most common you will find in the vast eastern ocean ofContinue reading “Coelacanth Hotspot – Black Desert Online – Valencia Sea – Near Arehaza Town”

Gameplay Aspects – Efficiency Tips and Tricks – Black Desert Online – Overview of Using All Aspects Collectively in BDO

BDO Features several aspects that all help the other run much more smoothly. Pair that content with a couple useful tips and tricks, and hopefully you got yourself a good read!

Fishing – A Beginner’s Guide to Fishing in Black Desert Online

Basic Guide to Fishing in BDO. Make fishing a little bit easier in the beginning. 1st of many fishing guides from and the RogueCorp Gaming Community