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RogueZone by RogueGoose1 – Admin Shop
Play Atlas with a great community of Sailors, Pirates, and hardy Northmen or become one of our server’s free people. No matter what faction you belong to, there is a lot of fun in store for you! Speaking of store, here is our Admin Shop:

Donate Via PayPal to or other payment methods available at

Here are the current donation bundles:
Fuel Amount $$USD
500 ————————-$5
1000 ————————$10
2000 ———————–$18
5000 ———————–$45

Coven Shop Pirate Shop Northern Shop


Ships are NWNA, Mythical 300% or greater parts


Reinforcements: Coven Citizens
Knights ——- 1000 fuel
Nobles ———-800 fuel
Soldiers ———600 fuel
Commoner —–400 fuel
Peasant———-200 fuel
Reinforcements: Northerners
Rangers – 1000 fuel
Warriors —800 fuel
Hunters —-600 fuel
Fishermen-400 fuel
Villagers —200 fuel
Reinforcements: Pirates
Elite Pirates – 1000 fuel
Fighters ——– 800 fuel
Scoundrels —–600 fuel
Thieves ———-400 fuel
Drunks ———-200 fuel


Coven Tames
Northern Tames
Pirate Tames

Additional Items

o Yuge Wall Pack (100 fuel)
Ten Large Stone Walls (300%)

o Structures Pack (Specify Wood 300 fuel or Stone 600 fuel)
100 Walls
100 Floors
100 Ceilings
100 Roofs
25 Small Doors

o Mr Handy Pack (500 fuel)
1 Farmhouse
1 Lumberyard
1 Mine
1 Quarry
All Mythical

o Al Borland Tool Kit (500 fuel)
Repair Hammer
All 300%

o Resource Stockpile (Specify Common or Uncommon) 1000 fuel
Common: 50k – 1 common resource (no gold, no mythos, no gems)
Uncommon: 10k – Gold, Mythos, or Gems

o Blueprint Crafting (250 fuel each BP)

o NWNA Service – 500 fuel

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