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Join RogueGOOSE1 at RogueRadio to talk about all sorts of things related to games. Sometimes we get off topic, but that’s alright! Email questions about your favorite games to:

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Rogue Radio is still a work in progress. Look forward to bigger and better content as I get a handle on podcasting!

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How else to devour Rogue content?

Facebook (Rogue Corp Online / Gunner Goose Gaming)
I enjoy delivering Facebook content mostly because I share fire ass memes and connect with all of you more!

YouTube (RogueGoose1 / RogueNFL / RogueTulsa)
3 Ways to watch on YouTube – I do a gaming show, NFL Talk Show, & Tulsa Talk Show!

Twitch (Twitch)
I love streaming video games to Twitch!

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