OUTWARD Rating – Rating Survival Games – RogueGOOSE1 Rates Survival Games

OUTWARD Rating – Rating Survival Games – RogueGOOSE1 Rates Survival Games

Outward is a survival game that is rated Mature by ESRB ratings. How will Outward rate with RogueGOOSE1? We will take a deep dive into the games features and make a well informed rating for you!

I enjoy survival games, and especially those with multiplayer elements. Whether that’s in a cooperative capacity or an mmo style. Survival games typically feature food & water consumption, resource management, sometimes building & crafting, and other survival mechanics that we all love.

Today’s featured game is:


Outward is a survival rpg that can be played solo or cooperatively. Split screen is also available. The split-screen aspect earns it bonus points with me because so few games offer such a feature. The game also focuses on the player to be a commoner. This is important as many other games feature the player to be some what of a god, or generally better than NPC’s and other characters in the game. Outward takes another spin on it, making the player evenly matched versus enemies. Skill in-game, rationing, and resource management are all that may save you on adventures.

Outward details:

Release date: Mar 26, 2019
Publisher: Deep Silver – Developer: Nine Dots
ESRB rating: Mature
Platforms: PlayStation 4 · Microsoft Windows · Xbox One

There is no fast travel in this game. The player is forced to plan for each adventure outside of the walls. You have access to a map, but no player location indicator. You have to navigate on your own, and pack plenty of supplies before you head out. Or have a resupply plan. This is an amazing survival aspect which is found in other games, but not quite to this extent. Typically you at least get a location identifier on your map or have a guided path. Not so with Outward.

Survival Rating System

Resource ManagementCrafting & BuildingSurvivabilityGameplayStoryOpen WorldPvE vs PvP Creativity
– Food & Water Consumption– Shelter– DifficultyFun to play?– Lore Availability
– Immersion
– Survival Exploration– Does the environment keep one’s interest?– What’s this game trying to accomplish?
Table of concepts we look at when rating a survival game – RogueGOOSE1

There are so many things that go into ranking a survival game. Most survival games have their own spin on the game itself, but have many similar elements. Outward has chosen to feature the survival aspects and place these fun burdens on a common person. This is a very unique concept which cannot be compared. So it finds itself in the creative category. Earning it some points. Games will be able to earn 10 points per aspect plus 30 points can come solely from creativity. For a total possible score of 100. So let’s break down Outward.

Resource management

Longer adventures in Outward forces you to plan ahead. Not bringing enough water or failing to plan around water availability will surely end in the player respawning from the start. Only negative to the resource management in Outward is that I would like to see even more items to choose from.

Points: 9

Crafting & Building

Crafting is big in this game. Building is not. Yes, you are required to set up camp if you wish to survive a longer journey, and you even must post guard throughout the night (which I love), but there is not much for making your camp that much better.

Points: 6


For someone starting out in this game the first time, they will likely die a ton. Which is awesome. Experience truly wins the day in this survival game. The fact that you have to truly learn as you go, navigate yourself, and manage everything from the start -it’s hard to find a knock here.

Points: 10


Graphics and combat mechanics are below par, but playable. The game can get old for explorers who stop exploring.

Points: 6


There isn’t much lore, mostly because you are a commoner. Which is this games shining feature. It does make an attempt at a story but you still kind of lose out on what many survival games choose to feature here though.

Points: 6

Open worldliness

The map could be larger, but because of the difficulty, it seems bigger than it is. I am a sucker for a survival game large enough to support mounts or vehicles. This game would be hurt by mobility.

Points: 6

PvE versus PvP

This game is solo or co-op, so PvP is nonexistent. Sure, you could squabble with your mate, but… As for the PvE… You are a commoner still. Everything in the environment can kill you just as easy as it can kill you. I love this aspect.

PvE: 9 – PvP: 0 – Overall (we’ll round up): 5


Creativity is going to be the hardest thing to add up for this game. It’s feature is so unique that it helps and hurts the game at the same time. I feel that it gives it a higher floor, but a lower ceiling. Overall it is a fantastic game that a true survival lover would absolutely enjoy. For that reason I am giving it 2/3rds the possible creativity points.

Points: 20

OUTWARD Rating – Rating Survival Games – RogueGOOSE1 Rates Survival Games

Conclusion – Points 68 / 100

This is our first survival rating. So there isn’t much to compare yet. You will see that we will remain optimistic yet very objective of these games. Let us know how we rated it in your opinion. 68 out of possible 100 may seem low to someone who loves this game. Just for perspective, I think very highly of this game, and I think time will tell 68 is a good amount once able to compare with our other survival game ratings. Whether you love it or hate it let us know on our channels: https://facebook.com/Gunnergoosegaming

Survival / MMORPG Games PC & Console – New and Upcoming Survival Games 2020 & 2021 – 5 Must play Games

Survival games have hit big on PC and consoles. Playstation 4 and Xbox have received numerous games that were seen as PC only, but were later remastered for console gaming. This genre delivers unique playing concepts that we gamers had been dying for. The genre has become a tad saturated on PC and consoles, but have developers quenched our thrist?

Quick answer, NO.

Survival games continue to role out new and exciting concepts that we had only previously dreamed of. Often times, concepts that we’d never even considered. Take this game for example:

1. The Last Oasis

The Last Oasis is a game set in a reality where the Earth has stopped rotating. This reality forces the last human survivors (you), to outrun the scorching Sun constantly to survive. You can traverse the massive open world on a mobile base that you craft. Scavenging, stealing, and trading become a huge part of your life in this Nomadic Survival MMO available for PC.

The Last Oasis – (Pic from Steam)

Yes, The Last Oasis is currently only available on Steam. Those who have a PC and love unique survival games may enjoy this title.

Will The Last Oasis come to console? No, probably not. Definitely not anytime soon.

So what unique survival games should consolers play? Assuming this next game eventually makes it to a release date, I would certainly recommend it to console and PC players:

Dying Light 2 from Steam

2. Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 has been pushed back from final released about 475,000.5 times. That’s an obvious exaggeration, but it’s 2020 we need disclaimers for everything. Dying Light 2 is the sequel to the 2015 game Dying Light. In number 2, it has been 15 years since humanity was lost to a global pandemic. This fact intrigues us all in these days of COVID-19. Humanity wasn’t lost to coronavirus in this game, but the thoughts of plague and virus spreading all around the world are certainly current events.

I am one that got over the moon excited about Dying Light 2 when it was featured at E3 2018. The world premiere captured many survival and horror enthusiasts hearts. Our hearts were quickly hardened upon it’s first push back, and again with each subsequent set back. First quarter 2021 seems like the next release to not hold our breaths for. I’ll still be in line once it is official though.

Next Game

So far we have looked at a PC only survival mmorpg, and a multiplatform survival horror that may or may not ever release. So how about a survival genre game that is multiplatform AND is available right meow?

3. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved – Survival Game that you can play right now on PC and Console

Ark: Survival Evolved is a multiplatform game that is available right meow. In fact, it’s been available for quite some time. So why did we feel the need to include it here over newer games? Largely in part to the fact that Ark: Genesis DLC released earlier this year. The game has revamped and created a whole new audience. Thousands of players returned to survive, and thousands of players began surviving for the first time.

Jerboa from Ark

Over 100+ creatures can be tamed, shelters can be crafted, and other players may be teamed up with or destroyed in this game as you fight for survival. This is unique concept which I absolutely adore. Each dinosaur or creature has a unique skill which can be exploited to aid in survival. Growing crops and building massive bases can also be very fun aspects to play with.

Now I know if you’re an old Ark player, you may be thinking this game isn’t what it once was. You are also correct. It has changed. You may like it though if you’re ready to experience it from another angle. Some players have also experienced bugs and other issues with the game. I have not. I think that this is still a solid game and has no where near the issues it had within it’s first year after release.

Ark: Survival Evolved is available on PC, Xbox1, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile.

Next up we have a wildly ambitious game… which is:

4. Dual Universe

Dual Universe isn’t quite a survival game; however, it features many concepts that we survival enthusiasts love. Things such as:
– Massive player driven ecosystem
– Building & Crafting
– Open world
– Exotic world
Building and crafting is a concept you find in most survival games. You typically need to build shelter to survive the wilderness. This game also features PvE & PvP aspects just like we survival game enthusiasts enjoy, but the environment is exotic planets and space. Naturally you will need a shelter from differing environments.

Dual Universe is a sandbox mmo rather than a survival mmorpg. I felt inclined to include it in this article because it truly fascinates me. The big draw it has is that it is one massive open server which will never be reset, and allows things to just happen naturally. Explore space, survive the environment, and interact with other players across the universe. Sounds exciting to me. This game is solely available on PC.

pic from Dual Universe on Steam

5. Dead Matter, SCUM, DayZ

So why are there 3 games in the 5th slot? These games are all survival mmo’s which tend to grasp the same audience. It’s likely that you would enjoy them all if you’re someone who likes one of these games. Dead Matter and SCUM aren’t available in their respective full versions, but are available on a limited basis solely for PC. DayZ on the other hand is available in a full capacity on PC, XBoxOne, and Playstation 4. So you can get your hands on one or more of these titles no matter what kind of gamer you are.

Dead Matter for PC – https://playdeadmatter.com/

Dead Matter is taking the internet by storm currently. It is not ready for 100% access, but some gamers have found their way into the game through early access. We can only speculate it’s final launch.

DayZ – is a tad older than the other 2 titles we have included in the 5th showing. It is available across PC, Xbox, and PS4 – so it has that going for it.

SCUM – has a growing player base, and is the true survival mmo that we love. It is only available for PC.


7 Games make it into this article. All of these games are worth taking a deep look into if you haven’t already and perhaps a second look if you have. Here at RogueCorp we are committed to bringing some fantastic gaming information, and have looked heavily into many survival games. We will be rolling out more exciting information about many survival games and mmorpg’s this whole month. Subscribe for more and find out what RogueGOOSE1 is playing on FB and Twitch:


Pokémon Go: Community Day features Electabuzz – Sunday, November 15, 2020 – 5:00pm Local Time

leekduck.com Pokémon Go: Community Day features Electabuzz – Sunday, November 15, 2020 – 5:00pm Local Time

Electabuzz community day event!

Get ready trainers, the long desired community day featuring Electabuzz is upon us. Tomorrow is finally the day. Magmar is right around the corner so look out for info on that as well.

Shiny Electabuzz

Are you shocked that we get a chance at a shiny Electabuzz? This is an electric event to say the least. So what are the details for this community day event?


  1. Increased Electabuzz spawns
  2. 1/4 egg hatch distance
  3. 3 hour incense

These are becoming pretty standard community day event bonuses as the game continues to hold these events during the global pandemic. Whether COVID-19 is a hindrance for your play time or not, these bonuses are quite significant. Coronavirus can be tough on a game that requires you to be around people somewhat.

Electivire Special Move

The Community day will last 6 hours. Any Electivire caught, or Electabuzz evolved into Electivire during the event, or up to 2 hours after the event, will learn a special move. Special moves are common in community day Pokémon in Pokémon Go. So why is this one unique? This is an Electric type Pokémon who can have a Fire special move. So what’s the special move?


Flamethrower is an interesting move to have with Electivire. This move paired with the electric type Pokémon will not be very valuable in PvP. This is simply a collection upgrade. How will you use it?

Other event details

Research, Snapshot

There are a couple types of research available with this event. There will be a paid research available for $1 USD, “Electric for Electabuzz”. THere will also be a Timed Research which will be able to land you some Sinnoh stones to evlove those Electabuzz if you choose. Snapshot encounters will also land you up to 5 more Electabuzz for your collection.

Thanks for reading. I wish you all the best of luck in your adventures tomorrow for the Electabuzz event. Go get em!

Pokémon Go – Defeating Team Rocket Leaders / Boss – Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, & Giovanni

Pokémon Go – Defeating Team Rocket Leaders / Boss – Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, & Giovanni

Remember when it was almost impossible to beat the Team Rocket Leaders? If not then you are likely a top player, and had some ridiculous counters waiting for them at the time of release. If you’re an average player like me though, perhaps they were a little tough.

The hardship we faced in the beginning is indeed over. Now, Team Rocket Leaders and even the “Boss” Giovanni come straight to the trainer via hot air balloon. No guesswork involved there. All you need is some time and a little knowledge before hand to get the win.

In this article, I am going to share with you how I defeated the trio plus their boss. Let’s start with Team Rocket Leader Cliff:

Defeating Cliff in Pokémon Go – Shadow Omanyte – Team Rocket Leader Cliff

My Pokémon:

  1. Venusaur
  2. Leafeon
  3. Machamp

I knew that Cliff would come out with Shadow Omanyte first. The trainer never knows what might be next, but knowing the first Pokémon ahead of time can be a game changer. Because of this information, I chose to start with Venusaur. Venusaur has been in the game since the start in 2016. So hopefully, you all have one by now and can do the same. Or perhaps you have something similar in mind. My Venusaur was able to beat Team Rocket Leader Cliff’s first 2 Pokémon. Luckily, Onix came out second, and was quickly dispatched.

Tyranitar came out last and defeated my Venusaur. I then had to make a choice of Leafeon or Machamp to bring home the win. I went with the four-hand slinger, and got out of there with my Shadow Omanyte.

Next up we have Team Rocket Leader Arlo.

Defeating Arlo in Pokémon Go – Shadow Growlithe – Team Rocket Leader Arlo

My Pokémon:

  1. Alolan Golem
  2. Machamp
  3. Shiny Togekiss

Shadow Growlithe nearly whipped my Alolan Golem. Golem defeated Growlithe with a fully charged attack awaiting Team Rocket Leader Arlo’s second Shadow. Steelix ate the rock blast before defeating Alolan Golem.

Unlike with Team Rocket Leader Cliff, I didn’t know what the 3rd mon would be after losing my first one. Deciding a next move was slightly more challenging. I opted for Machamp. Machamp came out slinging, but would still be outdone by Steelix. I was now on my last Pokemon with Steelix, Arlo’s 2nd mon, still in action. I had faith in my Shiny Togekiss. Togekiss used Dazzling Gleam and secured my Shadow Growlithe.

The last Team Rocket Leader before we get to the boss is, Team Rocket Leader Sierra.

Defeating Sierra in Pokémon Go Shadow Drowzee – Team Rocket Leader Sierra

My Pokémon:

  1. Tyranitar
  2. Machamp
  3. Tyranitar

Like any other Team Rocket Leader, I didn’t know which Pokémon would be used after the first one. I knew Drowzee would be up to bat first, so on a hunch, I doubled up Tyranitar. My first Tyran quickly defeated Drowzee, but had nothing for Lapras. I quickly change to Machamp, and on to my second helping of Tyranitar for the win over Shiftry. I was able to collect my Shadow Drowzee, and prepare for Team Rocket Boss, Giovanni.

Team Rocket Boss Giovanni

Defeating Giovanni in Pokémon Go – Shadow Mewtwo – How to get shadow mewtwo

My Pokémon:

  1. Hariyama
  2. Machamp
  3. Yanmega

Giovanni’s Pokémon:

  1. Persian
  2. Kangaskhan
  3. Mewtwo

Now, I didn’t know any of the Pokémon that would be used against me here other than Mewtwo. The prize was said to be Shadow Mewtwo so that was an indicator, and why I chose a bug as my anchor. I did not know that Yanmega would have to essentially win the entire match for me. Persian and Kangaskhan beat the crap out of my fighting types. Yanmega was the clear cut MVP of the match, leading my team to the ultimate prize of Shadow Mewtwo.

There you have it

That’s how I defeated the 3 Team Rocket Leaders, Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, & their boss Giovanni. Hope you enjoyed the content and look forward to hearing from you. Hit #Socials to find out how or subscribe to this blog for more content.

How to be successful in Gulag – Gaming PvP – Sweet Gulag Victories – Call of Duty: Warzone

How do you like to win in the Gulag on Call of Duty: Warzone? Do you use your tactical and lethal equipment? Are you overly aggressive? Or are you a patient prison fighter? I think we all agree that getting out of the Gulag by any means necessary is the right attitude, but how do we increase our chances?

I am going to share with you some of my victories in the Gulag, and give some hopefully helpful tips to getting you out as well.

Tip 1. Use your Equipment!

Tip 1 in the Gulag – Use your equipment. Throwing Knife Kill in Gulag

As you can see in this first video. I won my Gulag bout without firing a single shot. My tactical on the left side may not have done much, or did it by me time as a distraction? Only the loser of this match would know. I’m heading back to the Warzone.

Tip 2. Be patient.

Tactical patience is important in the Gulag. You see me taking my time to pick my move in the previous video. Often, I am able to get a few kills simply by having my gun pointed to the right. The other gladiator didn’t appear this time so we went another way. My tactical patience gave me many options.

Tip 3. Patience is good, but know when to push!

Yes, tactical patience is a great attribute to showcase in the Gulag. Knowing when to escape from this patience and forcing your enemy to make a bad decision is also a key skill. In this video, I stay patient and get off some good shots from between cover. The opposition knows that he is caught and tries to escape. That was the one chance I had at pushing.

Tip 4. Be decisive.

There is no best way to win Gulag. Going 100% aggressive may win you half the fights. Going 100% patient will maybe do the same. Be patient-ly waiting to strike. See what your enemy is going to give you, and then take it.

Tip 5. Practice – Have fun.

Have a great understanding of the weapons used in Gulag and know that they change often. If you never use sniper or marksman rifles then you may be at a major disadvantage when those cycle back into Gulag. Gulag is a great brand of PvP. I absolutely enjoy the 1v1 aspect of getting back to my team.

Hope you enjoyed the content! I look forward to delivering more! Join the community to join the discussion!

Morning of Bloodshed – Video & Story – Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Good reads from RogueGOOSE1!

This video is a visual reference to the story you are about to read. The video has been cut from my Twitch stream. I led my troops as well as an ally’s troops into unbelievable odds as my own castle was falling into enemy control. I hope you enjoy the video and the corresponding story. Let’s begin.

Spring 12, 1086

Morning of Bloodshed
by: RogueGOOSE1

Nobles with influence on the realm sought fit to bestow Varagos Castle unto me. A simple “yay” with weight behind it has promoted me to nobility. I led a successful campaign across Calradia during the early winter of 1086. This campaign has won me favor with the nobles of the Southern Empire but has also bred opposition from the East and the North. I set forth to adventure with an Army, not knowing what my future would hold.

                It is… a wonderous thing. I earned my place at the head of the Varagos region in my campaign this past winter. I mounted my horse and road away from my new home after a decisive victory over the Northern Empire. One newly acquired subject asked when I should return. I could not say. The war could take some seasons to conclude.

               I truly hope to call this castle home in my retirement from campaigns and bring prosperity to the region. The Northern Empire had ruled on the region for a long time. Could I bring a new outlook to the citizens? Time could only tell. I rode away. Onward to other trials.

               I traveled for a time. Expanding my influence and imposing my will upon other parties with the same goal in mind. It was not until today, only a season later, when I received parchment from the North. A force from further North marches on my hopeful home. I call an emergency meeting with my most senior warriors.

               Normally I would call my trusted companion, Henera. Herena came into my service way before I had any influence at all. I trust her completely. I remember when I met her in the bar at Phyaceon. Men were giving her a hard time and she was close to cutting them all down when I stepped in. She has been with me since. Sadly, she is in the custody of a Khuzait Party. I became a large part of this war after I heard the news of her capture. I must get her back in one piece, but now I have a decision to make. Continue to chase her captor or go save our home? What would she do? What would she want me to do? Do I have the manpower to complete both daunting tasks? The council should help in this decision.

               My 3 best fighters arrive at my tent. Bram, Isadore, and Alfred are my most senior men. I could see they were already aware of my quandary as they enter. I ask them directly, “What would you have me do?”.  Bram was the first to speak. “My Lord, we have to bring Herena’s captor to justice.” Alfred quickly rebuts, “After, we save our home!”

               The discussion continues as I gather information. We learn that over 600 trained warriors bare down on my castle. I have but 60 soldiers in my service. “If we make it into the castle, we won’t need the numbers, Lord Goose.” Alfred reminding me that we had faced overpowering odds before. But never 10 times the force. The walls would provide us an advantage, but we are further in days from the castle than the North. We would have to make it passed 600 fighters, enter the castle, and resecure it before it falls. We all die if we fail, and who knows the fate of Herena after that. If we win, Herena remains in captivity another day, and who knows if we will get back on the trail of her captor. We also learn that Lucon is the commander of the Northern Empire’s warring party. Making the siege defense trickier.

               Lucon is the ruler of the Northern Empire. On one hand, battling him back from our walls and defeating his army could end the war in the north. On the other hand, he has the best trained troops in the Northern Empire. Ten times the force as my own in number and in skill.

               The discussion seemed to take the entire day; however, it was over quickly when Isadore finally delivered his thoughts. “My Lord,” he said, “We all know we will be on the Empress’s road to Varagos Castle soon.” Yes, it is apparent my mind had already been made up. “You would not have asked for our council if you were planning to continue Herena’s trail.” He added. And… he was right. I tell them to ready the warriors for return to Varagos.

               Since it has been decided, how are we going to win this thing? I have put together some influence among Southern Empires nobles. I know that Patyr and Turiados are nearby. They each have over 100 fighters in their parties. We would have great odds of a victory over Senator Lucon with 260 soldiers and the walls under our feet. I send word but receive support from Turiados alone. Turiados scout tells me that they are just hours behind and his 110 fighters are heading for Varagos.   

               Bram reminds me that there are towns which approve of our cause between us and Lucon’s siege camp. Perhaps they will have hard men ready for work. Several towns give us fighters. We will have 200 warriors once we rendezvous with Turiados. I set in waiting for Turiados just an hour from Varagos. This is the last time I will be able to speak to the warriors before we engage in the siege defense. I decide to take time to get in one last training session ensuring the archers are calm, and the front liners are not.

               Turiados finally calls for an audience to hear my plan. I bring along Bram, Isadore, and Alfred to inform the other party of the plan. We understand we will take some losses to get in the gate, but determine it is the only way to victory for us. Fighting this large of a force on the open battlefield will surely end in defeat. We fill every seat on every horse we have and make our dash for the gate!

               Over 50 men fall to arrow fire, but we enter the back gate and resecure it with success. We are committed to the siege now.

               Stories speak of the calm before the storm. This poetic luxury is nowhere to be found. We all die here, or we push back Lucon’s army. There is nothing in between. What happens after today is too far in the future to fret over. I have an army to deny. I replace tired archers on the wall and rearrange our battlements. We are as prepared as we can for an outcome.

               This is not Lucon’s introduction to siege tactics. He will use bowmen to cover the maneuver of his ladders and battering ram. He knows all he must do to win the land is impregnate the gate. His laddermen with occupy my archers while his archers cover the motion of the ram. Once that gate falls, our fate is sealed. 

               Incidentally, this is my introduction to siege defense. I stand here with throwing knives rather than bow and quiver. I was ready for a 1 on 1 fight, yet I find myself gazing upon a force which seeks to wipe out the only claim on this realm I have. I have walked already 50 loyal followers into their early graves on this quest for a retirement plan for myself. Now, another 150 loyal followers stand shoulder to shoulder with me ready to claim the same fate.

               I walk atop the wall right as the rain starts. Raining arrows to cover the movement of objects designed to destroy me. Ladders rush across the battlefield ready to pierce my walls. One of my loyal archers falls right as the ladders reach their destination. Unlucky fate for him has turned into a correction of my ill-preparedness.

               I collect his bow and quiver and fire upon the raiding crew with haste. I knock one man down as he attempts to mount the ladder, and another as he advances upward. Waves of enemies continue to mount the ladder. Some of them are cut down by us archers. Others have their armor pierced by the swordsmen waiting for their arrival. Some of them set foot on the top stone but are quickly exiled. I decide it is time to find higher ground to continue shooting while getting eyes on the rest of the siege. I move to the highest point of the way -just over the gate. The West side wall archers are falling. The battering ram is making light work of the outer gate. We are being beaten at 2 out of the 3 points of impact. I begin firing arrows frantically to the west. The door continues to thud just under my feet.

               I do not know what will come should the gate collapse. I must get down there and brace for collision. I start down the West side, continuing to fire arrows over the wall. The door continues to pound with every step I take. Just as I start down the stairs to make my way to the front entrance, I hear the most frightening sound of my life.

               The door has fallen! “Get your shields up and hold the door,” I exclaim at the top of my voice! A fighter slips through the shields and makes his way straight to me. He can end the battle with a lucky swing of his sword. He swings. I quickly parry and return a strike! I hit right down the outside of his shield. We trade blows for what seems like an eternity. Out from nowhere, a flood of sharp iron forces past me and contacts this young man. The reserve force I had placed in the castle heard the gate fall and responded. They quite possibly saved my life.

               I lead the reserve force up to the door. We clear out the spill over and link up shields beating back the wave at the gate. Shield wall meets shield wall. We replace the gate with our shields. Pikes slice over the top of our shields.

               We give a last push when I hear Lucon’s voice in the distance yelling, “fall back!” We have done it! I answer his call with an exclamation of my own, “Soldiers! Give them hell!”. It was at that moment I learned something unbelievably valuable.

               Every allied troop immediately chased down retreating soldiers. They cut them down with a sort of smile I had never seen before. They were happy that we were keeping our home. I realize, this is not my castle. This is our castle. They want this home just as bad as me. These are not my soldiers. We are a team. They follow me because they want what I want.

               This newly found way of thinking has uplifted me as I continue to chase intruders from our land. We cut down the remaining outsiders and look back at our home. We had to come here. Now, we must go find Herena. I once again do not know if I will ever see this castle outside of conflict, but I cannot stay long. I cannot rest here if Herena is out there as a captive rather than here at our home.

               We had a great victory here. We had few losses, and a lot of gain. We likely ended the war with the Northern Empire, and we saved our home. Onward to Herena.

               We get just one day back on the trail for Herena when a friendly scout finds us. It is one of our Empress, Empress Rhagaea. The scout was sent to inform my army that Lucon has made terms with Rhagaea. The war with the north, is over.

And now we head East.

Morning of Bloodshed – Video & Story – Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Good reads from RogueGOOSE1!

Discord. What is Discord? Why do gamers use it and should you? & Crossplay Games PC, PS, XB, NS

Have you ever heard about discord? If you’re on any multiplayer game, whether PS4, XB1, Switch, PC, or even mobile games for iPhone & Android; you have at least heard of Discord.

So what is Discord?

Yes, originally, it’s primary purpose was for PC gamers to use as a 3rd party voice chat and messaging option. PC players do not have PSN Party Chat’s, so historically Discord became the leader in gaming chat on PC.

I play on Console. I don’t need a Discord, right?

Well, nobody needs Discord. There are plenty of other options out there for connecting with match mates. Discord has grown since it was a simple 3rd party chat program. I see PlayStation only servers, North American only servers, and every other only server you can think of. There are also plenty of everyone’s welcome servers. Many games now are cross-play and cross-progression on two or more service platforms.

You all have probably seen RogueGOOSE1 play either Call of Duty: Warzone or Spellbreak on PC and/or PS4. These two games are also available on other platforms.

Other Cross-play games:

Platform PS4XB1PCNSMobileNOTES
Apex LegendsXXXX
AragamiXXXXPartial Support
Black Desert OnlineXXXPartial Support
Call of DutyXXX
Chess UltraPartial Support
Chivalry IIXXX
DC Universe OnlineXX
Dick Wilde 2XX
Disc JamXXX
Eve: ValkyrieXX
Final Fantasy XIVXX
Games of GloryXX
Guns of Icarus OnlineXX
Hero SiegeXXXX
HoverXXXXXPartial Support
Hunt: ShowdownXX
Mantis Burn RacingXXXXPartial Support
Mortal Kombat 11XX
Need for Speed: HeatXXX
No Man’s SkyXXX
Phantasy Star Online 2XX
Pinball FX 3XXXXPartial Support
PlayerUnknown’s BattlegroundsXX
Pox NoraXX
Predator – Hunting GroundsXX
Realm RoyaleXXXX
Rec RoomXX
Rocket ArenaXXX
Rocket LeagueXXX
Rogue CompanyXXXX
Siegecraft CommanderXXXXPartial Support
Sports Bar VRXX
Square HeroesXX
Star Trek: Bridge CrewXX
Street Fighter VXX
Super Dungeon BrosXXXX
Super Mega Baseball 2XXXXPartial Support
Tooth and TailXXPartial Support
TrailblazersXXXXPartial Support
Ultimate Chicken HorseXXXXPartial Support
War ThunderXXXPartial Support
Weapons of MythologyXX
Werewolves WithinXX
World of TanksXX
World War ZXXX
WWE 2K BattlegroundsXXXX
Referenced from – (psu.com/news)

As you can see, there are many reason’s why you might want to connect with PC or other platform players on Discord.

What else can I find in Discord?

RogueCorp.online uses Discord as a primary communication device for discussing projects all across the gaming world. Whether it’s starting an ad campaign, or simply creating a new discussion post. Discord has helped us a ton.


Discord honestly is a must have for gamers of all platforms. Go download it, and get connecting with friends!

[Spellbreak] Long-term RoadMap Dive by RogueGOOSE1 – New Classes? Ranked Play? What’s Next in the Hollow Lands

Long-term Roadmap deep dive by RogueGOOSE1 – New Classes? Ranked Play? What’s Next in the Hollow Lands

The officialroad map of Spellbreak was released on the Spellbreak official Website in the form of a blog post. This blog post, on the official RogueCorp Online website, will take a deeper dive into the information we received from the Spellbreak post.

If you’re following along, you already read our short-term and mid-term roadmap posts. We broke down what was for sure coming, and even did some imagining. A lot of what we discussed is now out, or scheduled for release. The next big release for Spellbreak is October 22nd, 2020. Those previous posts can be found here:

Now on to the long-term.

There are a ton of hopeful features being discussed in the Spellbreak communities and forums. It appears that Proletariat, the company responsible for Spellbreak, is listening. Developers and other Proletariat personnel have been very active in the Spellbreak official Discord, and have even partied up with Battlemage enthusiasts in-game. They really seem to want to know what WE want. That is exciting, but is it too ambitious?

We have seen companies like Bethesda get a little too ambitious with the likes of Fallout 76. FO76 is a game I really enjoy, but they were chasing fans comments a little too much. I’ll let the comment sit there. We will see just how Proletariat intends to handle this game moving forward.

So what have they actually said?

Spellbreak Roadmap from playspellbreak.com

As we all know, there are currently 6 classes/ gauntlets to choose from.

  • Pyromancer – Fire
  • Conduit – Lightning
  • Tempest – Wind
  • Stoneshaper – Earth
  • Toxicologist – Toxic
  • Frostborn – Ice

So what could be next?

Water seems to be one of the most popular elements being tossed around in the Spellbreak community. Pokémon is probably the first game I think of when I think of elements. So here is a complete list of base elements in Pokémon.

List of elements from Pokémon – Pokémon Go

We already have some of these from the list featured in Spellbreak. Rock and Ground collectively make our Stoneshaper. We already have Ice, Electric, Fire, Poison (Toxic), and Tempest can likely be related to Flying.

Elements checked of – long-term roadmap deep dive – Pokémon Elements

Now, Ice is Water. This is the big argument on Water in the Spellbreak community; however, Pokémon seems to have separated the two very well. Perhaps Spellbreak could as well. The elements I find the most interesting on this list in terms of future Spellbreak gauntlets have to be, Psychic, Ghost, Dragon, and maybe even normal.

Psychic Gauntlet in Spellbreak?

What would a Psychic Gauntlet look like? I picture the Cronomaster rune in this regard. Teleportation, rewinding, slinging magical psychic streams. Could be very cool when animated!

Ghost Gauntlet?

A Ghost Gauntlet makes me think, summoning spirits to aid in your battle. Ancient Battlemages coming up from the crypts of the Hollow Lands to exile your foes could be wild!

Dragon Gauntlet?

A Dragon Gauntlet could summon large, well… Dragons.

Normal Gauntlet?

A Normal Gauntlet has some potential. I picture a Striker from Black Desert Online. Those of you that are unfamiliar, a Striker, is a playable character in BDO that is an expert in hand-to-hand, close-quarters combat. A Normal Gauntlet could increase abilities on a more melee style Battlemage? An interesting concept.

We can speculate different classes and gauntlets all day. Time will hopefully tell what we get to play with in the future of Spellbreak.

What else did the roadmap blog post tell us?

Spellbreak Roadmap from playspellbreak.com

Ranked / Competitive Modes could be coming down the road.
Like I said, they’re listening. We already have 9v9, team-deathmatch style game mode on the way. Clash is set to release in the next update on October 22nd 2020. So what other form of competitive modes can we see? They mention arena-style skirmishes, large-scale matches, and private lobbies. What else could there be. Well it appears that they are listening to the players. Which, as I said, is great, but is it too much. We’ll see on that. I hear many of you in the community wanting more mages per battle royale. Perhaps they will look into that.

I simply like a game with a variety of things to do. Spellbreak doesn’t have much in it’s current form. That will change slightly next Thursday. These long-term roadmap changes could be months and even years away. I do look forward to the additions though.

What Gauntlets/ classes would you like to see? What other competitive modes would you like? Comment and let me know. Also reach out through the social pages to join in the Spellbreak discussion!

Notice Framerate / FPS Drops on Your Windows PC? [Solution] – Game Mode On / Off Fix

Framerate issue from 15 October 2020

Troubleshooting issues with your Windows PC can be quite a headache. Researching alone can get exhausting, and you can spend hours trying to correct the problem only to make everything worse.

Sudden drop in framerates can be a nightmare for gamers and streamers alike. I was faced with a recent scare when playing some of my favorite games. Initially, I thought my sudden FPS drop was due to having an overfilled SSD. I browsed through everything I thought I could delete, yet still had the sudden stutter while playing games.

My second guess was that I had videos encoding in the background. Not typically an issue with my RTX 2080 GPU, but worthy enough of further investigation as I hadn’t yet figured out the root cause. I exited out of everything that was running, restarted the computer, and returned to find the issue still existing.

What to do now? The issue persists.

I remembered that I had recently updated windows. Could it be that the new update was causing me this grief? Perhaps, but I wasn’t ready to uninstall it just yet.

The update was worth keeping in mind; however, I continued using my favorite search engine to locate any problems others had. I also browsed Reddit, and other helpful resources. I came across people who had issues shortly after updates. Their issues were months and years ago in some cases. Surely those bugs were fixed long ago.

I pondered further still.

After some pure powered pondering, I had a thought…

Some updates effect user settings. I recall an unresolved issue with “Game Mode”. Game Mode gave many previous users grief with sudden shutter or FPS droppage. Now, I had that switched to off previously because of this unresolved issue. It appears that the update turned my user setting for Game Mode into it’s ON state.

….Quick Solution….

I switched Game Mode back to off, hit a quick restart, and resumed a normal -beautiful- framerate playthrough.

If you found this helpful, met me know! This issue was 10-14-2020 for me, resolved on 10-15-2020. Thanks!

[Spellbreak] Spellbreak Prologue: Chapter 1 – The Gathering Storm

Spellbreak Prologue: Chapter 1, The Gathering Storm releasing October 22nd

The long awaited Spellbreak Prologue is coming to the Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and XboxOne. The Gathering Storm releases on October 22nd, and fans of the Spellbreak game cannot wait to get their hands on it.

Chapter 1 has been long awaited as Battlemages continue to fight through the Hollow Lands. The story and lore of the Hollow Lands, the storm, and other facets of the game are largely unknown to players who already love the title. The first series of story chapters seems ready to deliver a taste of what players have been asking for since the announcement of this game earlier this year.

What are we looking forward to most?


Content is very limited in Spellbreak. Yeah, you have Solos, Duos, Squads, and even practice, but that’s it. The game attempts to deliver lore on the official discord; however, not all players use this resource. Nor do they care to. Primarily PC users find themselves on discord servers first, as many console gamers aren’t always familiar with this system. For fans offsite of discord, the story mode will deliver fresh lore while adding to the die hard fan’s experience.

What else is coming?

9v9 Clash Mode – Clash mode was discussed in our last road map breakdown. This is a very exciting feature which looks to add even more challenge to master in the game. Face off in a 9v9, team deathmatch style mode!

3 New Talents – also delivering in the way of the mid-term roadmap is new talents. 3 New talents will be added to the game to add more skill to top tier mages. What are they?

  • Vigor: Bonus health
  • Ambidextrous: Enabling the passive ability for your offhand gauntlet.
  • Foresight: Adding nearby player reveal to the users minimap, as well as unveiling future shrines and circles.

New talents and Clash mode are exciting new concepts to be added to the game late October, but the real winning feature here is the new prologue!

Prologue Chapter 1: The Gathering Storm has been asked for by so many players, it simply had to come out soon. I hope that doesn’t mean it was short-changed in quality. Time will tell. One week to be exact! Let us know your thoughts!