Top 5 Games You Can Play Right now – Ps4, PC, XBoxOne

Hello all, RogueGOOSE1 just finished his stream for the day. While streaming, I thought about other games that would be fun to play. Then I thought it would be excellent to do a Top 5 Games you can Play Right now post on the blog. So here it is. This list is in preparation for a more in-depth series of blog posts. I want to do a full list of great games to try out and how to do so; as well as, deep dives into each game itself.

As we get closer and closer to next generation consoles, and NVIDIA stepping their game up to widen the gap between PC and console – we realize there are still tons of great games that can still be played. Many of them you may not have heard of. Some you definitely have.

So let’s dive in.

Top 5: Astroneer – Platform: PS4, XBoxOne, PC

5. Astroneer – Platform: PS4, XBoxOne, PC – System Era Softworks developed this sandbox adventure game which delivers astonishing graphics. Mine resources, build structures, and colonize planets with your friends. People are in love with the beautiful assortment of colors and bright scenery this game has to offer. Players also rave about being able to terraform the planet you are exploring more so than any other game. More so than No Man’s Sky? That’s hard to say.

Honorable mention at 5. No Man’s Sky – Platforms: Ps4, XBoxOne, PC – This was one of the most anticipated games of 2016. Long story short, the game did not even come close to meeting expectation upon release. After 4 years, it has been brought to a very high level of game. Many of the qualities described about Astroneer also apply to No Man’s Sky.

NMS: #PS4share by RogueGOOSE1

4. MineCraft – Platforms: Ps4, XBoxOne, PC, Nintendo Switch, Mobile – MineCraft is one of the most iconic PC games ever to come to console. This game popularized sandbox games on console which allowed other developers to get in on the market. For a game that has been around as long as this one, this game has a huge following and player base. Craft, collect, and explore your way to an internet sensation with this game!

3. Subnautica – Platforms: Ps4, XBoxOne, PC, Mac. – Subnautica started it’s journey, like many games do, on PC. Console players waited patiently for this title to make it to their systems. XB1 and PlayStation players got ahold of it and haven’t let go. They’re raving about this unique survival’s beautiful underwater landscapes and playability.

Before getting into the top 2 games you can play right now..

I play a ton of different games. I love everything about many different types of games. From table-top to VR, I’m here for it. These games are not just games I enjoy. They’re not just sandbox or open-world games. I have created a list of about 100 games that are more than worth checking out. I plan to reveal the whole list on this blog. Here I selected just 5 from the list that are worth playing before next generation console release. I hope you are enjoying the read!

2. Ark: Survival Evolved – Platforms: Ps4, XBoxOne, PC, Nintendo Switch, Mobile. – Right now you may be thinking:

See the source image
Top 5: Ark: Survival Evolved
  1. This Game is Broken
  2. Player base is DEAD
  3. Too many bugs!
  4. Developer’s killed the game

Or.. Something along those lines. Truth is, the ambition of this game is huge. That is partly why it has had bugs and other issues in the past. These bugs do suck, but for what the game is, it’s worth fighting through. Truth is, everyone experiences these bugs, but not everyone believes it is broken. It happens. This game allows you to tame unique and historic creatures and do amazing things. I highly recommend this game to everyone. More of base / tower defense than real deal PvP, but the Player community is wild.

See the source image
Top 5: Warzone
  1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone – Platforms: Ps4, XBoxOne, PC, Mobile. – Okay guys. This is the TOP game out right now. Gamers, content creators, and anyone who knows anything about games at least knows about Warzone. The 2 games here, MW & WZ, cater to a huge player base. Some play one or the other, yet many play both. FPS and Battle Royale are 2 of the most popular genres out there and here is both in one game, should you acquire both games. There is also an excellent pre-order reward in these 2 games should you decide to pre-order Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War!

So there it is guys, my Top 5 Games You Can Play Right Now is published. I hope you all enjoyed the read. Join us on discord to discuss further! Subscribe to wordpress to get the full list and other future lists!

[WARZONE] Choosing a loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare – RogueGOOSE1 FPS Beginner Guide series – Spotlight: Call of Duty

Welcome to the first of many First Person Shooter (FPS) Beginner guide posts. I play with many beginner players on COD, both on my stream and just for fun.

New players to Modern Warfare & Warzone often make very similar mistakes that I try to call out from the start. These are often very simple things, but if you haven’t played much then you simply may not know.

Today’s information will be a little on choosing loadoats. The load out you want for Modern Warfare may need to be very different from the loadout you predominately use in Warzone. You may need a set up specific to playing Battle Royale (BR) Quads while setting up another loadout for Plunder. You may want a separate loadout for each individual mode you play across both games.

A look at my loadouts:

As you can see, I run a variety of different game modes, and have a variety of set ups to go a long with it. There are many reasons why I may want certain pieces of equipment in a long range map versus a more condensed map, for example.

Warzone Specific items for beginners.

  • Heartbeat Sensor
  • Stun Grenades
  • C4 Charge
  • RPG
  • Grenade Launcher (AR)
  • Sniper/ Marksman Rifle

These are just a couple items for you to think about possibly bringing to Warzone. It can make a huge difference to have some way to take out vehicles in Warzone. I have seen matches be decided by vehicles or one’s ability to remove them. So what is right for you?

Grenade Launcher

First we’ll talk about lobbin’ ‘nades out of our Assault Rifles (AR). Very few players opt for a grenade launcher attachment in Warzone. That is mostly because they often have C4 charges, or a launcher system. You may opt to have both, I have certainly had matches where I needed a little extra firepower for technicals. The high-explosive grenade launcher attachment, makes your weapon extra heavy. It would be hard to run with the current META‘s that you may be looking for. Having to remove a sight or other attachment to replace with the launcher can seem less than worth it. It takes some getting used to. I recommend simply trying it. If you don’t like it -stick with what you think is the META.


Or other launcher system. I see many players opting for the STRELA or the Javelin lately. The RPG lacks the ability to lock-on targets, making it a little tougher for beginners. I highly recommend getting used to the RPG system though as it doesn’t alert the target my locking on. That’s right, every time you shoot that Javelin and notice the helicopter occupants bail right as you aim, that’s because you should learn to fire an RPG. Sure, you’ll miss on occasion. Just practice.


Many players opt for C4 as their primary source of explosives. I typically use them myself. I prefer to use mine in 50/50 type battles, or when outnumbered. There are plenty of occasions where I have used them on vehicles as well. Mostly when I’m out of rockets, but it certainly works either way.

Heartbeat Sensor or Stun Grenade?

This can be a great question. You may go without a heartbeat sensor if your DUO’s partner carries one. I have also seen teams require everyone to have them. Stun grenades can be very effective in 50/50 type battles though. Try both, if you find you need one over the other. Stick with that one. Heartbeat sensors can certainly go underappreciated by players who don’t use them. Maybe give it a second try if you don’t like it at first.

Sniper / Marksman Rifle

If you’re not very good with a sniper or marksman rifle, I suggest you practice. Verdansk can be an unforgiving place for people without long range capabilities. Sure, there are some LMG’s and AR’s that can possibly get it done for you, but it’s worth giving it a couple tries.

Modern Warfare Specific

I play mostly domination or similar game mode. There are of course many game modes to choose from in Modern Warfare as opposed to other game modes. Let’s face it, you’re there for leveling your weapons during Happy Hour before you head back to Warzone.


Or if you’re not good with a pistol, as I’ve heard many beginners complain, run the Overkill Perk. More on perks later. Have a secondary you can count on. Shoot the Ship, or any variant of Shipment related game mode will require a reliable secondary.

I used to stress this to everyone since Gulag started as mostly pistols originally. It’s not as necessary to get good with pistols these days. We could talk about those sniper rifle woahs again or we can move on to something else.

Basically use Modern Warfare to practice, adjust loadouts based on Warzone like scenarios and move on.


Beginners (and even some advanced players) should be running Cold-blooded, Ghost, and probably Amped. If you’re going to swap back and forth a lot -use Amped. Otherwise, use your best judgement. Cold-blooded and Ghost is going to keep you off of enemy radars. Literally and figuratively. This can help you avoid disadvantaged fights.

What should my primary be?

The Grau and M4 seem to be what everyone is raving about right now.

Update: AN-94 may be getting more hype than those right now.

Use what ever you are comfortable with. Different maps, modes, and other variables change why you may want to have a particular primary. The M4 is a Swiss Army Knife kind of primary weapon. This assault rifle is a very solid weapon for just about every situation.

Subs – A knife is a solid option, pistols of course too. Use what you’re comfortable. I use the Guard One Legendary Blueprint. This variant of the Renetti is a very formidable secondary weapon. RPG’s and other launchers are solid options as well.

So there is my look at loadouts so far in Call of Duty Warzone. I began writing this in season 3. I will attempt to update it as seasons change.

DayZ Game on PS4, PC, XB1 – Review and Thoughts

I recently started playing DayZ on PS4. I put off getting the game for a long time, mostly because I got it mixed up with PlayStation’s exclusive Days Gone.

These games are nothing alike of course, but the name was so similar that I didn’t know the difference. The ‘other’ game I was thinking about was only available on PC. Which was true, until 2018.

DayZ is in fact available for PC, XboxOne, and even PS4. I play games on PC and PS4, yet I opted to get DayZ on PS4.

So what do I think after my first day on DayZ?

I watched some videos before diving in. Just normal gameplay so I knew what I would be getting. It looked like a very immersive world where I have to manage my health, nutrition, and water with zombies and formidable real life players. Turns out, that is exactly what the game is. I ran into many players, zombies, and indeed had to manage my health, food, and water.

The game is very immersive. I walked around aimlessly looting for quite some time before I ran into any conflict. I had to kill 2 players and a handful of zombies.

The game had a very PUBG meets 7 Days to Die. I play many of these survival type games. The building at first is minimal. Just aimlessly running around. I found many player bases. They left something to be desired. Nothing like the depth of 7 Days to Die, at least as far as I experienced.

Overall, I thought it was a great game for what I expected. It’s honestly just okay; however, if this is the type of game you like, you will absolutely love it.

Let me know what you guys think, and hit me up to game up!

RogueGOOSE1 is back from travel and streaming Warzone & other great content! Come join the fun!

Hello friends,

RogueCorp Online’s faithful servant and positioned leader is back from his Leadership Course, and ready to jump right back into the action. Today we made room for a stream and updated a couple social media pages.

There is still work to be done as we have been away for a bit; but don’t worry, it’s coming! Thank you for your patience.

Let’s look at what we have done and what we are trying to get done.

Updated Twitch and Website banner

@FabledArt created us a great life-like character (seen on right). I took that amazing piece of art and formatted it to work for Twitch. So far, I absolutely love it! I highly recommend FabledArt.Sammie (IG) for all your digital art!

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War release!

#ColdWar is coming to game systems:

  • Playstation 4
  • Playstation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X
  • PC

On November 13th. It honestly seems like Activision is trying to boot this out the door asap, as it is going to get a ton of post launch content.

Cold war will also support and build on Call of Duty: Warzone. Warzone being one of the games I stream regularly, I am glad.

Madden 21 is out and on!!

Join your friends on another season of Madden! Madden 21 has been out a few days now, and we are excited to dive into the new features. Subtle changes to the very popular #NFL game franchise EA Sports. I dig any game with online multiplayer, especially when it pits player versus player! Madden never disappoints.

@VGPNetwork is one of my favorite things to view online. Twitter and other social networks feature #VGPUnite. Share with them! (Black Desert photos from Black Desert Online Official Instagram)

We love Virtual Photography at RogueCorp. The fine folks at @VGPNetwork share some amazing pics from around the gaming community on Twitter and IG. Check them out and #VGPUnite and @RogueCorpOnline to share with me! I’d love to see them. When we get enough support, we will be doing photo contests of all kinds, landscape, selfie, portrait, and more!

Speaking of what we want to do, here is a quick look at what we want to add to RogueCorp Online asap!

  • PvP – Contests, Tournaments, Give-aways, & more.

How great would it be to be apart of a community where the streamer stays active with the community. Contests, Tournaments of all types can be on the menu here. We have already been discussing several variations of ways to give back to the community, develop our own interactivity, and provide ways to compete against other members.

  1. Photo contests from games like Black Desert Online, Ghosts of Tsushima, and more!
  2. Call of Duty Tournaments
  3. Merchandise give-aways.
  • Better our stream

Some of the ways we intend to better the stream are:

  1. Getting better with OBS software. (I also have Gamecaster premium if needed for specific feature)
  2. Streaming more content & on a scheduled basis
  3. Providing news on games
  4. Bring in guests & collab with others

Playing on PC and PS4 is going to be another plus. I have a PC in the mail and excited to game up with all of yall!

A lot of exciting things coming for Rogue Corp Online and community members! Excited to grow with you and deliver great content.

Twitch Stream – @RogueGOOSE1 – Playing Call of Duty, Black Desert, Mount & Blade, Rogue Company, and more – Looking at hardware, software, and more. Check us out!

RogueCorpOnline is a unique gaming community where the streamer is actually involved with the community. We take a look at games on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox, and mobile; as well as, hardware and software to make the most of our gaming experience.

We have a discord where RogueGOOSE1 (me), is active and interactive with people of many backgrounds who have an interest in gaming, streaming, or other variant of games.

Follow us on our affiliate journey. We are a team, and want other gamers and content creators to be a large part of our success.

What are some things we are taking a look at?


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone

COD: Warzone with RogueGOOSE1 & RogueCorpOnline

Hit me up to game up or come on the stream with me. That’s right, in RogueCorp Online, guests will be able to come on with me as I stream live! COD: Modern Warfare and Warzone is one of my favorite games right now. I compete in tournaments as well as casually play the different game modes. Let’s battle royale!

Rogue Company

Let’s play demolition on Rogue Company

A game trying to take a different approach to the shooter genre is Rogue Company. This game features a 4v4 style mode, and looks to grab the attention away from currently popular battle royale games like Warzone.

Mount & Blade: Warband

Maggie the Whacky Dog #photobombing M&B: Warband. Come enjoy our gameplay on Twitch

Mount & Blade: Warband is largely different than the first 2 games we mentioned. This game is almost a real-time strategy game with additional elements like the combat style. I really appreciate this type of game coming to PlayStation network. Primarily a PC title, Mount and Blade bridges a gap that Sony enthusiasts didn’t know they had.

Many upcoming games to mention:

  1. Cyberpunk 2077
  2. Wastelanders 3
  3. Desperados 3
  4. Dyling Light 2
  5. Madden 21
  6. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

We look forward to showcasing many amazing games, software, and hardware; delivering the best content all in one place.

Other things we are looking at?

Bionik Quickshot for PS4 controllers
Controller paddle attachments

Controller attachments

We will be looking at cool items for outfitting your controllers. Some people prefer Mouse and Keyboard, others prefer controllers. We will be looking at both in future articles. Many items I am using right now, and will be giving my honest opinions soon!

Broadcasting software and streaming hardware.

I am going back and forth using different broadcasting software like Open Broadcasting Software, Streamlabs OBS, and xSplit GameCaster. I am testing both paid and free features to give the most accurate information possible. I am also checking out hardware devices like:

o Razer Ripsaw Capture Card

o Elgato HD Capture Card

o Razer Seiren Standing Mic

o HyperX Quadcast

o Various Headsets

o Blue Yeti X

o Many More

I spend a good deal of money on various items in an attempt to better RogueCorp Online content. I will be testing features of each device along the way to give the most accurate information possible.

Come join the fun and game up with us using the social buttons!

Rogue Corp plays Rogue Co! Come Game with us on Rogue Company!

Rogue, Rogue, Rogue! Hello, I am RogueGOOSE1 and I game for RogueCorp Online! I also play and stream Rogue Company, the game from First Watch Games and Hi-Rez Studios.

This game is cross-play and cross-SAVE capable. Meaning you can play on Nintendo Switch with the same account you play on PS4. The creators are also working on next generation console versions as well.

This game brings third generation shooters back into relevance. These types of games have tried, but few have been successful as of late.

We at RogueCorp are excited to feature this game on our stream. We look forward to doing all sorts of content for this title and we hope you follow along.

What are some ways you can do that?



RogueCorp Online on YouTube

Join our Discord – Joining our Discord is one of the best ways to stay up to date with RogueCorp Online. We feature events, game ups, and great conversations. Even come out to collab on content.

Twitter & Facebook @RogueCorpOnline is aanother great way to stay up with the team!

So come out and support RogueGOOSE1 & Maggie the Whacky Dog!

We strive to be the most interactive gaming community out there. Whether you’re a streamer, gamer, or other gaming enthusiast, we’d love to hear from you and game up!

Rogue Company – Review, thoughts, strategies, and more. RogueGOOSE1 & RogueCorp Online take a look at Rogue Company by First Watch Games and Hi-Rez Studios

RogueGOOSE1 & Maggie the Whacky Dog crudely pasted on a Rogue Company poster!

Have you heard of Rogue Company yet? The game comes courtesy of First Watch Games and Hi-Rez Studios. I first learned about this game yesterday, and have already added it to the stream list. I hope you all get to check out my streams, and give me a follow. Every little bit helps!

So why did I give this game a look? I thought it looked like Fortnite mixed with Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP mode. This intrigued me. Also, the name Rogue Company sounds a lot like my own gaming community’s name. So that intrigued me further. Really any shooter type game is going to get my interest; however, this game comes incredibly timed as the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus / COVID-19 ticks back up in our society. Much like Call of Duty: Warzone did with the first round of plague.

First look at the BETA.

RogueGOOSE1 Streaming Rogue Company on Twitch.

I bought and downloaded this game yesterday. (7/21/2020). I played for the first time this morning, the morning of the 22nd, and was really quite pleased with the product in front of me. I went to work, came home, and had to give it another go. There was already an update waiting for me in the few hours I was gone.

The game had some bugs and issues. These are always expected when playing any BETA. The most annoying thing was at the end of the match. The game would not exit out of the match after it was over. Players were often stuck at the winner screen. I would have to close the application and restart to resume my play session. This is a minor inconvenience.

Then, of course, there were a few other small bugs and issues, but for a BETA, it ran very smooth.


Like I said before gameplay feels like playing a Fortnite character in Ghost Recon: Wildlands in 4v4, PvP mode. There is no building like in Fortnite, but the character handles much like you expect a Fortnite character to. It also looks very similar, graphically.


There was already an update when I got home from work. They supposedly fixed some issues, but there was one other thing to note. They had added another mode. I like that they are testing a variety of modes. This means we may be able to expect a wide array of different games modes upon official release. Yet another reason to be hyped.

The combat takes some real skill to be good. Strategy, communication, and quick reactions all come together to decide who the victor will be.

My reaction?

I enjoyed the few games I played. It looks like it will take some time to master, but I am excited for the journey. I hope you all check out my stream to see some game play.


I highly recommend playing this game. This game requires a bit of communication. Raising a team to have on call will be paramount to your success. I noticed flanking and other strategies being employed in my gameplay. We will be doing full videos, and articles on the strategies of this game. I am very excited to share with you. (Sneak peak below).

Two man flank maneuver in Rogue Company with RogueGOOSE1 –

A look at flanks.

Flanking enemies works best when the opposing force over-commits to one direction. Having another force escape to cover and concealment to hide their movement will allow you to maneuver on the enemy from a blind side.

Creating other advantages.

Having a mate as bait while 3 other team mates hang back can leave your team disadvantaged; however, you can now have the advantage now that you know all of their locations.

^ Flank the other team in a similar fashion ^


If you don’t have the game yet, but intend to -play Fortnite to get in the button mood for this one. You may also play other communication based games to practice your techniques with your friends. I always recommend Warzone for this.

Final Thoughts.

Get this BETA and get involved before it’s super popular. You’ll thank me later.

Beginner Guides coming for various games including; Warzone, Fortnite, Battlefield, and other FPS games. Get hyped!

Sure, I don’t always win. I do always have a blast until I lose though. The sweet sound of winning a Warzone match is great, but it’s not worth it to win without a bang.

Warzone ps4share on YouTube by RogueGOOSE1 & roguerebel1st

As I right some articles on First-person shooters (FPS), I am going to be going over some rookie mistakes, and some ways of getting better. There are a ton of resources out there for a variety of games, but I am hoping I can fill the gaps left behind by other creators.

We have the most interactive gaming community. Yes, I stream, but the community isn’t about my streaming. I’m getting better and better at it each day, and I hope you all follow my progress. The point is that I just want to interact with you. I want streamers to show me what you’re streaming, gamers to show me what your gaming, and enthusiasts to come be inspired.

With that in mind, as a community, we will be breaking down some common beginner mistakes and trends. We hope to give feedback to each other, and help each other grow. Whether we talk about communication with teammates in Warzone or building quickness in Fortnite mobile, hopefully you find something you can use.

Also, doing epic things in the fight is what it is all about. Jumping off a building, and parachuting down to C4 a tank is 100% awesome, and what we try to do. Hope you enjoy. Come game and chat with us. More to come!

Suicide bombing in Battlefield 4 – RogueGOOSE1

RogueCorp Online reviewing The Last of Us™ Part II – NO SPOILERS

There are no spoilers here. There have been some complaints of other content creators detailing spoilers of The Last of Us™ Part II, but we are not one of them. We will display only our thoughts on the game itself, leaving out all details of the story itself.

That being said, let’s dive in. THERE ARE NO SPOILERS AHEAD.

Minimal gameplay video for reviewing. The Last of Us™ Part II – @RogueCorpOnline


The game plays much like The Last of Us (the first one). It’s easy to learn, but is much different from other popular games. This may make it slightly difficult to transition from other games. Once that is in hand, it is easy to manipulate.

Story [no spoiling]

This game’s story is absolutely fantastic. Of course, if you played the first one, you already knew that. This game plays almost like a mini series or movie, except yu get to interact with it. You feel as if you alter the outcome of the movie by your choices, and that helps keep you immersed in the role you’re playing.

Other aspects

If the story and gameplay doesn’t do enough for you, here’s one aspect that all can enjoy – SCENERY.

The Last of Us™ Part II – Abbie – Scenery RogueCorpOnline pic from @elocinshannon on Twitter

The scenery and the graphics in general are absolutely breathtaking. The pic above is just a small teaser to all the other beautiful landscapes you will encounter in the game. Naughty Dog really seems to like featuring beautiful landscapes and portrait quality shots of characters. I find this to be the top quality in the game.

This is a top quality in the game. Especially when you consider the growing popularity of #VirtualPhotography and #VGPUnite on Twitter and other social platforms. I, for one, welcome this content as the gaming photography content I come across is magnificent. (I will be doing many articles on Gaming style photography soon so make sure you follow on Twitter & Facebook).

The Review

The short review to The Last of Us™ Part II is that you should 100% be playing it, or at least, watching someone play it. It is truly a work of art. The long version is:

The Last of Us™ Part II, is hands down one of the best games that is out right now. As next generation consoles come out, perhaps that will change. That has yet to be seen. So, for now, get out and go buy this game. We found it for less than release price. For the $39.99 we found it for, it is easily worth the money. This game will be talked about even through the next gen consoles. The scenery, game-play, & story are better than any other game out right now -with some argument to be made regarding a couple Rockstar Games titles.

Verdict? I cannot recommend this game enough. GO PLAY (or watch) IT right now!

COVID-19 & Pokemon Go – What the deadly virus did for us POGO players.

Quarantine in 2020 will be remembered by people all over the world for years to come. Generations will read and hear stories of the tell of the virus that kept us all from our latte’s and haircuts. First world problems, right?

Of course the virus has also had a deadly impact on many families around the globe as well. Very sad. We, of course, don’t want to underplay the horrible events this virus has caused; however, there has been some great things to come to Pokemon Go, as a result of the virus.

The Pokemon Go: Community had been asking for ways to be more active in the game from home. POGO is a game that wants to get you out of the home in order to play. That’s how it was initially marketed, and everything in the game centered around you getting out. The global pandemic wanted the exact opposite. Many of us became quarantined several months ago. Whether it was fear of the corona-virus, just stepping up to do your part, or maybe you were even laid-off from work. Whatever the case, you may have been like billions of people -stuck at home for some time.

This was a time that many of us video gamers had been preparing for our whole lives. Sitting at home playing video games is nothing new to us. I am a gamer that likes to get out and stay fit, though. I use POGO to help me get a few extra steps in throughout the day.

Sadly, Pokemon Go was just not the game for someone stuck at home. The Pokemon Company, Niantic, was quick to see where they could oblige us POGO players. After 4 years, it took a global pandemic to get the additions to the game that we have all been asking for.

Remote Raid Pass – we finally got a way to raid from home. This is something that had been requested since the start. I remember the early 2016 days when I would go out and play, only to return home excited to continue -and couldn’t do anything in the game. That led to getting bored of the game very quickly. The new 2020 Remote Raid Passes give me something to do after hours in the game once I have my PJ’s on.

GO FEST at Home – 2020 features the very first Virtual Go Fest. We have already seen the Go Fest Skill Challenge hit our games. This simple 3/3 challenge is mildly challenging, free, and fun. It also gets us hyped for the first ever Virtual Go Fest which

will take place from the 25th to the 26th of July. Each week until then will have another unique challenge for us!

Other events – The latest events have been excellent. The Throwback Challenge, where we had a whole month worth of amazing events. Then the separate Abra day event challenge. Before, new, updated events were few and far between. Anything would have made me happy, yet we got nothing. The Abra day alone was super simple and way too easy, but it was something I could do in the game. Absolutely needed for me.

Niantic also brought in tons of bonuses. Whether 2x incense duration, half-distance egg hatching, or any of the other fantastic, much needed add-ons in Pokemon Go; the Covid-19 global pandemic was just what Niantic needed to finally give us something cool.

As sad as they may seem. I had been wanting these changes for years, and I am sure many of you did too. Tell us which of the 2020 changes you liked the most. Use the buttons below to game up with us or join in the chat!