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Custom Sails Atlas Game – How to make custom sails on Atlas Arkpnt – free templates for sails

Custom sails atlas – free sail templates

Creating custom sails for your ship on Atlas is all the rage, and these customization features are why many of us play these types of games.

I am absolutely entranced with #sailtheatlas game on PC & XboxSeriesX. I have so many custom sails it is ridiculous.

Here I will guide you through creating your own custom sails in Atlas.

First thing you will need is ARKpntEditor
It may also help to have a favorite photo editor, but you can do what you can on paint -OR using apps on your phone and then transferring them to your PC. There are lots of great phone apps for this type of editing. You do not need to be a digital painting pro.

Your new ARKpntEditor should look like this:

ARKpntEditor – custom sails for Atlas

Don’t be alarmed that it says Ark instead of Atlas. It’s the same damn game.

You will need a template for this. You could either go to your sail and trace it, or use these templates (click the word templates)

These templates will give you a formatted pnt image in your ARKpntEditor and should look like this:

Small handling sail template Atlas custom Sails

Next, save as image. You will then pull that image up in your favorite pic editor and fill it with whatever you like. Stay inside the lines as best you can.

When you are done, save as ARKpnt file.
This next part is very important. Be sure to save the file in the fashion below. Depending on which template you are using. For example, ” HandlingLarge_SailTriple_C.pnt ” You may change HandlingLarge, as this will be the name in game for you once you go to paint your sail.
The fashion I mentioned:


Generic of course would be also referred to as small.

Now you have a saved pnt. You must put that file in your Atlas game files here:

Game files for Atlas – save custom paintings

You are basically done. Go into your game, equip your paint brush, whack that sail, and get to painting. It will tell you what paints you will need to complete your masterpiece. Just hit “Load Paints from this type”.

Want something designed for you? Hit me up, I can point you toward a great great digital artist for those needs. HMU at Roguegoose1

Top 5 Value Microphones – Content Creators look – Low cost USB Microphone options to enhance your set! Tech Reviews (Microphones)

Let’s be honest, our PC’s cost too much damn money. Getting a good deal on peripherals can relieve some some strain on our wallets. The problem is getting the right pieces of equipment that can handle the job without spending a ton of money is hard to do.

My tech reviews aim to solve that. I will display decent value options for your set. Whether you do podcasting, video creation, streaming, or just game and want good value stuff!

This article looks at microphones. We will go over other peripherals, software, and more in other articles. Subscribe to the wordpress, Facebook, or come hang out in the RogueZone Discord to stay up-to-date!

This will be a top 5. The list starts at 5 and works down to the best value microphone you can get. The why’s or why not’s will be displayed. All of these I have tested, and some of them I am currently using!

The list…

5. Blue Snowball ICE

Blue Snowball ICE review – Microphone reviews

Pros: This is a widely used mic, so there are a ton of reviews out there. It is primarily used by new and some more experience creators mostly because of its appealing price. At just $49.99 (some retailers pricing up to $69.99), the Blue Snowball ICE is a great little mic to pick up.
Cons: I say “little” mic, but in reality -it’s very bulky. It has a very odd shape. This wouldn’t be a big deal but it makes it tough to find off brand stands and attachments for the device. In my own set, this device won’t fit into my swing arm. So I own it, but it stays hooked to my consoles rather than my PC.
Overall: I do get some use out of it. The condenser performs well for console game chat. I would not use this in my stream. If you can do without a swing arm or other. Of course, Blue makes their own attachments, but I like my stuff to be interchangeable when I can. You can’t beat the price though.

4. Blue Yeti / Blue Yeti X

Blue Yeti review – USB microphone reviews – top 5

Pros: Another great price. The base version we’ll call it, comes in at $99.99 while the “X” hits different at $169.99 by most retailers. Those are decent value prices for a great mic. I love having the ability to mute and make gain adjustments right on the device.
Cons: The deal with the swing arm for this one comes in at $279.99… Once again, an

issue with blue. I can’t use my swing arm, which cost less than the one Blue wants us to by.
Overall: Great sound quality right from the device and the price is nice!

3. Polsen Omnidirectional

Great for podcasts! USB Mic reviews

Pros: If you are a podcast specialist, you should definitely take a look at this one. Get

involved with roundtable type discussions for your podcast with this Omnidirectional USB Boundary mic. The price is sweet, $56 – $64.
Cons: Wouldn’t work for all set ups. Looks like a hockey puck.
Overall: If you enjoy podcasting then this might be the number 1 for you. For others, maybe a 5th spot would be more suited. Because of this -#3 it is.

Very popular usb mic for streamers and creators

2. Razer Seiren / Razer Seiren X
Pros: Finally a device that fits all my cheap attachments as well as my expensive stuff. For a USB option – this mic performs very well. Streamers, podcasters, or whatever else you are into this mic performs great! I especially like that mute, is separate from the adjustments knob. Lots of color and feature options to fit any budget.
Cons: USB connection to the mic itself is weird. I recommend getting a different cord.

Overall: Love the convenience in the size fitting my cheap boom and swing arms which was an issue for other devices. I had to modify it though which gives it a hit. After those adjustments, I love it and use it every day. Price is okay at between $99.99 – $179.99 depending on type and color.

USB microphone review – HyperX QuadCast S Review – Best usb microphone for gaming streaming content creation

1. HyperX QuadCast / S
Pros: Hands down the best value USB microphone you can add to your set up. Super easy and unique ways of making adjustments on the fly. Fits in my cheap swing / boom arms and also has some cheap options built specifically for it. Absolutely amazing sound quality for a USB option. Also it looks badass.
Cons: One of the more expensive USB mic’s on this list. Not as much as the Yeti X, but comes in at $139.99 for most retailers. With the S ranging to $159.99 with additional features.
Overall: Easily worth the money. Best option there is under $200.

There’s my list of top 5 value USB microphones. You can do a ton with sound. For those BIG budgets, look elsewhere than USB. For those of us trying to make it in content creation, we need all the value options we can get! Hope this article helps!

Microtouch Titanium Trim Review by RogueGOOSE1

Microtouch Titanium Trim Commercial
Product Image
Microtouch Titanium Trim Review by RogueGOOSE1

Check out this hot garbage – video has some good looking dudes. I would love to know what salon they go to!

Getting into the review. Tech reviews are a new cause for me, but something I have wanted to give a shot. I needed a new trimmer, so I found one that I viewed on the internet like many of us do. I got locked into the Microtouch Titanium Trim as it did indeed look very easy.

“If you can comb it, You can cut it” – Great slogan for the Microtouch Titanium Trim. This is simply not the case!

Let’s talk about these claims which are made in the video. For me, it’s not how great your product is -it’s how well does it do what you say it will.

Men everywhere are now cutting their hair at home
Is this even close to true? If I have an option, I am 100 going to the salon or barber. This product was meant only to be a fast option to getting right. It’s not even that.

Just a trim or a full haircut
A trim of my balls, back hair, neck hair sure… Not a trim of my full head hair and for damn sure not a full haircut.

Cutting hair is as easy as combing hair
Super false. I, like everyone ever made, can comb my hair no problem. Well, not now because I have no hair left to comb thanks to the Microtouch Titanium Trim.

Pro-level results at home

I don’t expect much from an as seen on TV type product. This thing isn’t even in the ball park of what it says it is.

1 * for me. Only because it might handle my balls. (We’ll see)

Hope you enjoyed the content. Give me some feedback Facebook / Discord

5 Free to Play Games on Xbox Series X|S – With RogueGOOSE1

5 Free to Play Games on Xbox Series X|S – With RogueGOOSE1

5 Free to Play Games on Xbox Series X|S – With RogueGOOSE1

There are a ton of free to play games on Xbox Series X|S. Many of these games are also available for free on PC and other consoles.

Life is Strange & Life is Strange 2 are incredible games that anyone looking for a unique experience and story should have high on their radar. These are episodic games that look and play awesome!

Tera, Dauntless, & Skyforge are popular mmorpg’s that set the player up for thousands of hours of fun with other players in amazing worlds. Respectively, these games take some dedication to rise to the top of PvP’ers, but do not count out the PvE experience with these titles. These are free to play games with some awesome items available for purchase to add to the overall experience.

There are many more awesome games that I did not get to in the video, but are certainly worth mentioning. World of Warships is a game that you may look at and not immediately get excited about, but can give you lots of enjoyment. Especially for a free game, this is a fun experience.

Call of Duty: Warzone, Rogue Company, Apex, Fortnite, Vigor, Splitgate and the various other shoot’em ups featured in the free section are also worth a look. Many of these are battle royale type titles and are all very fun to play.

If you play any of these or want additional info – feel free to hit me up! Likes & follows are very much appreciated as well. Facebook & Discord

New World – RogueGOOSE1 takes a look. WOW

RogueGOOSE1 looks at New World – Trailer

Wow. That is about all I can say. The end.

JK. This game was teased as being one to change mmorpg gaming. That will be decided at release; however, it looks like a wildly awesome mmorpg even if it doesn’t change online RPG’s. Though, it just might.

I am mega vs mecha excited about this game. I cannot wait to stream it for you all and talk about all of the wild features. This is going to be a player driven story, packed on top of a story, packed on top of wild mmorpg elements. Have I mentioned how pumped I am for this one?

RogueGOOSE1 will be a day one player. I have a few games on the pre-order menu and this one has me extra excited to deliver thousands of hours of fun!

I hope you enjoy the video. Reach out to me to talk about this one and to game up! (Facebook / Discord)

Battlefield 2042 Portal Mode hype train getting ran on me! RG1

Portal Mode w/ RogueGOOSE1 – Battlefield 2042

Anyone out there more hyped than me about the release of Battlefield 2042?

Probably someone is… but I am very much in on this game. At first glace of the original trailer, I was a bit skeptical. I do NOT want an overly futuristic Battlefield. I would have been happy with a reskinned Battlefield 4 in fact. We had a modern game, (4), and then 2 history games (1, 5). I want another MODERN game. If it has trace elements of futuristic bs like we have seen in other titles, fine. Just don’t go overboard.

Which it looks like BF2042 has not gone overboard with this; however, they have gone overboard with what appears to be great multiplayer gameplay. AND I am here for it!

I hope you enjoy my video, and get shared in the hype with me on the all new Portal mode. This mode is set to release with the launch of the game. So bravo to the devs for that one. It appears like a wild sandbox level experience in this mode where players can write their own stories of historic Battlefield games. We all know Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is the best Battlefield of all time so far. There were many other great ones as well, and in “Portal mode” – we will be able to relive those awesome times. As well as pit them against each other!

I am RogueGOOSE1 – hmu on Facebook or at Discord to discuss this upcoming game or deliver feedback of my work!~

What makes a good gaming podcast? RogueRadio – RogueGOOSE1

What makes a good gaming podcast?

No, I’m really asking.

I have re-committed to Rogue Radio, my new podcast project. I went solo on a welcome back video, but will be looking for guests to join in on the fun. HMU on Facebook for deets.

RogueRadio Welcome back!

I love to play games, and talk about games. Podcasting, like video creation, allows me to merge my hobbies into great ways to explore new and old games. I am rather new to content creation in general. Especially podcasting. No, I have no broadcasting education nor experience so this is all learned on the fly.

I do hope to deliver a great product in everything that I do. This is where I hope the viewers and listeners come in. Help me grow and get better by sending me feedback. Facebook is the best way! Follow while you’re at it to watch the growth continue.

As I say in the episode. I have returned from a work trip. I am dedicating myself to having a blast and creating new, exciting content. pushing myself to try new things.

Rogue Radio is apart of that. My Wednesday shows are going to be routine. So make sure you follow that as well!

1v1 League Play Tips – Knockout City

Knockout City with RogueGOOSE1

1v1 KnockoutCity League Play with RogueGOOSE1

So, you want to git gud at 1v1 League Play. Well following my stuff is a great start!

I am all over the map, gaming on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Discord, & more!

Like I said, all over the map. I like playing games and sharing with everyone!

Now getting good.

Get a regular team!

If you want a shot at upper levels on League play with more than just 1v1 – you need a regular team to practice with. If you ARE interested in 1v1 over others, having a regular teammate or two to help you practice in your hideout is huge. Private matches help as well.

Practice and do the training

The concepts are simple but you can’t master them if you don’t know what they are.

Just like in Madden or other EA Games, the concepts are well developed and training rooms (practice) is always available.

Mechanics – Pass the damn ball

Passing the vall has perks. You tier up your shot when you pass. If you pass to a teaate who already has a ball, you both benefit from this!

Additionally, if you see your teammate throw a ball at an opposing player, pass him or her your ball immediately unless you have an unimpeded shot. Especially if you have the opposing player’s flank.


If you’re still dicking off with those default settings then drop em.

i am speaking of controller/ keybindings.

They are bad off the bat, but need some speed tips. My settings guide will be a great reference!

That’s 3 prime tips!

For more tips

Seek me out on my pages!


Knockout City Tips – RogueGOOSE1 plays KO City – How to pass in Knockout City – Crew info

Git gud like me – RogueCrew

RG1 here with tips and mastery level strategy for your entertainment. I’m not actually that good but I damn sure try my best. Come join the crew for more fun and entertainment! Discord

How does one git gud at Knockout City? It certainly helps to have a regular team. Here are some more tips to help you on your git gud journey.

  1. Pass the ball – especially if you see your teammate just throw a ball, try to immediately pass him/her the ball so they can quickly tap to end the opposing player!
  2. Know the buttons – know how to tackle, pass, and catch!
  3. Catch – practice catching as much as you can. Practice throwing and immediately catching afterwards!

More solid tips coming in future videos! Make sure to like & sub for more KO City content!

Later, mofos!