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Do you follow a streamer, eSports gamer, or other content creator? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could read some of their opinions, reviews, or other info on the fly with a blog?

Well you can with me. Everything in here was created by RogueGOOSE1. I am new to eSports. Trying to make it in the bright lights and cameras. I do just love gaming. I write, play, and share as much as I can hoping to interact with other passionate gamers of all skill levels.

I have also begun a web series hoping to help other streamers along their journey. We can get there together y’all!

I hope you find these articles informative and entertaining!

So what to expect?

Daily videos. I am not there yet. I do work full-time. Daily videos are right around the corner.
Daily Blog. I have learned how to write on the go!
Responding to messages. Facebook, Twitter, & Discord are great ways to reach out to me.
Weekly Radio. RogueRadio has just launched. The schedule will be posted on the social accounts above.

All the fun and excitement is here. We continue to grow, and I am excited for where we are headed. Come be a part of it!

Rust – Console Edition, release info and what you need to know!

Rust is coming to consoles!

I first stumbled upon Rust on a fellow streamers page. I almost immediately went to my local PS Store to see how much it was. Only to discover the game was not available on PS4.

Rust released for PC users all the way back in 2013. That seems almost like the dark ages for a game to be coming to console, but this is no ordinary game. Rust will almost certainly rise to the top of sale charts when it finally releases for consoles.

What consoles will it be coming to?

PS4 & Xbox One.

These are the only confirmed consoles as of right now. Will it eventually find it’s way to Switch, PS5, Xbox x/s, Stadia? Maybe. But for right now. last pen PlayStation & Xbone will be the landing spots on the newest release of Rust. Of course the game will be playable on next gen consoles with the backwards compatibility feature. It is still not a next gen game.

When is Rust releasing for Xbox One & PS4?

It is close enough for me to start getting excited about it! There are many versions hitting the stores as well. Like many games, you may spend extra on the upgraded release version to receive in game bonuses and items.

The console edition will release on May 21, 2021

Additionally, there are pre-order bonuses. Including a 3-day Early Access Pass.

Get in on the action before anyone else by pre-ordering the console edition game. Of course, PC players have been playing for 6 years to this point.

We are following this release. Hit us up on Facebook to check out more info.

What to Watch this Week – Dota: Dragon’s Blood with RogueGoose1 – DOTA – Release info, Trailer, and news

What to Watch this Week – Dota: Dragon’s Blood with RogueGoose1 – DOTA – Release info, Trailer, and news

Wondering what to watch this week? Our spotlight features a great new adult animated series coming to Netflix with a storied background.

The history of DOTA can be traced back to Warcraft 3 fan creations, but has evolved into quite the topic all it’s own.

Now, on Netflix – catch the wonderful fantasy world as an anime.

DOTA Dragons Blood launch info

DOTA: DRAGON’S BLOOD – launches tomorrow, March 25th, 2021

We have shared the official Netflix trailer. Make sure you give it a look and discuss it with me on Facebook or Discord.

Do I need a Gaming PC to start Streaming? Streaming tips #1TIP @ a Time w/ RogueGOOSE1

YouTube series by RG1. Season 2, Episode 1

Hello mofos, I am RogeGOOSE1. I have started a YouTube series which is designed to help the viewer get started in Streaming video games.

This series is very important to me as it helps me grow and notice things about my own stream to improve.

The very first episode features one issue that I was once bad about.

Episode 1.

Turning away from the game on stream was one of my big issues early on. I notice it hard on every game stream it appears instantly. I altered my own set up to stop this habit.

Now we are 2 Seasons, 11 Episodes deep in the series and I have improved a ton from the experience. I hope anyone watching / reasing can do the same.

The Series.

Season 1 featured many things I noticed in my own stream and in others’.

Season 2 is mostly centered around hearing questions from others. Episode 1’s first reccurring question was:

Do I need a gaming PC to start streaming?

Streamers of all experience levels didn’t start where they are now.

It takes time to acquire the wants.

The needs aren’t that bad.

Really, you just need a gaming system that is capable of broadcasting. This could be a base, last gen console that most of us gamers already have.

That is how I got started. You can too.

The first thing I did upgrade was using a PC to broadcast. It was not a gaming PC. I had a very personal type computer. I7 intel, no graphics capabilities, I then downloaded the free version on OBS Studio, and off I went.

A mid-range PC is great to multitask from once you begin to take your streaming to the next level; however, it’s more important to just start.

Starting with what you got teaches you to grind. It teaches you the many variables to producing content. It also helps you practice talking on stream.

All that said, a high-powered gaming PC is not required to start. Though, it helps.

Today’s #1TIP is:

Just stream – If you want to be a streamer, and you don’t have a gaming PC. Just use what you do have, and have fun!

That’s our 1 Tip for this 1 Tip Wednesday.

Stay Rogue, and later mofos!

Top 5 Starting Classes in Black Desert Online – Deciding on a character in Black Desert Online – BDO Tips with RogueGOOSE1

Are you new to Black Desert Online? BDO was recently made free on steam, and reduced for console users. This helped bring some shiny new faces to the massive, fun-filled map of Black Desert.

I, for one, am excited that this game is once again building some popularity. Which brings my blog posting attention back to a great game. I see players on social media asking lots of questions about starting in the game. I will be creating many articles on the game for your enjoyment. I hope it helps.

In this article – we will discuss our adventurers. The playable characters in the game range in abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and give us much to decide early on. Especially now that many many more classes are available to play than at initial release.

How to choose a character.
This is a very grindy game. To get top tier gear, the adventurer will have to spend a yuge amount of time playing this game. Even the whales have to grind in this game. It can feel like choosing the wrong class will waste a ton of time.

That is not the case with Black Desert Online.

Those that played from launch received only a handful of options to choose from. I recall hearing people “waiting” for many classes. This is the right move. The reality is, after you’re seasoned – you can level a character to 56 (awakening) in a matter of hours. AND there are many benefits to having multiple characters.

Benefits to having multiple characters

  • Inventory Space – if nothing else, a new character has inventory space.
  • Non PvP grinder – keeping a character at level 49 can allow easy grinding around griefers.
  • Resource collection – in a game with no fast-travel feature, having a character ported near valuable resources can be great!
  • Enhancing – saving failstacks across multiple characters can save you a ton of time with enhancing (I will be doing a whole article on just this).
  • Lifeskiller – having a dedicated lifeskiller (or 2… or 3… or more…) can make lifeskills a breeze.

There is a ton that goes into this game that having multiple leveled characters is very beneficial. So DO NOT worry about ‘choosing the wrong one’. Give them all a try if you need.

Having one that is fun to grind with is the most important. Sure we all want one that is particularly adept at what we find interesting. Many people chose a Ninja first because they read somewhere that it was specially skilled at 1v1 PvP. Which is true, but it is also a very tough character to master. Or even to begin.

Top 5 Starting Classes in BDO

Top 5 classes to start with in bdo
  1. Shai

    Shai is a great class to start with. She is a feisty, tiny character which is very adorable. So why is she number 1 on my list? Almost entirely due to her starting at Professional 1 Gathering & Alchemy. This is a huge benefit to staring players and experienced players alike. Even if you do not ultimately decide to main her, she is a must have alt.

  2. Musa

    I may have a small bias here. I began my journey on a Warrior. I do love my Warrior, but Musa is the FUNNEST character to grind with, in my opinion. His speed and move combos are an absolute blast. Especially after awakening. I highly recommend giving him a shot if you have not already.

  3. Lahn

    This class can literally fly. That should be enough said, but Lahn is also quick, high damage, and great for those transitioning from games like ESO. Very fun class to play.

  4. Wizard / Witch

    It was too difficult to choose between Witch or Wizard. These classes are different but really reach to people similarly. If you have researched Black Desert at all, you have heard about one of these, and there’s any reasons why. They are great in node war, great mob grinders, great in PvP, and it is a must having at least one of them as an alt, minimum.

  5. Striker / Mystic

    Once again difficult to choose between the male and female variant of these power-packed characters. They are also extremely fun to play as and can certainly keep your interest in this game for a long time. They both have the Gauntlet (main) / Vambrace (sub) weapon, so there is little downside to having both of these high-flying , rage inducing characters.

You may notice my Warrior didn’t make the list. Warrior is a very all-around type character. Not particularly great at anything over other classes, but also not per se the worst at anything either. That does make it a great starting character. This is a pretty solid top 5 though. It just so happens that ALL the classes in this game are amazing in their own right.

Hopefully you choose one that will be a ton of fun to grind with for a long time.

If you have any questions about characters, or any other BDO topic. Hit me up either here in the comments, on Facebook, or Discord.

How to Start Streaming – Streaming Tips with RogueGOOSE1

I have begun a streaming tips series on YouTube. Why? More than anything the streaming tips series, One Top at a Time, (#1tip) helps me grow as a content creator. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, and I hope it can help you.

So what is #1tip?

One Tip at a Time is the YouTube Series where I give one tip per video for, and the topic in this series is specifically for video game streamers.

Season 1

Season one of #1tip features ten total videos. An introduction video and 9 single tip videos. These are great tips to keep in mind once you have established a set up of some kind. Whether that is a shabby set-up or a professional one; these tips can help.

#1tip – episode 9 with RogueGOOSE1 – streaming tips. check out the whole series on YouTube

Above is episode 9 of #1tip (One Tip at a Time) by RogueGOOSE1. The new series dedicated to helping streamers improve. This also helps me. Feel free to reach out to me, either in the comments or on Facebook.

So what about those new streamers. The ones that do not have a set up at all? Well, for you – season two of One Tip at a Time will feature more going back to basics. These will be topics like:

  • Choosing a PC (and other gear)
  • Basic set up
  • Why we stream
  • Affiliate partnerships
  • Choosing a Broadcasting software
  • Where do I upgrade next

There is 5 examples of topics we want to get to in season two. I am excited for this series of videos, and I truly hope someone finds the content helpful.

So how do I get started streaming?

The fact is you do not need much to get started. I began my journey streaming straight from my console. That grew to my laptop. Now I have a very clean looking set up.

So how to get started…

Just use what you get. The first step is to get used to talking in-game. Whether that is through your headset, or maybe you have a webcam already. Talking while you are recording is not easy for most people.

Record, record, record… If you fail or don’t like what you have created. Redo the whole bit. The added practice will only help you. Several takes can make everything better.

Then follow the YouTube Series I have put together, reachout to me, and watch the crap out of other streamers.

Links here: YouTube

Blood Bowl 3 to be the hit of 2021? Warhammer Games w/ RogueGOOSE1

Blood Bowl 2 wasn’t the hottest game to come out of 2015. It has gained some hit and miss traction since release in September of that year.

Blood Bowl 3 was recently announced and that brought in some new players into BB2. There are a ton of ways to play Warhammer games. This would be a very long article if I discussed the many ways to play Warhammer games from Games-workshop. Instead, just talking about Blood Bowl – there are 2 main options. You can enjoy the excitement of the fantasy football game as a video game or as a tabletop.

The video games are available on Xbox & PS4 as well as Windows PC via Steam.

The tabletops can be acquired through brick and mortar game stores or online through many online retailers.

Either way you play is a great option. The video game has some fun, quirky characters (just like the tabletop) and there are some beautifully fun animations in the video gaming platform versions. A well tuned imagination is a bit more desirable for the tabletop.

How to get more Blood Bowl content?

All one must do is support creators of various types. Liking my videos or otherwise interacting with Blood Bowl content will let me know you enjoy it. I will be developing more and more Warhammer and Wargaming content -but for Blood Bowl specifically LMK.

I enjoy talking some Blood Bowl.


The very first RogueRadio featuring Roguegoose1 kicked off just yesterday with a audio version of the stream after months in the works. Future podcast episodes will feature general talk regarding Games-workshop games, like Blood Bowl.

Check out the ways you can enjoy Wargaming content and gaming info with RogueGOOSE1:

  1. Live streams
  2. Videos
  3. Articles (like this one)
  4. Podcast
  5. Memes for days
  6. Discord

How to get the info?

There will be link buttons just below this article. Check out discord for an easy way to check all the sources. Discord

Ep1 Blood Bowl 2 Series – Gaming


This is the first Episode of this Blood Bowl 2 series. In this series, I will attempt to play Blood Bowl on Stream while simultaneously Podcasting the fun! 
Streamed Live Video: 


RogueRadio Coming soon! – RogueCorp Online Podcast starring RogueGOOSE1

Is Podcasting still a thing?

We certainly hope so. I am RogueGOOSE1 and I am excited to be developing the RogueRadio Show.

First up, we will be talking to the community about all the happenings around the community and how you can be a huge, interactive part of the fun!

Warhammer is still a major focus of RogueCorp content.

Why is that?

Warhammer offers a variety of ways to play and become immersed in the Warhammer Fantasy Univers.

There are video games, tabletops, literature, and great content creators in the Warhammer Fantasy Univere.

Warhammer Vermintide 2 is a game that is currently available on last gen consoles and Windows PC via steam.

Additionally on consoles and PC is:

  • Blood Bowl 2
  • Warhammer 40,000
  • Warhammer: Chaosbane
  • Warhammer Quest

There are many more that are also worth a look.

PC also offers us:

Total War: Warhammer 2

Blood Bowl and Total War have sequels launching later this year as well.

Then, there are the tabletops.

There are a ton of ways to play Warhammer on tabletop. Blood Bowl has a tabletop version, and there is the more popular 40k series.

In short, there is a lot of content to create inside the world of Warhammer.

What are some other games to keep an eye on?

I absolutely love PvP competition.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Is one of the finest ways to interact with hostile players. I play in a variety of tournaments and deliver information on tournaments in our community discord.

Not just Warzone tournaments. Any tournament I hear about.

There will be tons to talk about on the radio show. I hope this article gives the reader and idea of what is in-store for the show. I hope to make it a great experience for all!

Become a part of the community. Follow RogueCorp channels and hit me up directly to discuss your favorite games!

Best Theme Decks in Pokémon TCGO – Spotlight: Sky Guardian

Best Theme decks in Pokémon TCGO

I will feature only the best theme decks in Pokémon Trading Card Game Online during this spotlight campaign.

A top 10 will also be available very soon.

Today’s spotlight in our Best Theme Deck Series will be:

Sky Guardian.

I chose Sky Guardian for today’s article because that was the first deck that I got hooked on using. I love playing with this deck. Is it the best themed deck? Our top ten will break that down.

Sky Guardian Cards List:

1Energy PouchTrainer
1Fairy DropTrainer
1Pokémon Center LadyTrainer
1Pokémon Fan ClubTrainer
2Professor’s LetterTrainer
1Ultra BallTrainer
10Fire Energy
Sky Guardian Theme Deck Pokémon Trading Card Game

As you can see there isn’t a ton to dislike about this deck. I could do without the 3 Meowth cards. There are some hard hitting basic Pokémon in this collection. I have gone on some hot streaks with Lugia, Moltres, Kangaskhan, Snorlax, and others but the unstoppable one in this deck can also be the underrated Delphox. You only get one Delphox in this bundle compared to the 2 you get in the Fennekin theme set. The Delphox in Sky Guardian is a better version.

Why is this deck so good?

Sky Guardian deck – Best Theme Decks in PTCGO
  1. The trainer cards are very straight forward.
    Some decks have trainer cards meant for more advanced trainers. These trainers are very basic, and can be used effectively by a range of skilled players.
  2. The Basic Pokémon.
    I mentioned Lugia, Moltres, Kangaskhan, & Snorlax. These Pokemon are able to get right into the fight and are friendly among your trainer cards here.
  3. Evolutions.
    Delphox being the shiner here. I might also mention Wigglytuff. Wigglytuff is sneaky hard hitting.
  4. Great range.
    Fairy and fire isn’t exactly known to be the most hard hitting combination. Something about it works very well.
  5. Plenty of energy cards.
    10 Fire and 8 Fairy cards. What is even better is that many of the Mons’ attacks use colorless energy, So the fairy and fire energy cards are often good for both types.

So there is 5 reasons why Sky Guardian is one of the better theme decks. Will it be our top rated deck? We will see.

Regardless, this is a high quality deck that is worthy of ownership.

Do you use this one? Let me know! How would you rate it?