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Well you can with me. Everything in here was created by RogueGOOSE1. I am new to eSports. Trying to make it in the bright lights and cameras. I do just love gaming. I write, play, and share as much as I can hoping to interact with other passionate gamers of all skill levels.

I have also begun a web series hoping to help other streamers along their journey. We can get there together y’all!

I hope you find these articles informative and entertaining!

So what to expect?

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All the fun and excitement is here. We continue to grow, and I am excited for where we are headed. Come be a part of it!


RogueCorp Online and Gunner Goose (RogueGOOSE1) give special, weekly shout-out to featured Gaming Community members with Stream of the Week and Pic of the Week – Video and Pic contest to come

RogueCorp Online does some YouTube and Twitch Streaming as well as Game Pic sharing on Social Media; however, the community is not about what RogueGOOSE1 is doing. You see, we are creating a community to showcase everyone else! How many of you follow a streamer online through Twitter or Twitch and have never even talked to them? That’s not the community we want to build.

We vow to be the most interactive community of gamers. This snake has no head. Of course, because I (RogueGOOSE1) am so passionate about it, I am the leader of the community. The difference is, I will make every effort to put community member’s streams, art, and other content ahead of my own.

Which brings us to this week’s featured RogueCorp Online Members:

Featured Streamer @Topothetop (PC / Minecraft / YouTube)
Featured on https://roguecorponline.wordpress.com/roguecorp-online-community/

I hope you all take a look at his YouTube stream on Minecraft. Whether you’re an experienced or novice Minecraft player, or never played at all, this stream is worth checking out! I have actually talked with this gamer on Discord. He is a very fun, interactive streamer, and plays the absolute crap out of Minecraft. We are very proud to feature him this week. Give him a follow and like.

Featured Artist @fabledart.sammie (PC / Black Desert Online / Instagram)
Featured on https://roguecorponline.wordpress.com/roguecorp-online-community/ ; https://fabledart.carrd.co/ ; https://twitter.com/BDO_News

FabledArt brings another life to characters and scenery from the gaming world. We are very happy to feature this wonderful creation which was also featured on Black Desert Online PC official Twitter @BDO_News.

I have been very happy to have these individuals be apart of the RogueCorp Online Community, and I sincerely wish them all of the gaming success one could have. Make sure you check them out asap.

How to get yourself featured here? Become apart of the growing RogueCorp Online Community. Of course, even those who are not yet apart of the community may be featured here. So shout out your favorite creators in the comments or PM me. I can’t add their work if I don’t see it!

Thanks for taking the time to view these two extraordinary creators, and come join us! Buttons below.

Guidance for Guides Quest / Event help for Elder Scrolls Online – Guide for Daedric War Celebration

There are 12 days to complete the new Event: Daedric War Celebration. This event gives the quest Guidance for Guides, which sends the player on a quest across Vvardenfall, Clockwork City, and Somerset.

Earn event tickets from daily quests and earn unique rewards in this limited time event. Feel free to reach out to me for assistance on this event quest. Hopefully, some or all of your questions will be answered here below.

Guidance for Guides Quest / Event help for Elder Scrolls Online – Guide for Daedric War Celebration – Walkthrough

Get hyped with players returning to ESO. The Elder Scrolls Online has seen a dramatic facelift which has allowed new and returning players to dive in with ease. This new event is a big reward earner for all. So, what do you need to do to get these rewards? Starting off with the first big ticket item, the quest.

Guidance for Guides Walkthrough

First, Kill a Delve Boss in Destination zones.

Delve Bosses can be found all over the place. The part throwing people off is the “in destination zones. Just do any one of the 6 Delves in Vvardenfell, they are:

1. Khartag Point
2. Ashalmawia
3. Zainsipilu
4. Matus-akin Egg Mine
5. Pulk
6. Nchuleft

The closest to Vivec City is Zainsipilu. As you see me, discovering and completing in under 3 minutes.

3-minute Delve in Destination zone – Vvardenfell

Next we have, Defeating a Geyser in Summerset

Closest Abyssal Geyser to Shimmerene – Elder Scrolls Online

It is just what it says it is. Head to Summerset and beat one of the 6 Abyssal Geysers. Either of these,
1. Gorgrad Abyssal Geyser
2. Direnni Abyssal Geyser
3. Rellenthil Abyssal Geyser
4. Welenkin Abyssal Geyser
5. Sil’Var Abyssal Geyser
6. Sunhold Abyssal Geyser

The closest to Shimmerene is Direnni:

After the geyser, the next thing on the list is to Visit a Striking Locale in Vvardenfell

There are 9 of these in Vvardenfell, they are:

  1. Yasammidin
  2. Ashalmimilkala
  3. Shrine of Azura
  4. Holamayan Monastery
  5. Ald Sotha
  6. Hanud Tower
  7. Aleft
  8. Falensarano Ruins
  9. Valenvaryon

Head over and take in the breathtaking sites of the Striking Location. Look for the eyeball symbol on the map!

Now you must go to Visit a Set Station in Clockwork City

Set Stations shouldn’t be overthought here as I heard many do online today. These are crafting stations in Clockwork City. Clockwork City is a part of a DLC, so many without the DLC’s may not know about it. Those that have access to Clockwork City will simply be able to head over to one of the 3 Crafting Set Stations in Clockwork City to have this portion of the quest complete.

1. The Refurbishing Yard holds the crafting set station for Innate Axiom
2. The Pavilion of Artifice holds the crafting set station for Mechanical Acuity
3. The Restricted Brassworks holds the crafting set station for Fortified Brass

The Pavilion of Artifice is the closest set station to the beginner way shrine of Clockwork City.

Pavilion of Artifice – Closest Set Station to starting wayshrine in Clockwork City
Trouble finding Clockwork City on the map of Tamriel? Zoom out!

Trouble finding Clockwork City on the map of Tamriel? Zoom out!

Lastly, finish up with Calonir back in Vvardenfell to finish the quest. Yep, that’s it!

I did all of these with an under level 20 player. You can too! I just started a Warden Healer, so bring your knowledge to help me -and I’ll keep making this content. Hit me up to talk games like, ESO, New World, Black Desert Online, and more! FacebookDiscord

Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard – What this means / rambling of Rogue – Watch out for Overwatch

Me rambling about this purchase – catch me on next live to talk about this!

In my ramblings I mention a couple key things to take a look at. Last generation, Sony stole the show by having some great exclusives to offer its users. Sony also had the PS4 Slim. Which was a downgraded, more-affordable version of its console. This allowed many to get their hands on what was the next gen console of the time.

So those are my first 2 points here. Xbox (Microsoft) now has a cheaper version of its performance powerhouse, the Xbox Series X, in the Series S. Which was released right out the gate. It could not quite get some of the heavy hitting exclusives like Sony’s console has though.

So let’s look at some popular exclusives for each,
PS4 had titles like:

God of War
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Marvel’s Spiderman
The Last of Us / TLOU2
Ghosts of Tsushima
Ratchet & Clank
Yakuza 6
The Uncharted Collection
Detroit: Become Human

And there are plenty more that we could talk about. These are just some of the biggest titles. They are all great games and some of them are masterpieces.

Now, onto the XboxOne Exclusives:

All Halo Games
State of Decay 2
Sea of Thieves
Forza Games
Gears 5

Don’t get me wrong, these are good games. I am a big fan of State of Decay 2, and I quite enjoyed the rest of those listed. NONE of these games are even close to a masterpiece. **(see below)

Exclusives are now possible for Microsoft with their acquisition of huge game studios like Zenimax / Bethesda, and now Activision Blizzard. I vaguely ramble about this in the video where I don’t believe World of Warcraft will make it to the Xbox platform, nor do I think CoD would become exclusive (though it could?). Some of the other titles belonging to these franchises very well could though. I foresee Microsoft reinventing some of the older titles made by these companies, making them better, and relaunching them on us all as exclusives with hefty micro-transactions. Look at the type of money Call of Duty: Warzone raked in via micro-transactions.

This is a very exciting time for the world of gaming. I believe this will bring in a level of competition never seen before. Especially in a time where games are being released unfinished to earn the money to finish them. An added level of competition could be great for us all. It may force our pocketbooks to open much wider though.

Overwatch is a game to watch. It is already available in the Microsoft store on Xbox. It is also very popular in the Esports world. I foresee some big moves being taken with this. Of course, World of Warcraft is also very popular in Esports, but I very much see that world remaining as it has for generations.

Overall, I think this is a great move. I look forward to talking with you all about the upcoming state of gaming. Reach out to me to talk more – Facebook Discord

Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard – What this means / rambling of Rogue – Watch out for Overwatch

The Scavenger of Night City – Night City Citizens – Cyberpunk Story by RG1

The Scavenger of Night City is a Cyberpunk Story by RG1 catch all the Cyberpunk Stories at http://www.RogueCorp.Online

I used to run these streets. Nobody and nobody else told me what to do. I scaved everything from everybody. Now look at me. I guard this rooftop for some cyberpsycho I don’t even know.

Scav’n ain’t easy, but it sure beat the brakes off of this rooftop. The sound of air cons, NCPD sirens, and traffic make me wish I would have kept some of those ear upgrades I used to push.

I have been wanted by those same NCPD a-holes for as long as I’ve been annoyed by those sirens. I ended up here because those a-holes don’t bother me here with the boss. Ain’t worth the resources no doubt. This guy is so jacked in, it’d take an army of police brutes to drag him in. Plus, the 40 of us he has sitting here on these rooftops ready to kill for him.

Why do we do it? The drugs man. He used to keep my pockets full of eddies. Now I stay for the juice. We rob it on the nightly. 5% of it goes right into our ports. Can’t get the stuff like this on a warehouse workers budget. No doubt that’s why our boss be killer. Dude’s been pumping himself full of shit I can’t even imagine.

My story didn’t start on this rooftop. You might think I grew up in the slums or somethin’? Nah, we were pretty well off. 200k eddies per month fed my pops animal addiction. Yeah, that was our pet tax bill. Only the well-off got to keep exotic animals as pets. We were so well off but I was always afraid to ask pops for anything. Even lunch money. I started off just lifting from his wallet. Charge cards could go missing and he’d never even notice. As I got older, pops wanted me to join his company. His company assembled tech for Kiroshi Optics.

Didn’t take long before I started slinging Kiroshi Optics. He died. His company died. And I kept slinging. I had to adapt. I hit the streets and got hooked up with the right or wrong people, however you want to see it. It wasn’t long before those people got rolled up by Night City’s finest and I had to find some new right or wrong people to do business with.

That is when I ran into Tank. He wasn’t as chaotic yet. He caught me pushing Kiroshi tech. Said he wouldn’t kill me if I handed over the tech and started working for him.

Here I am. Until this gig washes up. Then who knows which right or wrong people I will end up with next.

New World Builds – Tank – Great Tank build for New World – Article 1

In this article I will give an example build for each style of play. There are many, many viable options for builds in New World. Here I will highlight just builds for each, Healer, DPS, & Tank over the course of these articles, starting here with TANK.

Tank build article for New World – Let’s Go Tankin

These articles will be short and sweet -right to the point so you can get back to the action.

If you’re using any of these builds and want to give me some pointers, feedback – please do so on Facebook

Tank build – Sword & Shield (1) & Great Axe (2)

This is a combination that allows the character to keep complete control of mobs.

Sword & Shield

Active Abilities – DEFENDER

  1. Shield Rush
  2. Shield Bash
  3. Defiant Stance

These active abilities will allow you to soak up all the damage, allowing your damage buddies to do their thing. Make sure you keep good healer company.

Passive abilities – Focus your passive abilities on defense and regeneration. We can’t get all of them at once so just make sure to spam them all with a bias toward defense.

Great Axe

Active Abilities – MAULER

  1. Maelstrom
  2. Whirlwind
  3. Gravity Well

These active abilities will enable you to keep complete control of the mob. Keep them on you and away from you DPS / Healer buddies behind you.

Passive abilities – Focus passives on increasing the range of your pulls. Secondly, add in any HP regen skills you can grab along the way.

Tanks – Why we do it
We want to be the center of everything. Because of that, we have to be tough and physical characters. You have to be able to control the mobs or bosses and force them to do what you want. Keep them from attacking your healer buddies so those heals can stay centered on you. Let those damage dealers eat by keeping the attention on you!

Attributes – 50 strength, everything else into constitution. You are a tank. Soak up as much damage as you can.

10 post-apocalyptic games that are still fun to play – games everyone should try

You fancy yourself a post-apocalyptic game enthusiast? We may put that to the test as we detail ten post-apocalyptic themed games that are still worth playing. You need to play these games if you haven’t done so and are a fan of the genre.

This is not a top 10. Top ten post-apocalyptic games would be a very tough article to do. Perhaps I will tackle it one day, but not this day. Follow this blog to stay informed of when that may be. For now, this is simply 10 post-apocalyptic games that I am hugely fond of. Each one is definitely worth a play through.

Keep in mind, post-apocalyptic games are not solely zombie games. They are also not solely nuclear winter. There are many ways to enter an apocalypse. Here are the games that hit the spot for me.

1. Fallout 4 (RogueRating – 93/100)

Fallout 4 enters the apocalypse due to a global nuclear war. The player must interact with survivors and kill a variety of mutated animals in search for his kidnapped son. The Fallout Universe offers a huge amount of unique lore that is gained through written and voiced stories heard and read around the big open world. The settlement building system is one of the most enjoyable additions from previous titles. There are factions in the game which the player can choose to work with which ultimately impacts the play-though. The only downfall is that the game is single player.

2. The Walking Dead (RogueRating – 87)

The Walking Dead games are actually seasons of games. This is a very unique take to games. The stories individually are somewhat short but there are many of them to play through. This makes the game appealing to gamers as well as someone just getting into the games for the love of the franchise. Telltale games, the game’s developer, is quite adept at telling tales. The game also is quite full of lore because the story builds off of one of the most popular TV shows of all time. I do hear and read a lot of grief about the game’s difficulty level. I have also experienced it myself and can agree with this guff. The game is far too easy. The game is overall fun. The player must navigate a world of zombies while soaking in a good bit of story.

3. Resident Evil Village (RogueRating – 91)

Like Fallout 4, the player is on a mission to find their kidnapped child. The story is very compelling allowing deep immersion into the game. The game also offers beautiful graphics as well as chilling music and freaky looking enemies. The Resident Evil franchise has been around for a million years, and many people have come across one of these games on one console or another. I came into the franchise at Resident Evil 4 on PlayStation 2. Resident Evil Village is now the sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. This period of time has developed quite a large following of the freanchise. If you haven’t become part of it yet, now is your chance.

4. Far Cry New Dawn (RogueRating – 89)

Far Cry New Dawn is the sequel to Far Cry 5. Far Cry 5 takes place in Hope County where the earth has not collapsed to nuclear war. In Far Cry New Dawn, the Collapse, has definitely set in on the Far Cry Universe. New Dawn is set 17 years after the events of FC5. Enjoy beautifully destroyed scenery, whacky wildlife, and ruthless characters as you navigate the fallen world. Now might be a very enjoyable time to enter the Far Cry world if you have not done so already. The story is very much intact with this game; however, the fact that the world has fallen makes it enjoyable on another level. You do not need to have played Far Cry 5 to get into New Dawn. The story does a good job of getting you caught up to speed.

5. Borderlands 3 (RogueRating – 93)

This game is a slam dunk. The player base has dwindled a tad for this game as it came out about 3 years ago. The mob of folks standing in line for this one is gone, but the player base is still fairly deep. New content is added semi-regularly and is an absolute ton of fun to play. Explore a variety of awesome worlds as you battle through them with extreme prejudice in this looter shooter. The apocalypse has been in place on the Borderlands Universe for quite a long time. The madness and chaos are very well established. This is a game that is much better with friends but can certainly be enjoyed solo.

6. The Last of Us / The Last of Us 2 (RogueRating – 95)

This is the only number on our list that will feature 2 games. These are simply must plays for anyone looking for a good story. Especially those looking for a good heart wrenching story which happens to be taking place at the worlds end. This is also one of the few games that I will strongly recommend playing through the first one before diving into the second one. They are both extremely playable today so no issues there. The Last of Us 2 makes many references to the first game in the series and the story is much more impactful if the player knows the events of The Last of Us (1). Both games are only playable on Sony consoles.

7. State of Decay 2 (RogueRating – 90)

You definitely do not need to have played the previous game in the series to enjoy State of Decay 2 (SoD2). This game is one of those that is much better with friends as well. You can certainly play solo, but you and 3 of your pals could thrive in this post-apocalyptic, zombie filled playground. The game sets itself apart from other games because you don’t play as 1 single player. Instead, you play as any one of many survivors. It’s a good idea to switch to one of your other survivors when the one you have been playing as gets tired or sick. Oh, and if your survivor dies, they are gone from the game forever. A great feature for a zombie game imo.

8. Frostpunk (RogueRating – 89)

This game is a unique one in our list of 10 still playable post-apocalyptic games. It is unique in 2 ways from other games. First, it is an apocalypse set in the past. The game is based on a volcanic winter which took place in the 19th century. Many of our post-apocalyptic games are set in the future. This is a very neat take on the genre. The other unique thing with this game is that it is a city-survival game. Many of our games are based on one person, or a group of people, which the player controls and plays with. Frostpunk is different here as the player must manage the entire city through this volcanic winter. The game is very well made and is a ton of fun.

9. Dying Light (RogueRating – 94)

Now it is time for some hardcore, parkour. Dying Light is another zombie game where the player is in fear of being eaten or being turned into a zombie at every turn. The thing that sets this game apart from other zombie games is the player is very agile and adept at parkour. Traverse the city by jumping from building to building and keeping away from the hordes that fill the city floor. The only problem is that there are some zombies who are interestingly fit for a life of parkour as well. Another very well-made game with great graphics and story. This is a must play as we get ready for the franchises next installment with Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

10. Rage 2 (RogueRating – 78)

A very fun game to play. It is a single player game which is a bit of a knock for me. The gameplay itself reminds me a bit of Borderlands, but what is different is the story that comes with it. In this one, an asteroid has destroyed a large part of earth’s population. Now, bloodthirsty gangs roam around stirring up problems while the local Authority attempt to rule the world with an iron fist. The player Brings absolute mayhem to all of them. Enjoy stunningly pleasing visuals in this post-apocalyptic dream world. The game first released in 2019 but is definitely worthy of a playthrough for enthusiasts of the world ending games.

Here we have listed 10 post-apocalyptic games that are still fun to play. These are games that everyone should try. There are a wide range of stories, modes, and styles here to certainly help you find that game for you to scratch your post-apocalyptic itch. I provided the RogueRating as well. Some do grade out better than others, but they are all worthy of at least one playthrough. So, get grinding and enjoy!

Night City Stories – “The Misunderstood Murderer” by Roguegoose1

Night City Stories by Roguegoose1 – “The Misunderstood Murderer”

A sudden reality check took over my mind as I stood over him. His mind is slipping to another dimension as the feeling of fear returns to mine.

His arm holds the truth. Blue band with the notable 6 stamping of the 6th Street Gang. They take care of each other, yet here I am standing over the protected few watching him drift off to death.

Why did it come to this? I have never meant to hurt anybody. My home is my sacred place. It isn’t much, but it is my world for now. I think back to how I even came to this moment.

I was working for Arasaka just a few years ago in a very top security position. I oversaw the Protection Team for Saburo Arasaka himself, heir to the Arasaka Empire. Arasaka paid us well and made sure we had everything we could desire to limit the threat of us pushing out Arasaka secrets. Until paranoia became too much for them. The Protection Team desolved into nothing. Forced us all out. The younger guys were able to find security jobs at other Arasaka interests, but there was no position for me at my security level. They decided to let me go. I wandered into the streets with no job and no loyalty left to anyone but myself. I adopted this entropist lifestyle and stayed here in this alley ever since.

Now I stand over the man who may very well be the reason for my life to be over. The 6th Street Gang will learn of this. They do not understand self defense from my perspective. Only that he was one of theirs. They will hunt for me. Beat me. Kill me. And then make an example of me.

Of all the alleys for you to start trouble in, why this one? There were 4 people living here when I arrived. They welcomed me in not knowing I was what they consider Corpo trash. I became great friends with another piece of Corpo trash name Melanie. She made her way to the dumpster from the Militech Corp Tree. This allowed us to bond. She had a high-grade piece of Militech cyberware installed on her. Somehow 6th Street found out about it and decided to come take it for themselves. I just couldn’t let that happen. Turns out Mel wasn’t the only one in this alley with a high-grade piece of cyberware to share.

The hunt for us will go on if we are alive. And I do believe they will find us. But for now, it is just me and Melanie for the rest of that time.

New World Update 1.1.1 – Look inside

New World Update 1.1.1

New World Update 1.1.1 will released – November 30.

The development team at New World is continually working on improving the New World experience and I am very happy with that so far. A ton of feedback has poured in for the game. Player whine about certain things which sometimes makes games worse. Here we see that New World’s dev team is really trying to make the game better.

List of changes:

FIXED – large numbers of motes dropping from elemental enemies.

FIXED – A mistake was made during the previous update which unintentionally removed horticulture gear from the game. That gear should have returned to your inventory with this update. Look for Harvester Hat, Harvester Shirt, Harvester Gloves, Harvester Pants, & Harvester Shoes. These came in a reward chest full of these highest tear gear pieces.

Re-enabled trading, moving, and salvaging of furnishings/housing items

FIXED – bug where Jewel crafting recipes were not granting enough trade skill XP

Fixed – issue where players were not able to fill Buy Orders from local Storage Sheds


  • Technical groundwork for server merges
  • War performance enhancements


  • Void Gauntlet – Fix to Oblivion not going onto cooldown if player swapped weapons during skill startup
  • Void Gauntlet – Fix to consumable status effects being cleansed by Oblivion
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Jewel crafting to not award appropriate amounts of XP for higher-tier crafts
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from earning the Lumberjack achievement

The New World dev team thanks us for our support of Aeturnum.

New features coming to New World? Public Test Realm (PTR) – Winter festival, patch, News and more

New features coming to New World

Amazon Game Studios calls Aeternum an ever-changing world. That has been true so far. It seems we are getting patches all the time and new features are being tested in the Public Test Realms (PTRs) quite often.

The PTRs are designed to have players test the new features before they go live for everyone. This means there could be lots of issues including bugs, crashes, or more. I am excited that New World devs decided to make such a thing. I just want to see the new features!

There is currently one PTR available for North America and 1 for Europe. Many features are being tried out to enhance the play experience for all. A new Winter Festival event looks very interesting as well.

We mentioned the Winter Convergence Festival. Holiday Quests will be available at the winter villages set up in Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs, Weaver’s Fen, and Brightwood.

Winter convergence activities in New World

Ice Caves look awesome as well. Snowy Ice Caves are appearing in Aeternum. The Winter Warrior wants it to be winter forever and is clamping down his grasp on the region with all new ice caves.

New Quests and Journal items are here as well!

Then the bit I am most intrigued by. New Expertise and Gypsum Systems are being implemented. New World looks to build on the end game action by adding these new features to the game. There was a ton of negative feedback surrounding the end game, gameplay.

Trade Skill Aptitude is another new feature coming to the game. After reaching trade skill 200. The Leveling Circle will update to show 3 markers equidistant from each other on the circle. Earning Trade Skill XP will begin progressing you again, and when you reach one of these markers, you will be awarded with a container of useful items that are (mostly) trade skill relevant, such as Craft Mods, special ingredients, and even schematics and recipes!

Last but not least we have some PvP balance changes to come as well!

Get on in the PTR right now to join in!

Cyberpunk’s new anime Edgerunners – What does this mean for the game, and will you watch?

Cyberpunk Edgrunners reveal

Cyberpunk 2077 has received a bump in sales this holiday season as it becomes game platforms’ best-selling game once again. Cyberpunk makes headlines now for an upcoming Netflix series starring the Edgerunners of the Cyberpunk Universe.

CD Projekt Red has apparently been in a partnership with Netflix and Studio Trigger to develop this series for some time. Is that why we have gotten less work done on the game, Cyberpunk 2077?

The spokeswoman of the anime trailer seemed quite pleased to let us know the animated series has been in the making for some time. Almost like an excuse for why the game itself has received little attention as of late with the development team.

Not too shocking they are working on other things, but hopefully we can back to the game’s growth now that the series is complete.

In short, will I be watching? 100% yes. This will very likely a must watch on Netflix. Especially since we have all devoured our Tiger King servings.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners is set to release in March 2022

Cyberpunk Edgerunners anime releasing 2022

Not much actual information was put out in the initial reveal trailer. We can assume the show will key in on the edgerunning side of the house from its name. Not much else can be assumed so far. I will keep you up to date with news that comes out from Triggered, Netflix, and CD Projekt Red. Until then… just get hyped and keep playing the game.

Night City Stories – “The Sunset We Share” – Cyberpunk Fan Fiction

These Night City Stories are fan-fiction stories written by Roguegoose1. I do hope you enjoy the read and look out for more. I run around Night City and write about anything that might spark my interest. Here is a young couple trying to make their love work in a wild world.

Night City Stories – The Sunset We Share – Roguegoose1

The Sunset We Share
Young love is tough. Hi, I’m P. This is my fiancé Witten. You might see us if you’re ever over by the Northside pier after 6pm.

We have been together a little while now. Our relationship began so strong with so much passion until…

About a year ago, our relationship began to struggle. One night came that I did not think we would make it through.

I didn’t have a day job when we met. I was slinging meds all over Northside to pay the bills.

I was even forced to go straight the day we met. It was the perfect time to meet someone. I was walking down Northside shore to meet a crooked doc for some meds when we met. I found out later that some gonks had him held up during a deal which ended in my dealer on ice.

I walked by her spot when she stopped and asked if I would take a picture for her in front of the ocean. I tried to be funny by asking if I could be in the picture. She agreed. I don’t know what came over me afterwards, but I asked if I could be in a picture with her that night at dinner.

It was a lovely night in Northside.

We were inseparable for months after that. She helped me get a job with a contracting company filling snack machines. I had to go straight someway with my dealer on ice. It is a good job. The problem is with the schedule. See, I work 10pm to 10am every night. I got to where I sleep most of the day and then I’m gone all night for work. She has worked at a doc’s office for years. 9am to 6pm.

It became like we were strangers again. We never saw each other. Never spent any time together. Which lead to arguments. Which led to the night I didn’t think we’d make it through. We argued on the holo all day while I was trying to get some sleep before tonight’s shift.

She came home that evening and I just knew this would be the night we parted. I was surprised when she came in and asked if I remember when we met. I was not sure where this was going. I said, “of course, I remember”.

How could I forget? I didn’t give a fuck about sunsets until that day. Didn’t even know they existed. My life changed that day in many ways.

We were all over each other for months after that. I had been missing times like those and I guess she had been to.

That evening. She had just gotten off of work. I was getting ready to head there myself when she asked if I could walk her down to the ocean. I didn’t want to. I was getting ready for a long night. I thought that sometimes you just have to do things you don’t want to. I am glad I did.

We walked back down to that spot. The breeze, the colors, the girl I knew all dropped me back in time to when I first saw this beautiful angel.

Let’s be honest, the spot isn’t that great. The air is polluted something crazy. You can see the smoke stacks filling the air. Ships come in and out all day, the whole bay smells like oil covered fish, there’s trash everywhere, but it is our spot. It reminds me of what we have grown to. Our relationship has had some pollution, but there is some beauty to go along with the bad. This sunset is gorgeous, just like her. The kind of thing you don’t get just anywhere in Night City.

Our second walk down Northside would not be our last.

We decided to return there every night after she comes home. We haven’t argued ever since. I do not know what it is about that garbage place that makes it so beautiful. I just know I love going there with her.

So, if you’re ever down on Northside shore after 6pm. You might see a happy couple destined to live happily ever after.


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