Where will Dying Light 2 be in 6 months? Updates, DLC’s, Rumors & Speculation

Where will Dying Light 2 be in 6 months?

Dying Light 2 has been available on PC and console platforms for about a month to date, and players have dived deep into the Villedor we got at launch.

What will be the future of Villedor? What will it look like in 6 months?

There has been a lot of talk from the fine folks of Techland in recent days and even some hints given before the game actually launched that we may have forgot about completely.


Typical Survival Elements

Many zombie games feature a handful of features that have become almost the norm with survival games. Dying Light 2 has attempted to be different than your run of the mill survival game; however, the regular survival elements may actually be on the way.

Techland actually said they could see adding survival elements post launch. So six months from now we could see such elements as:

Renegades Coming to play
  • Resource Management
  • Hunger / Thirst
  • Settlement Building
  • NPC Management / Community Management

These are things that very often come as a standard for most survival, post-apocalyptic, zombie type games. All of which was on the radar of Techland when they mentioned it could be added post launch.

Free DLC


Techland is pretty good about delivering quite a bit of free DLC’s or other free content. This is pretty rare for titles that don’t have much in the way of income after the cosumer buys the actual game.

Some DLC’s we could see could revolve around the various factions. There are many underdeveloped factions in the game right now. Like the nomads.

Faction Development

The Nomads are a group of people that are similar to pilgrims, but do not do quite the leg work of pilgrims. You may recognize such characters as Danior whom you may of met at the Fish Eye. This fine gentleman is a nomad. Also, Renegades have gained quite a bit of interest from players. We get a sneak peak of NPC’s settled down on Renegade Camps during the main story mission. This reminds me a lot of Fallout 4. One of the DLC’s rolled out by Bethesda for FO4 was the Nuka World DLC where the player could actually join a Raider gang.


Paid Story

It costs money to get content. We will very likely get an option to buy something after a sum of updates and free DLC’s. One of the ways hinted at by Techland was the possibility of a paid story upgrade. This may require an additional playthrough of the game in order to get the full story. This could add additional depth to characters, factions, or allow the player to get unique loot.

The game could look a lot different in the next 6 months. Dying Light (1) is still receiving updates to this day and its successor is already very successful. So, who really knows? We do know that there is a ton to get excited about!


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