Best Ways to kill enemies in Dying Light 2?

Killing fools in Villedor – Dying Light 2 fun ways to kill enemies

I am sharing this post in hopes of getting some juicy shares from people out there. Hit me up via social media. Tage me or send me those shares of your most fun / hilarious moments killing enemies in Dying Light 2.

Dropkicking enemies in Dying Light 2 – Dying Light special moves

1. Handing out drop kicks for free

Handing out drop kicks all over Villedor is hands down, my favorite way to kill enemies in Dying Light 2.

The higher the drop the better. Bonus points for those that send them through tight spaces, like windows, for a bit of added flavor.

Brick & Switch – opportunity weapons in Dying Light 2
PK for the win – Factions Dying Light 2

2. The ole brick and switch

Building off of dropping people from high places, comes the throwing things method. Bricks, bottles, spears, or other throwables make great freelance options for knocking people over ledges.


3. Let someone else do the killing

Betting on my PK boi to get the kill is always a safe bet. Especially when he gets a slight nudge toward victory.

These are some of my favorite ways of killing enemies in Dying Light 2. Whether bandit or infected, I have a blast getting creative with the kill! Share with me your best kills on social media!

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