Underworld Denizens – Blood Bowl

Underworld Denizens – Blood Bowl

These teams often have very poor records as they spend most of their time infighting and blaming each other for the errors for each play. The one feature of this team that makes many fans attend is that the players sleep and bathe in Warpstone (and some eat it). While this kills off most of the potential players before they ever join a team, the ones that do survive often develop fascinating mutations.

Underworld Blood Bowl Teams


Underworld Blood Bowl Team Rosters:

Underworld Blood Bowl Team Rosters cost


Cheap / Unique players
Variety of players
Great speed & agility


Not ideal for beginners
Low armor
Not very strong

Famous Teams:

Cragmere Critters
Dragon Crag Dirtbags
Fungal Cowboys
Green Destroyers
Grim Squeakers
Tunnel Brothers
Underworld Creepers


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