Shambling Undead – Blood Bowl

Shambling Undead – Blood Bowl

In the Old World the dead do not rest easy. These players are dying to get in on a pitch. These Shambling Undead players are regenerating on the field and regenerating our hearts.

Shambling Undead Teams


Shambling Undead Rosters:

Shambling Undead BB Roster cost

Great for beginners
Cheap players
Good skills

Not very quick
Expensive rerolls
Just okay passing

Famous Teams:

Acid Bay Shades
Brayburg Bonepickers
Champions of Death
Erengrad Undertakers
Forlorn Phantoms
Frozen Phantoms

Grimnach Gravespawn
Hel Fenn Helions
Legion of Doom
Mangled Meatbags (previously the Goblin Gitbashers)
Nightmare Nufflers
Red Death Cavaliers
Tombstone Terrors

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