Lizardmen – Blood Bowl – Warhammer

Lizardmen – Blood Bowl

The Mage-Priests foretold the game of Blood Bowl thousands of years before it was discovered by the Dwarf Roze-El. So, it is no surprise that the Lizardmen play Blood Bowl. 

Lizardmen Teams

Lizardmen Team Rosters:

Lizardmen Team Roster cost

Good speed / agility
Kroxigor is strong

Not ideal for beginners
Not good passers

Famous Teams:

Gwakamoli Crater Gators
Itza Nokouts
Jungle Krocs
Lustria Kroakers
Lustrian Serpents
Sotek’s Word
Sotek Vipers
Tlanxla Tacklers
Tlanxla Terradons
Tlaxtlan Stegadons
Ziggurat Slithers

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