Human – Blood Bowl – Warhammer

Human – Blood Bowl – Warhammer

Humans come in many shapes and sizes. From all over the universe, humans make some very average Blood Bowl players. Some better than others, but all mostly decent. Check out the various human teams and have a blast out there on the pitch!

Human Blood Bowl Teams


Human Blood Bowl Team Roster:

Human Blood Bowl Team Roster costs

One of the best for beginners
Decent passers

Just decent at everything

Famous Teams:

Albion Wanderers
Altdorf Acolytes (becomes Reikland Reavers)
Altdorf Avengers
Altdorf All-Stars
Altdorf Hammers
Averheim Archers
Averland Knights
Bad Bay Hackers
Black Mountain Marauders
Bright Crusaders
Creeveland Crescents
Flatlined Annihilators
Hochstadt Hellfires
The Marauders (Now the Middenheim Maulers Old World Alliance Team)
Nuln Oilers
Ostland Mastiffs (now the Pusland Maggots)
Ostermark Bulls
Paravon Penetrators
Real Tobaro
Reikland Reavers
Reikland Riot Girls
Rocktown Rumblers
Rostov Renegades
Stirland Hot-Spurs
Treetown Wolverines
Vynheim Valkyries

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