Halfling – Blood Bowl – Warhammer

Halfling – Blood Bowl – Warhammer

Short person complex isn’t all these teams have going for them. They can be quite ruthless on the pitch. What they lack in size, they make up for in tree like monstrosities on their side.

Halfling Teams

Halfling Team Roster:

Halfling Team Roster cost

Treemen, Treemen, Treemen
Decent Passing
Cheap players

Not very strong

Famous Teams:

Ashton Villains
Baker’s Dozen
Bluebay Crammers
Blueberry Squashers
Cookie Monsters
Drunken Idiots
Greenfield Grasshuggers
The Iron Chefs
Knotinthem Forest
The Lightfoots
Marienburg Fishers
Merry Mootmen
The Mootlads
Moot Mighties
Nippon Nibblers
Perryvale Punishers
The Pieboys
The Pie X-press
Pinkfoot Panthers
Potbellied Piemen
Shiretown Stuffers
Shuffling Woodsday
Stunted Stoutfellows
Tallow Candles
Tithebarn Toffee Apples

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