Goblin Team – Blood Bowl – Warhammer

Goblin Team – Blood Bowl – Warhammer

Goblins are sneaky, cunning, and ambitious little Blood Bowl players. Catch them out on the pitch and they are likely to be conniving their way to the endzone. Keep an eye out for these pesky players… if you can.

Goblin Blood Bowl Teams

Goblin Blood Bowl Team Roster:


Goblin Blood Bowl Team roster cost

Advanced Team
Cheap players
Decent Passing

Not ideal for beginners
Not very strong
Not as quick as you’re expect

Famous Goblin Teams:

Badland Baddies
Bloodskull Brutes
Dem Rotten Gits
Goblin Gitbashers (now Mangled Meatbags)
Lowdown Rats
Moonshine Gitz
Norgit Nosepickers
Rock Steady
Scarcrag Snivellers
Scribbage Scrappers
Sneaky Beakers
Snivelling Gitz
Spiderwood Sneakers
Swamptide Squeelers

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