Elven Union – Blood Bowl – Warhammer

Union Elves of Blood Bowl

The Union Elves are a tremendous partnership of players from across the Elven Kingdoms. High Elves, Dark Elves, and Wood Elves have banned together to restore the Elves to the rightful place atop the leaderboards of the Blood Bowl tournaments.

Elven Union Teams


Elven Union Team Roster:


Ideal for Beginners
Decent passing game
Decent quickness

Average squishiness
Not very strong

Famous Teams:

Ashvale Valar (becomes Elfheim Eagles)
Celestial Comets
Codillian Clarions
Dar-Ellerath Beechtrees (becomes Elfheim Eagles)
Elfheim Eagles
Elven Swifthawks
Everbold Unicorns
High Seas Surfriders
Kallahir Swifts
Tide Riders

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