Dwarf Team – Blood Bowl – Warhammer

Dwarven Team – Blood Bowl

Dwarves are strong and tough, but most are slow and not the most agile. These guys have honed the art of power running on the pitch by using their short, thick stature to their advantage.

Dwarf Blood Bowl Teams

Dwarven Blood Bowl Roster:


Power Running at its finest.

Dwarven Team Blood Bowl roster cost

Ideal for fringe beginner/intermediate coaches

Not very agile

Famous Teams:

Black Mountain Blades
Bogstaff Beardlings
Bugman’s Best
Copperhold Cannons
Durum’s Destroyers
Dwarf Anvils
Dwarf Giants
Dwarf Warhammerers
The Grudge Bearers
Illuminated Seers of the Sacred Orb of Nuffle (becomes Dwarf Giants)
Iron Anvils
Karak Wanderers
Karak-Kadrin Kingsmen
Red-Nosed Bandits
World’s Edge Wanderers
Zhufbar Amateur Eleven
Zhufbar Marktag

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