Dark Elf – Blood Bowl – Warhammer

Dark Elven Teams Blood Bowl

Dark Elves can be a very versatile on the Blood Bowl Pitch. Not the strongest, but they make up for that with sheer stabby power. Other teams better watch out for those assassins’ blades.

Dark Elven Teams

Dark Elf Team Rosters:

Dark Elf Team Roster cost

Advanced Team

Famous Teams:

Albion Assassins
Ashbane Vendettas
Black Ark Corsairs
Blackkagh Blood Quenchers
Dark Ark Serpents
Dark Renegades
Darkside Cowboys
Deadly Nightshades
Harpies of Karond Kar
Kelethrai Executioners
Khaine’s Killers
Laurelorn Lightfooters
Naggaroth Nightwings
Naggaroth/Naggarond Nightmares
Ulthuan Renegades
White Bay Arrows

Not ideal for beginners
Not the most durable

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