Chaos Renegade Teams – Blood Bowl -Warhammer

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Chaos Renegades Blood Bowl Team

The Chaos All-Stars are the best example of how great this team can be with the right coach. As long as the coach can find a way to get the players from the Chaos Pact to work together.

Chaos Renegades

Chaos Renegade Teams


Chaos Renegade Team Roster:

Chaos Renegade Team Roster

Cheap Goblins
Trolls, Ogres, Minotaurs
Versatile Teams can be built

Not ideal for beginners

Famous Teams:

Chaos All-Stars
Howling-Hills Hellions
Midden Moors Marauders
Mongrel Horde
Praag Changelings
The Storm Bolts
Silent Cabal

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