Transmitter Control Dying Light 2 Choices – Who to give control of the Radio Transmitter, what happens?

There are 3 possibilities with this decision in Dying Light 2. Hopefully, we can help you decide what to do by letting you know what happens each of the 3 possible ways to go with this quest.

If you do not want the decision spoiled, DO NOT read ahead. There are spoilers ahead as we will be telling you what happens based on your choices during the quest.

You have been warned

Transmitter Control Dying Light 2 Choices – Who to give control of the Radio Transmitter, what happens?

— Spoilers ahead —

Choosing Frank
Choosing Frank will be choosing to broadcast hope over the radio. Broadcasting Hope is obviously the message of the Survivors. You will learn of Lawan’s backstory. The next day, Frank will have you boost the antenna. You will also need to figure out how to find Dr. Veronika on your own. This option also leads to locating, fighting, and making a choice to kill Hakon. Frank will be shot and injured badly with this option.

Choosing Jack Matt
Choosing this will allow you to have a custom Peacekeeper message broadcast over the antenna. Major Matt will ask you some questions to let you pick the message. Lawan will not like this decision, but you will learn her backstory. Matt will also tell you that he couldn’t find Dr. Veronika, but will send you on some propaganda missions to help locate her. When the missiles start impacting the city, Frank will have no way to warn the citizens and will hurt himself trying.

Choosing Juan
Juan actually will tell you where to find Dr. Veronika. After some time. First, Lawan will appear and share her backstory. Then Juan will tell you that the UV lamps have gone missing and he suspects Jack Matt took them. You get sent to track them down and figure out what Jack wants to do with them. Juan will tell you where to find Dr. Veronika. Frank will also be injured with this path.

After you return to the Missy, you will find Juan being punished for treason. Even though he previously claimed he could never be killed by the Peacekeepers because he is so valuable.

Hope you had a blast playing through. Let me know what you picked on social media

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