Corporal Jake & Gale – Villedor Stories – Dying Light Fan Fictions

This article will be a fictional story derived from my own exploits from Dying Light 2. The game has released, and players have flocked to check out all that Villedor has to offer. We come across many NPCs along the way. These are some stories about some of them. They are completely made up (fiction), and in no way correspond with the lore, though I do try my best to. The story follows Peacekeeper Corporal Jake and his love Gale.

Corporal Jake standing guard

The Story:


Joining the Peacekeepers was never something I saw myself doing when I met my wife Gale. We met at the Bazaar in Old Villedor. Many people would visit the church there to trade supplies, food, water, or whatever they needed. I came to town with nothing but a bottle of water for myself and left with the love of my life.

She had come to town in search of water. Can you believe it? The one thing I had. Nah, I am not the best-looking guy, nor the funniest, but I had just what she was looking for.

I didn’t think twice about giving her my only water. She was beautiful… and in need. We talked awhile and eventually one thing led to another. We settled down together in a nearby settlement.

6 months had gone, and we were as happy as could be. That is when the worst happened. I woke up to the whole damn camp ablaze and my beloved Gale slowly turning into an abomination.

I had lost everything. I saw the place about a month later and couldn’t stomach the thought that she likely still resides there. I made my way back to the Bazaar that night with a little girl. She was hiding from her parents under the ramp out of the settlement. I picked her up and we made our way to the Bazaar for safety. My courtesy was rewarded there too as the Bazaarian’s saw her and finally let us in that night. Damn gate guard.

The next day, PK’s were questioning the citizens of the Bazaar for what happened that night. I told them I was sleeping when whatever happened, happened. One thing led to another there as well and I was in the back of a van, heading to a Peacekeeper settlement.


Now look at me. I am a Corporal in the god damn PK’s. The feeling of giving I had come to enjoy has become very difficult to love. We help people every day, but some don’t feel that way. I don’t go on patrols myself, but I am looking forward to it someday. I just stand guard on outposts mostly. That is how I made Corporal.

Our section is comprised of 3 outposts. A Corporal is required to be the guard leader. Basically, I stand watch at one post and then every hour or so I go and check on the other posts. It is actually kind of boring but the Sergeant says I show leadership potential so I may actually make it out with the patrol units one day.

This is really it though. I just stand here all day. I look through binoculars and report to the Sergeant. We have a very steady supply of clean drinking water. I look forward to giving some to somebody someday. I just hope that person doesn’t decide to eat me.

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