Dying Light 2 Photomode? Why or why not – Scenery Obsession

Many games are releasing with a photomode these days. Some games are even making the photomode a staple of their overall playing experience.

Ghosts of Tsushima, for example, has one of the best photomodes we have ever seen in a video game. Players spend hours creating the perfect photo to upload to social media to share with their friends, or even sell to content creators. It is a very booming business online.


Does Dying Light 2 have a photo mode?
No, Dying Light 2 does not have a photo mode.

It would be quite amazing if it did. Though this process can hinder co-op play just a bit. Many photographers in other games are able to stop in-game time; however, Dying Light 2 cannot do that if Co-operative play is enabled. SO, perhaps that is why we did not get a photomode in the game.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t stop us from trying. I am overly obsessed with the scenery of the game. I am especially fond of the downtown scenery.

Dying Light 2 Virtual Photography

The rooftop groves, the buildings, and the landscape are gorgeous. It is almost hard to believe you are in a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with zombies and Renegades.


Take away the buildings and what do you have? A wonderful mountainous backdrop of Eastern Europe.

Mountains – Dying Light 2 photography

One of my favorite things to photograph is the combination of buildings and mountain scenery. Especially if you can get sunrise or sunset to emerge just right.


I want to share a bit of that before we continue on about why or why not Dying Light 2 should get a photomode.

Mountains, scenery, and sun – Dying Light 2 photomode

Now, should Dying Light 2 get a photo mode?
Short answer is no.
Now, would I absolutely salivate over this being added to the game? Yes, I would. The issue is that, unless they have one already developed, the process to make this would take away future content. Personally, I want DLCs. DLC’s in the form of content and I also want more style options for my characters. I want an option to represent the survivors, Peacekeepers, the Renegades, or whomever I decide. We probably miss out on a variety of things if the developers take the time to add us in a photomode. As evidenced by Dying Light (1).

Creating amazing photographs in a game that doesn’t have a working photo mode is a little bit tougher than games that do have one. The reward, though, is just as sweet.

I doubt we will ever have a photo mode in Dying Light 2. For the reasons I laid out above. It does take away from other content, but also the issue of co-op play. I would be excited if they did decide to bring one to Villedor.

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One thought on “Dying Light 2 Photomode? Why or why not – Scenery Obsession

  1. I’m a sucker for photomode and any game releasing with it becomes a part of my to-play list. I’ve been a part of modding communities for quite a while, mostly the ones related to injecting camera tools in games.

    I did hear that a dedicated photo mode for Dying Light 2 is in works. Fingers crossed, for now.

    It may seem like a shameless plug, but I’ve uploaded a Gallery of in-game captures on my site, open for you to check out anytime!

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