Tools – Dying Light 2

There is one question I have seen a lot on Social Media and the internet since Dying Light released. That is:

Are there missable tools in Dying Light 2?
The answer is no. So do not be concerned about those 3 tool slots left unfilled on the right side of your inventory. They are coming!

Now, we can get into those 3 tools you might be missing for now as we list all of the available tools in Dying Light 2.



If you have played the game at all, then you already have the GRE Key. You get it in the tutorial mission and work the rest of the game trying to unlock all that it will fit into. You can obtain inhibitors, unlock hidden areas, and other access points with this key. So, keep it safe!


The Markers of the Plague Quest will allow you to obtain this tool. You can use it to see longer distances, as well as spot and tag areas of interest. Very handy for Bandit Camps.
How to use the binoculars in Dying Light 2? Hold the Left button on your D-pad and then press the right stick.



You get the glider when you finally make it to the central loop. This tool can be used several ways as well as upgraded through the Survivors City Alignment level up. Jump onto an air vent or off of a roof then hit Square (PS) or X (Xbox) to engage the paraglider.

UV Flashlight

A very useful tool in Dying Light 2. As you level up, you will find more and more reason to explore Villedor at night. UV is often the only thing keeping you safe. It is upgradeable but this can be expensive.

GRE Detector

Use this to track down GRE Crates. It is much easier to track down those inhibitors using this tool. You will now have on screen icons to assist in finding the crates.

Grappling Hook

Just like in Dying Light, the grappling hook is a valuable tool in the sequel. Once equipped on your accessories wheel, aim using the small white reticle, then press the left trigger to attach the hook.


These are all of the tools in Dying Light 2. Perhaps we will get more at a later date? Who knows, but some of these are very valuable the longer you play. Which is your favorite? LMK.

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