Gear Classes – Dying Light 2

Here is a guide to gear classes for Dying Light 2. I find that many people do not realize that there are classes for gear in Dying Light 2. As you collect gear, make sure you read the notes of it. Some gear is more viable to be used with differing playstyles. So keep an eye out!


Basic Gear

Gear is the clothing / accessories you wear while exploring Villedor in Dying Light 2. There are 6 pieces of gear to fit on that parkouring frame of yours. They are:

  1. Headwear
  2. Chestpiece
  3. Gloves
  4. Joggers
  5. Bracers
  6. Sneakers

Each have a variety of options and configurations.

To go just a bit deeper, we will look at the classes of gear:

Gear Classes in Dying Light 2

Tankspecializes in 2H Weapons and withstanding a lot of damage
Brawlerspecializes in dealing damage with 1H Weapons
Rangerspecializes in Ranged Weapons and Stealth
MedicSpecializes in Parkour Combat & Healing
Gear class – Dying Light 2

Where to find gear?

Finding the right gear in any game can be a grind. This is why we should discuss where to find it. There are so many different options that we may have to search far and wide for the particular piece we need to finish our loadout. Here are a few great ways to find gear in Dying Light 2:

  • Dark Zones
  • Military Convoys
  • Bandit Camps
  • Metro Tunnels
  • Quests
  • GRE Containers
  • Rooftop Groves

Keep on the lookout for the gear that fits your playstyle the best and share it with me!

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