Basic Weapons Guide – Dying Light 2

In this article, we will discuss many things regarding weapons in Dying Light 2. There are many types of weapons found and acquired in Villedor, and many ways to use them.



  • Basic Weapon Information
  • Basic Ranged Weapon Information

Crafting Weapons in Dying Light 2
You can no longer craft weapons in Dying Light 2 as you could in Dying Light 1. Apparently, that is one skill pilgrims don’t have anymore. Weapons are also somewhat harder to come by in the sequel.

You receive weapons based on Aiden’s in-game level. Your weapons get better and better as you play; however, they will all inevitably break. This is because all weapons have a durability meter. Your swingable weapons lose 1 durability point every time you swing it, and it connects with something on the other end. Weapons have durability points between 40 and 250.

Attaching mods to your weapons early on can be good to help you get through some tough spots. This is not always the best option though because you cannot remove the mod once it is on the weapon. Modification crafting can get very expensive if modding every time you get a weapon. I recommend only doing this to very durable weapons, or weapons you intend to keep for a long time.


Basic Ranged Weapons

Bow & Crossbow
There are no mods for bows or crossbows. You can have various arrow types though. These types are:
They can be very effective.
Bows and Crossbows also have no durability scale. They do not break, but you need to keep a steady supply of ammunition to make these viable options in the world.

How to switch arrow types in Dying Light 2?

On keyboard, using keys – 1, 2, 3, 4, will cycle you through the ammo types. While Xbox and PlayStation need to hold the right button on the D-Pad. This will pull up the weapon wheel. Select the bow and cycle through the arrow types.

Opportunity Weapons

Some of my favorite weapons in the game. Opportunity weapons are found throughout the world and can help us turn the tide of battle against infected or bandit. Here is a list of possible opportunity weapons one can find:

Broken BottleLight weight throwable, very common
Brickslightly heavier throwable, more chance for stagger
Throwing Spearheavy but balanced, great for stun
Propane Tankheavy throwable, explosive
PK Cannonobtainable after reaching level 2 in PK City Alignment
List of Opportunity Weapons Found in Villedor – Dying Light 2

Other Weapons

This is a unique ranged weapon. It is a self-made gun created from scrap.

Throwing Knives
Very effective weapons that can be upgraded. Craftable with 10 scrap, 1 rags.

Effective against hordes or larger targets. Craftable with 10 scrap, 3 rags, 1 alcohol

Creates a loud noise to lure infected. Craftable with 10 scrap, 1 cans

DIY Grenades
Do a significant amount of damage but their loud noise may lure infected to your location.

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