Accessories – Dying Light 2

There are numerous accessories to use at Aiden’s discretion while roaming around the streets of Villedor. Some are in the form of weapons while others are useful aids. In this article, we will look at all the accessories that are accessible to Aiden.



Accessory Notes
Throwing KnivesThrown projectile, use to interrupt attacks or knock down hanging objects
Infected Bladeswhen used on humans, they become infected – they will attack other humans in the vicinity
UV Lampthrown projectile that emits UV light
Boomstickhand-made gun, can fire 3 bullets before breaking
Weapon Accessories in Dying Light 2


Lockpick Does not need to be equipped
Decoythrown projectile that makes noise, attracts infected
Gulden Cointhrown projectile used when in stealth
Meat Baitthrown projectile that attracts infected
Other Accessories from Dying Light 2


Accessory Notes
DIY Grenadethrown projectile that explodes after a few seconds
Molotovthrown projectile that bursts into flames, setting other accelerants ablaze and/or catching enemies on fire
Mineplaceable explosive that detonates when enemies walk over it
Remote C4thrown or placeable explosive which detonates via remote, controlled by the player
Explosive accessories for Dying Light 2

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