Choosing a Faction in Dying Light 2 – Survivors or Peacekeepers

There are more than 2 factions in Dying Light 2. There are only 2 we can level up our City Alignment feature with.

Here is a look at the city alignment tip received in-game:

City Alignment tip Dying Light 2

You can choose to assign a secured facility to either the Peacekeepers or the Survivors as you play in Dying Light 2. When a faction takes over a Zone, it introduces its structures. Peacekeepers have combat focused traps while Survivors have items that help you traverse the city with their parkour helpers.

As you assign structures to each faction, the faction grows stronger.

Faction Upgrades Dying Light 2 – Water Tower img

Let’s look at the upgrades for each faction:

1Car traps – lure infected / explodeZiplines – additional ziplines added throughout the zone
2PK Razor Cannon – mountable cannonAirbags – allows higher jumping
3Electrical Traps – manual traps that block routesLanding Bags – cushion falls
4Crossbow Pack – semi-auto crossbow w/ improved boltsSurvivor Revival – an NPC to revive you
5Molotov Lanterns – upgraded molotovs where the fire trickles down Air Vents – improved air vents around the zone
6Pendulum Traps – very powerful trap that mows down enemiesUpgraded Airbags – cushion falls from greater heights
7UV Trap – powerful UV trapTwo-way Ziplines – ziplines you can travel upwards
Faction Upgrades in Dying Light 2

Depending on your views, either of these factions could be seen as “the good guys”. The survivors are just trying to make it in a world of infected. They grow crops and keep to themselves for the most part. The Peacekeepers look to bring law and order to the area. Both think that they are doing what is right for the region. It is up to you to decide who is more deserving of the local resources.

So, who have you picked? Let me know on social media. Discord Facebook

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