Cheers – Quest Walkthrough Dying Light 2 – Choice – who to side with, Julian or Marco?

Cheers is one of the first side quests you will in encounter in the early going of the story in Dying Light 2. It is one of 2 that you initially encounter upon entering the bazaar and are told to “Meet the People of the Bazaar” from the Main Story Quest.

You obtain the Cheers side quest upon speaking to Julian in the bazaar.



Find Marco, the Water Supplier

  1. Head out of the bazaar and head to the marker.
  2. You will have to scale the building in order to enter from the 3rd floor.
  3. Make your way to the 2nd floor to find Marco standing in the corner

No, you have found Marco. Marco tells you he will give you information on the contaminated water if you clear out the infected on the bottom floor. Slide down and kill them all to trigger the next stage.

At this point you find that you must make a choice. Either side with Marco or side with Julian. Here is what happens in both instances:

– – Spoiler – –


Side with Marco

Quest is over. You receive some flour and 250 old world money.

Side with Julian (tell the truth)

This option starts a mini boss fight. Defeat Marco and head back to the bazaar. There are now some people ready to kill Julian. Tell the truth and receive a small amount of credits and flour (from Marco’s corpse.)

That’s it.

Which did you choose? Let me know on social media. Facebook Discord


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