Popular TikTok games [Spotlight] Skate 3

I have become quite fond of watching gamers on Tiktok. Sure, the half naked people of Tiktok do dance their way into many viewer’s hearts; however, they don’t churn the content butter for me.


I get caught on rabbit holes like everyone else. Those rabbit holes are filled with video game content.

I see many games pop up in my #fyp on Tiktok. Many returning stars like Call of Duty Warzone and others, but the one’s that excite me are often those classics.

Skate 3 is one that keeps popping up for me. After 11 years since it’s release, Skate 3, is still going strong for some.

I was never into the Skate games even though I was quite active on Xbox 360 at the time of Skate 3’s release. I did play the absolute pants off of the Tony Hawk series of games, but never made it around to the Skate Series.

Skate 3 just kept showing up on my for you page on Tiktok. Then I realized it is free with Xbox Gamepass.

That is all I needed to download this puppy.

Now, not only is my #fyp filled with Skate 3 clips, but so is my own page. As are my Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

The game really is quite awesome. Ahead of its time even. Though that may be a bit of a stretch since skateboarding as a whole is not as popular as it was during the THPS game dominated the scene.

Go see for yourself on Tiktok. See how many are playing the ancient game.



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