Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle update – News, Features, and more. An ESO card game?

High Isle is the upcoming addition to our already wonderful game. Elder Scrolls Online has been going strong for about a decade now and the content continues to evolve and grow.


The High Isle update will be quite big and will add some new, exciting features to ESO. In this article, we will discuss the known features that will come with the High Isle Update.

ESO High Isle – Release Date & What’s Included – Let’s Gooo

The first thing we know is exactly what is in the pre-purchase kit for the new update. There are currently 2 versions available for pre-order in the game menu. Like other DLC, High Isle will feature a Standard and Collector’s edition of the content.
What’s included:

Tales of Tribute (new card game)YY
Legacy of the Bretons QuestYY
Abecean Privateer’s ApparelYY
Knights of the Flame PupYY
Crown Experience Scroll (x2)YY
Dark Chivalry CrateYY
High Isle Treasure MapsYY
Amenos Ornaug (mount)NY
Balfiera Senche Cub (pet)NY
Ascendant Knight Armor PackNY
High Isle Emote PackNY
Hoard of the Schemers MomentoNY
Pre-purchase also gets Palefrost Elk (mount) and Fawn (pet)YY
High Isle Order details ESO DLC

Release Information

When will High Isle Release?

PC – June 6th, 2022
Console – June 21st, 2022

That is right. Console gamers will have to wait a little while to jump into the action on this one. Most likely, you’ve been on console for a while. You know the drill here.

Tales of Tribute

Card Game for ESO?


Sounds a lot like Gwent amaright? I absolutely love this idea coming to Elder Scrolls Online. The franchise has attempted a card game on mobile devices which was mildly successful. We shall see how it works out on PC and Console. The game will feature PvP & PvE features, and I am very excited for that.

Breton Land?

Yes, High Isle is the never seen before land of the Bretons. These Knights are a fascinating culture that I cannot wait to see in their native habitat.

Pets, mounts, and more?

Lots of awesome stuff to fill your inventory by pre-order or by just getting the DLC. Exciting!

Legacy of the Bretons

A Year-Long Adventure is how the new quest is described to us. The quest, Legacy of the Bretons, is also described as an epic story that will be told across 3 DLC’s and the High Rock Chapter. A tale of honor and political upheaval which will take place in the Systres Archipelago.


I am most excited for Gwent’s little brother. The new card game, Tales of Tribute, will take up a lot of my hours. Overall, this Chapter is very exciting and deserves lots of attention. Come chat about it with me! Facebook Discord

ESO High Isle – Release Date & What’s Included – Let’s Gooo

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