Top 5 old af mmos that are still worth playing 2022 – games that are still worth playing – Let’s goo.

There are so many games available to play. Very rarely does a game stand the test of time. Here, we detail 5 games that have done so with finesse.

This is not top 5 games ever made; however, some of them might be in the conversation for best games ever made.

First up, we have an oldie… but a goodie.

5. Elder Scrolls Online –
– Large beginner / returning player base; frequent updates & events
Cons – Game is OLD AF

You might remember this game. Think back to 2014, you had just about gotten tired of Skyrim and were waiting for the announcement of Elder Scrolls VI. The announcement never came. What we ended up with was an online version of Skyrim that would be our last taste of Elder Scrolls for a long time. The game has stood the test of time and has continued to roll out update after update. Now is a great time to return to ESO as the player base has once again boomed.

4. Black Desert Online –
– Very grindy
Cons – P2W

A year after ESO released came BDO. Black Desert Online is a very grindy, pay to win game. Yes, this is p2w, but it is a fun game to play even if you are not paying to win. Life-skilling is very rewarding and relaxing to play in this game. There is also almost too much to do in this game. Fishing, trading, sailing, farming, and more can be enjoyed for absolute hours by fans of very grindy mmos.

3. Grand Theft Auto Online –
– Frequent updates / events
Cons – Extreme level of player griefing

Like ESO. You have been waiting for Grand Theft Auto VI. We are closing on Grand Theft Auto 5’s tenth year of existence and the game has become an absolute cash hawk for Rockstar Games. I do not see that changing any time soon. Settle in and play the game that has received the most grief inside and outside of the game.

2. Destiny 2 –
– Huge player base online 24/7; constant updates; Cross-play / Cross-save
Cons – You should have started playing sooner

This is the youngest game on our list which continues to receive update after update. The addition of cross-play and cross-save functionality has reignited a player base for the better. The ever-changing world of Destiny 2 is simply the best game you could have sunk your effort into over the last 7 years.

1. World of Warcraft –
– wildly popular over the last (almost) 20 years
Cons – still could use improvements, OLD AF

WoW has been a top game for almost 20 years. Originally released in 2004, WoW recently completely remastered its new player experience and leveling system. This blew up their already re-blossoming popularity. It reaches the top spot on our list because of the length of dominance in the mmo category.

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