The Scavenger of Night City – Night City Citizens – Cyberpunk Story by RG1

The Scavenger of Night City is a Cyberpunk Story by RG1 catch all the Cyberpunk Stories at http://www.RogueCorp.Online

I used to run these streets. Nobody and nobody else told me what to do. I scaved everything from everybody. Now look at me. I guard this rooftop for some cyberpsycho I don’t even know.


Scav’n ain’t easy, but it sure beat the brakes off of this rooftop. The sound of air cons, NCPD sirens, and traffic make me wish I would have kept some of those ear upgrades I used to push.

I have been wanted by those same NCPD a-holes for as long as I’ve been annoyed by those sirens. I ended up here because those a-holes don’t bother me here with the boss. Ain’t worth the resources no doubt. This guy is so jacked in, it’d take an army of police brutes to drag him in. Plus, the 40 of us he has sitting here on these rooftops ready to kill for him.

Why do we do it? The drugs man. He used to keep my pockets full of eddies. Now I stay for the juice. We rob it on the nightly. 5% of it goes right into our ports. Can’t get the stuff like this on a warehouse workers budget. No doubt that’s why our boss be killer. Dude’s been pumping himself full of shit I can’t even imagine.

My story didn’t start on this rooftop. You might think I grew up in the slums or somethin’? Nah, we were pretty well off. 200k eddies per month fed my pops animal addiction. Yeah, that was our pet tax bill. Only the well-off got to keep exotic animals as pets. We were so well off but I was always afraid to ask pops for anything. Even lunch money. I started off just lifting from his wallet. Charge cards could go missing and he’d never even notice. As I got older, pops wanted me to join his company. His company assembled tech for Kiroshi Optics.

Didn’t take long before I started slinging Kiroshi Optics. He died. His company died. And I kept slinging. I had to adapt. I hit the streets and got hooked up with the right or wrong people, however you want to see it. It wasn’t long before those people got rolled up by Night City’s finest and I had to find some new right or wrong people to do business with.


That is when I ran into Tank. He wasn’t as chaotic yet. He caught me pushing Kiroshi tech. Said he wouldn’t kill me if I handed over the tech and started working for him.

Here I am. Until this gig washes up. Then who knows which right or wrong people I will end up with next.

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