New World Builds – Tank – Great Tank build for New World – Article 1

In this article I will give an example build for each style of play. There are many, many viable options for builds in New World. Here I will highlight just builds for each, Healer, DPS, & Tank over the course of these articles, starting here with TANK.

Tank build article for New World – Let’s Go Tankin

These articles will be short and sweet -right to the point so you can get back to the action.

If you’re using any of these builds and want to give me some pointers, feedback – please do so on Facebook

Tank build – Sword & Shield (1) & Great Axe (2)

This is a combination that allows the character to keep complete control of mobs.

Sword & Shield

Active Abilities – DEFENDER

  1. Shield Rush
  2. Shield Bash
  3. Defiant Stance

These active abilities will allow you to soak up all the damage, allowing your damage buddies to do their thing. Make sure you keep good healer company.

Passive abilities – Focus your passive abilities on defense and regeneration. We can’t get all of them at once so just make sure to spam them all with a bias toward defense.

Great Axe

Active Abilities – MAULER

  1. Maelstrom
  2. Whirlwind
  3. Gravity Well

These active abilities will enable you to keep complete control of the mob. Keep them on you and away from you DPS / Healer buddies behind you.

Passive abilities – Focus passives on increasing the range of your pulls. Secondly, add in any HP regen skills you can grab along the way.

Tanks – Why we do it
We want to be the center of everything. Because of that, we have to be tough and physical characters. You have to be able to control the mobs or bosses and force them to do what you want. Keep them from attacking your healer buddies so those heals can stay centered on you. Let those damage dealers eat by keeping the attention on you!

Attributes – 50 strength, everything else into constitution. You are a tank. Soak up as much damage as you can.

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