Halo, CoD, BF2042 – Which is best? Comparison of Battlefield 2042, Call of Duty: Vanguard, Halo Infinite – Multiplayer

This article will solely be focusing on multiplayer modes. Does this take away from what the games are doing with regard to single player / campaigns? Perhaps. But, I only play multiplayers! 🙂

Multiplayer modes keep me coming back to each of these games’ franchise. These developers are well ahead of other peeps of the genre with years of enjoyment on multiple generations, both console and player.

I have been playing and streaming all 3 and want to give my opinion of them all as well as document which on I think is the best overall. I will be looking at several factors using a rubric of sorts to attempt to negate any bias. These games all releasing around the same time also helps with recency bias as well.

Roguegoose1’s last played games. Which is better? CoD, Battlefield, Halo

Let’s look at our grading scale:

1. Game Performance
2. Visuals
3. Gameplay
4. Combat System
5. Customization
6. Reward Features
7. Immersion
8. Overall

8 Possible categories to take a look at with a possible 10 points each minus #8. Overall is worth a possible 30 points. This which should provide a range of scores, thus allowing a clear cut winner.

1. Game performance

Probably the most important aspect of any multiplayer game is it’s performance. We need to be able to play in order to know what we got. Each game performs decently well with 2 games performing much better than the other. Battlefield 2042 performs the worst out of the 3 games. With some borderline unplayable bugs. While Call of Duty: Vanguard & Halo Infinite performing very well on each platform.

Scores: CoDV – 9; Halo – 8.5; BF – 6

CoDV performs almost flawlessly for me so far, with Halo very close. These are not without fault as there is a bit of annoying glitching from time to time, but these scores are very much a reflection of the overall performance.

2. Visuals

Visuals are not the most important feature for me. I will take great gameplay over graphics any day of the weak; however, these are important to the 3 devs before us here. Many players are also very weak toward stunning visuals as well, so it is worth noting. It is also worth 10 points!

Score: CoDV – 9, Halo – 7.5, BF – 8

Some of you may think this is too generous for BF. The issue here is the game is breathtaking on a good gaming PC, yet is limited on some consoles.

3. Gameplay

A wide range of game modes is a big factor for me here. A good multiplayer game must have an array of game modes to play to meet the needs of their respectively large player bases. There are many factors which outline a games gameplay, but I noticed a large difference between the 3 in this area.

Score: CoDV – 10, Halo – 8, BF – 7

Battlefield shows a lot of potential to capitalize on the franchises history with a variety of game modes. The portal mode could be so much more than it is; however, this is not a category of potential. CoDV has a huge amount of different ways to play. Halo has a fair few, but Battlefield is somewhat limited.

4. Combat System

The combat system in a combat style game is obviously very important. Battlefield has always excelled in this regard. The combat system is very polished across a variety of weapon systems and required tactics. BF2042 is a notch ahead of the competition here.

Score: CoDV – 8, Halo – 9, BF – 10

Halo gets a bump here as well as it tries to make the combat skill based.

5. Customization

Any multiplayer game needs customization. I love showing off skins, rewards, or anything I can! This is an area where Call of Duty has really excelled over everyone for quite some time.

Score: CoDV – 10, Halo – 7, BF – 7

Only a slight bump to BF as the customization just seems limited. Especially with the creation of set specialists. Halo attempts to keep the players evenly matched rather than bedazzle our gear too much.

6. Reward Features

Reward features come with all 3 of these games. I do not feel rewarded by Halo & BF in the way I do CoD. The immense customization allows me to seek rewards in a very fun manner.

Score: CoDV – 10, Halo – 7, BF – 7

7. Immersion

Which could I play the longest without escaping from the world they have brought me into? Battlefield 2042. Bugs and other issues do take me out of the experience which is not an issue with the other titles. There is simply so much going on in a conquest and other modes within BF to keep me engaged for days.

Score: CoDV – 8, Halo – 7, BF – 10

Wishing I could elaborate further. See below for details. *

8. Overall

Here are my thoughts of each game so far.
Call of Duty: Vanguard – If I were including Warzone into this, this game would be a slam dunk. I am only rating the MP version of Vanguard itself. With that being said, this game is still very close to a slam dunk. It is a very complete game. It has minor bugs, it plays well on all platforms, and is exactly what I expected at launch with some key upgrades from the last installment.
Halo Infinite – This is very much a more refined version of the last installment of the franchise. In a way, that is good. In another way, I would have liked to see a little more ambition on the part of the developers. It is a very solid game.
Battlefield 2042 – I was easily the most hyped for this game. It is a very ambitious title that came up a little short. Many of the pieces to an amazing game are present. This game is full of bugs and has key performance issues outside of PC.

Score: CoDV – 28, Halo – 26, BF – 24

Combined Score: CoDV – 92, Halo – 80, BF – 79

* There is a lot that goes into rating these games. This article would be far to long if I went into every single detail. I will be reviewing these games separately in future articles. This will allow BF and Halo to perhaps catch up, as well as allow me to get much more time invested.

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