What is wrong with Battlefield 2042? 1st issue 11/19/2021

Battlefield bug – issues with Battlefield – respawn feature

This is the first issue I would like to highlight from the release of Battlefield 2042. This is not something that has happened a lot, but it does feel like something which can be fixed simply.

Previous editions of Battlefield have featured a way to respawn. A suicide and/or respawn feature of some kind would fix this annoying issue in the game.

Looking at the video, I am seen laying on the floor. This is only about a minute long clip; however, I actually laid in this position for the remainder of the game. I was having a decent game, so this was devastating to not be able to finish strong.

I will continue to hunt for bugs and other issues with the game. I do not wish to tarnish the game as I am a fan of the game as well as the franchise itself. I simply desire to help bring the issues to light so they may be fixed.
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