Fishing – New World MMO Guide – Beginner Fishing guide for New World

Getting started in New World can be quite the challenge. Everything seems easy enough, but the in-game tutorials do not help as much as a beginner may need. Fishing in New World is no small task. To be the best, you gotta start sometime!

This beginners guide is one of many guides for New World. It is a new game so everyone is creating guides and other content searching for views. I just want my guides to help serve the community. Special shout to my Covenant folks 😉

Fishing in New World
To even begin fishing in New World the player will need to start with a thicc rod. Or, fishing pole, to the laymen. There are a couple ways to get your first fishing pole. One could simply buy it from the trading post from other players. I try to keep my servers filled with beginner level fishing poles. Crafting is another option.

Crafting a fishing pole. Requirements for base pole: 1 green wood, 1 fiber.
Green wood can be gained in the beginning with just gathering bushes. While fiber is the main issue young fishermen face early on. Early fiber?

Finding hemp in First Light – Starter area fiber in New World

Treated Wood Fishing Poles

Building Treated Wood Fishing Poles is a great way to learn the basics of crafting, they are also major upgrades over the base model fishing poles. If you’re attempting to be a serious anger, I recommend banging one of these out asap at your local workshop.

Treated Wood Fishing Poles

You do not need much level or even that much engineering to make these. In fact, you don’t need any engineering skill at all; however, you will need a level 2 workshop.

Now that you have a fishing pole, it’s time to start fishing!

Many new players are guilty of clacking the hell out of their mouse clickers in order to catch fish. This is not required, nor recommended.

Click the thing one time! Maybe hold it. But it should be a easy process.

That is all there is to it. Let’s see that parkour action!

Controls you need to know: F3 – Left mouse button.
Pushing F3 near a water source will allow you to fish!

Wait until the prompt, “Get ready”, appears. At that point, you should get ready! Because nothing has happened yet. (I am the king of clicking too soon). Once the fish bites, hit your left mouse button to hook it!
You may then need to click once, or hold. Try the click once, then hold if needed. It will begin to real in. Notice the color change as the fish fights for its life. If the line gets too red, the line will snap. Click once to give the fish some slack. Continue reeling / loosening until the fish is within your grasp!

Successfully caught fish. New World fish guide

Let’s talk about bait.
Bait is needed to fish. Early on Woodlouse, Nightcrawler, & Glowworm bait will likely be the first baits the player comes across. There are many others and locations where the bait works best.

Fresh Water Bait Salt Water Bait
Bread Bait – 147% for rare fishCheese Bait – 147% for rare fish
Woodlouse Bait – 170% for rare fishNightcrawler Bait – 170% for rare fish
Firefly Bait – 185% for rare fishGlowworm Bait – 180% for rare fish
Meat Bait – 150% for bigger fish Fish Bait – 150% for bigger fish
Clam Bait – 300% for bigger fish Snail Bait – 300% for bigger fish
Oyster Bait – 500% for bigger fish Electric Eel Bait – 500% for bigger fish

Now, to make fishing faster and more efficient – many upgrades may be obtained.
Types of craftable fishing poles in New World:

  • Wooden Fishing Pole
  • Treated Wood Fishing Pole
  • Aged Wood Fishing Pole
  • Wyrdwood Fishing Pole
  • Ironwood Fishing Pole

Most of which may receive upgrades of their own. Logging, engineering, and other skills will allow the creation of these more advanced poles and their upgrades.

Clothes can also help with your fishing efficiency. As well as legendary fishing poles. All of which will be in another guide! Stay tuned!

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