Where to find hemp / fibers in New World starter location?

Hemp is a much needed resource in New World especially in the beginning of the game. It is a requirement in making linen and making fishing poles. We all jump in here wanting to check out the fishing spots, and since we can’t swim – WE NEED FISHING POLES.

Yes, I took a shot at the devs there by bringing up the no swimming animations, but it is what it is. Luckily enough, we do have some reach with fishing poles, but we need fibers to craft them.

I hope that this article and video helps the new player find fibers. I struggled early on to find it, so maybe others did too! This area is very close to First Light starter area. So new players will have no problem finding it if you just go to the area marked. Pic down below for those who rather not watch the video!

Where to find hemp in New World – Starter fiber locations in New World

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