Hood: Outlaws & Legends Classes at Launch

Classes seem to be what most people are interested with these types of games. In this article, we will take a look at the starter classes that will be available at release! Get hyped with RogueGOOSE1 & join our new Hood FB Group

First up we have the Ranger

Ranger class from Hood: Outlaws & Legends

This leader of the outlaws will undoubtedly be a popular choice for players. Sniper and master infiltrator, having a good ranger on the team is sure to put your team above the competition!

Next, the Hunter

Hunter class from Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Optional burst fire crossbow? Sign me up!

Sign me up here too! With the badass Brawler…

Brawler from Hood: Outlaws & Legends

The Brawler is sure to be another very popular class among beat-em-up lovers!

Lastly, the Mystic

Mystic class from Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Divination and trickery master should make for a super fun game. Don’t sleep on that flail!

A number of these characters remind me of characters from Warhammer: Vermintide 2. It is no coincidence that Focus Home Interactive is responsible for numerous Warhammer games, even though that one was dev’d by Fatshark.

Either way, these classes look like a ton of fun to get into the heist scene with on Hood: Outlaws & Legends!

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