Why Cold War will never be Warzone – Lest it be discarded in the ole Spartan Way

Get rid of Cold War elements in Warzone

Cold War would never make it as a Spartan. It will always remain in the shadow of Warzone.

This is that guy or gal that you keep trying to ghost, but just won’t get the hint.

This is as bad as Advanced Warfare trying to be HALO.

Cold War is like being high on potenuse. It will never be Troy.

Look, all jokes aside. This is an okay game. Activision never expected Warzone to do as well as it has, and yet here we are. Warzone is a great older brother carrying Cold War. I literally only keep it downloaded in case I want to level up a Black Ops weapon for Warzone. Even then 9.9 times out of 10 – it’s simply not worth the time.

I pre-ordered Black Ops. It’s just not for me. As sad as that is for I bought the biggest package available.

I just want Warzone to continue building on what it does best rather than continue trying to carry Cold War.

Warzone is a MOBA. Which is the hottest game genre out right now. Cold War’s multiplayer is old and outdated -just like the Cold War itself. Let’s move on. How much longer will I let it go before I quit playing all together? Idk. I LOOOOVE Warzone. So it will actually take a lot. I just hope we get back to the present soon!

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