Do I need a Gaming PC to start Streaming? Streaming tips #1TIP @ a Time w/ RogueGOOSE1

YouTube series by RG1. Season 2, Episode 1

Hello mofos, I am RogeGOOSE1. I have started a YouTube series which is designed to help the viewer get started in Streaming video games.

This series is very important to me as it helps me grow and notice things about my own stream to improve.

The very first episode features one issue that I was once bad about.

Episode 1.

Turning away from the game on stream was one of my big issues early on. I notice it hard on every game stream it appears instantly. I altered my own set up to stop this habit.

Now we are 2 Seasons, 11 Episodes deep in the series and I have improved a ton from the experience. I hope anyone watching / reasing can do the same.

The Series.

Season 1 featured many things I noticed in my own stream and in others’.

Season 2 is mostly centered around hearing questions from others. Episode 1’s first reccurring question was:

Do I need a gaming PC to start streaming?

Streamers of all experience levels didn’t start where they are now.

It takes time to acquire the wants.

The needs aren’t that bad.

Really, you just need a gaming system that is capable of broadcasting. This could be a base, last gen console that most of us gamers already have.

That is how I got started. You can too.

The first thing I did upgrade was using a PC to broadcast. It was not a gaming PC. I had a very personal type computer. I7 intel, no graphics capabilities, I then downloaded the free version on OBS Studio, and off I went.

A mid-range PC is great to multitask from once you begin to take your streaming to the next level; however, it’s more important to just start.

Starting with what you got teaches you to grind. It teaches you the many variables to producing content. It also helps you practice talking on stream.

All that said, a high-powered gaming PC is not required to start. Though, it helps.

Today’s #1TIP is:

Just stream – If you want to be a streamer, and you don’t have a gaming PC. Just use what you do have, and have fun!

That’s our 1 Tip for this 1 Tip Wednesday.

Stay Rogue, and later mofos!

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