Top 5 Starting Classes in Black Desert Online – Deciding on a character in Black Desert Online – BDO Tips with RogueGOOSE1

Are you new to Black Desert Online? BDO was recently made free on steam, and reduced for console users. This helped bring some shiny new faces to the massive, fun-filled map of Black Desert.


I, for one, am excited that this game is once again building some popularity. Which brings my blog posting attention back to a great game. I see players on social media asking lots of questions about starting in the game. I will be creating many articles on the game for your enjoyment. I hope it helps.

In this article – we will discuss our adventurers. The playable characters in the game range in abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and give us much to decide early on. Especially now that many many more classes are available to play than at initial release.


How to choose a character.
This is a very grindy game. To get top tier gear, the adventurer will have to spend a yuge amount of time playing this game. Even the whales have to grind in this game. It can feel like choosing the wrong class will waste a ton of time.

That is not the case with Black Desert Online.

Those that played from launch received only a handful of options to choose from. I recall hearing people “waiting” for many classes. This is the right move. The reality is, after you’re seasoned – you can level a character to 56 (awakening) in a matter of hours. AND there are many benefits to having multiple characters.

Benefits to having multiple characters

  • Inventory Space – if nothing else, a new character has inventory space.
  • Non PvP grinder – keeping a character at level 49 can allow easy grinding around griefers.
  • Resource collection – in a game with no fast-travel feature, having a character ported near valuable resources can be great!
  • Enhancing – saving failstacks across multiple characters can save you a ton of time with enhancing (I will be doing a whole article on just this).
  • Lifeskiller – having a dedicated lifeskiller (or 2… or 3… or more…) can make lifeskills a breeze.

There is a ton that goes into this game that having multiple leveled characters is very beneficial. So DO NOT worry about ‘choosing the wrong one’. Give them all a try if you need.

Having one that is fun to grind with is the most important. Sure we all want one that is particularly adept at what we find interesting. Many people chose a Ninja first because they read somewhere that it was specially skilled at 1v1 PvP. Which is true, but it is also a very tough character to master. Or even to begin.


Top 5 Starting Classes in BDO

Top 5 classes to start with in bdo
  1. Shai

    Shai is a great class to start with. She is a feisty, tiny character which is very adorable. So why is she number 1 on my list? Almost entirely due to her starting at Professional 1 Gathering & Alchemy. This is a huge benefit to staring players and experienced players alike. Even if you do not ultimately decide to main her, she is a must have alt.

  2. Musa

    I may have a small bias here. I began my journey on a Warrior. I do love my Warrior, but Musa is the FUNNEST character to grind with, in my opinion. His speed and move combos are an absolute blast. Especially after awakening. I highly recommend giving him a shot if you have not already.

  3. Lahn

    This class can literally fly. That should be enough said, but Lahn is also quick, high damage, and great for those transitioning from games like ESO. Very fun class to play.

  4. Wizard / Witch

    It was too difficult to choose between Witch or Wizard. These classes are different but really reach to people similarly. If you have researched Black Desert at all, you have heard about one of these, and there’s any reasons why. They are great in node war, great mob grinders, great in PvP, and it is a must having at least one of them as an alt, minimum.

  5. Striker / Mystic

    Once again difficult to choose between the male and female variant of these power-packed characters. They are also extremely fun to play as and can certainly keep your interest in this game for a long time. They both have the Gauntlet (main) / Vambrace (sub) weapon, so there is little downside to having both of these high-flying , rage inducing characters.

You may notice my Warrior didn’t make the list. Warrior is a very all-around type character. Not particularly great at anything over other classes, but also not per se the worst at anything either. That does make it a great starting character. This is a pretty solid top 5 though. It just so happens that ALL the classes in this game are amazing in their own right.

Hopefully you choose one that will be a ton of fun to grind with for a long time.

If you have any questions about characters, or any other BDO topic. Hit me up either here in the comments, on Facebook, or Discord.

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