How to Start Streaming – Streaming Tips with RogueGOOSE1

I have begun a streaming tips series on YouTube. Why? More than anything the streaming tips series, One Top at a Time, (#1tip) helps me grow as a content creator. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, and I hope it can help you.

So what is #1tip?

One Tip at a Time is the YouTube Series where I give one tip per video for, and the topic in this series is specifically for video game streamers.

Season 1

Season one of #1tip features ten total videos. An introduction video and 9 single tip videos. These are great tips to keep in mind once you have established a set up of some kind. Whether that is a shabby set-up or a professional one; these tips can help.

#1tip – episode 9 with RogueGOOSE1 – streaming tips. check out the whole series on YouTube

Above is episode 9 of #1tip (One Tip at a Time) by RogueGOOSE1. The new series dedicated to helping streamers improve. This also helps me. Feel free to reach out to me, either in the comments or on Facebook.

So what about those new streamers. The ones that do not have a set up at all? Well, for you – season two of One Tip at a Time will feature more going back to basics. These will be topics like:

  • Choosing a PC (and other gear)
  • Basic set up
  • Why we stream
  • Affiliate partnerships
  • Choosing a Broadcasting software
  • Where do I upgrade next

There is 5 examples of topics we want to get to in season two. I am excited for this series of videos, and I truly hope someone finds the content helpful.

So how do I get started streaming?

The fact is you do not need much to get started. I began my journey streaming straight from my console. That grew to my laptop. Now I have a very clean looking set up.

So how to get started…

Just use what you get. The first step is to get used to talking in-game. Whether that is through your headset, or maybe you have a webcam already. Talking while you are recording is not easy for most people.

Record, record, record… If you fail or don’t like what you have created. Redo the whole bit. The added practice will only help you. Several takes can make everything better.

Then follow the YouTube Series I have put together, reachout to me, and watch the crap out of other streamers.

Links here: YouTube

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