Blood Bowl 3 to be the hit of 2021? Warhammer Games w/ RogueGOOSE1

Blood Bowl 2 wasn’t the hottest game to come out of 2015. It has gained some hit and miss traction since release in September of that year.

Blood Bowl 3 was recently announced and that brought in some new players into BB2. There are a ton of ways to play Warhammer games. This would be a very long article if I discussed the many ways to play Warhammer games from Games-workshop. Instead, just talking about Blood Bowl – there are 2 main options. You can enjoy the excitement of the fantasy football game as a video game or as a tabletop.

The video games are available on Xbox & PS4 as well as Windows PC via Steam.

The tabletops can be acquired through brick and mortar game stores or online through many online retailers.

Either way you play is a great option. The video game has some fun, quirky characters (just like the tabletop) and there are some beautifully fun animations in the video gaming platform versions. A well tuned imagination is a bit more desirable for the tabletop.

How to get more Blood Bowl content?

All one must do is support creators of various types. Liking my videos or otherwise interacting with Blood Bowl content will let me know you enjoy it. I will be developing more and more Warhammer and Wargaming content -but for Blood Bowl specifically LMK.

I enjoy talking some Blood Bowl.


The very first RogueRadio featuring Roguegoose1 kicked off just yesterday with a audio version of the stream after months in the works. Future podcast episodes will feature general talk regarding Games-workshop games, like Blood Bowl.

Check out the ways you can enjoy Wargaming content and gaming info with RogueGOOSE1:

  1. Live streams
  2. Videos
  3. Articles (like this one)
  4. Podcast
  5. Memes for days
  6. Discord

How to get the info?

There will be link buttons just below this article. Check out discord for an easy way to check all the sources. Discord

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