Best Theme Decks in Pokémon TCGO – Spotlight: Sky Guardian

Best Theme decks in Pokémon TCGO

I will feature only the best theme decks in Pokémon Trading Card Game Online during this spotlight campaign.

A top 10 will also be available very soon.

Today’s spotlight in our Best Theme Deck Series will be:

Sky Guardian.

I chose Sky Guardian for today’s article because that was the first deck that I got hooked on using. I love playing with this deck. Is it the best themed deck? Our top ten will break that down.

Sky Guardian Cards List:

1Energy PouchTrainer
1Fairy DropTrainer
1Pokémon Center LadyTrainer
1Pokémon Fan ClubTrainer
2Professor’s LetterTrainer
1Ultra BallTrainer
10Fire Energy
Sky Guardian Theme Deck Pokémon Trading Card Game

As you can see there isn’t a ton to dislike about this deck. I could do without the 3 Meowth cards. There are some hard hitting basic Pokémon in this collection. I have gone on some hot streaks with Lugia, Moltres, Kangaskhan, Snorlax, and others but the unstoppable one in this deck can also be the underrated Delphox. You only get one Delphox in this bundle compared to the 2 you get in the Fennekin theme set. The Delphox in Sky Guardian is a better version.

Why is this deck so good?

Sky Guardian deck – Best Theme Decks in PTCGO
  1. The trainer cards are very straight forward.
    Some decks have trainer cards meant for more advanced trainers. These trainers are very basic, and can be used effectively by a range of skilled players.
  2. The Basic Pokémon.
    I mentioned Lugia, Moltres, Kangaskhan, & Snorlax. These Pokemon are able to get right into the fight and are friendly among your trainer cards here.
  3. Evolutions.
    Delphox being the shiner here. I might also mention Wigglytuff. Wigglytuff is sneaky hard hitting.
  4. Great range.
    Fairy and fire isn’t exactly known to be the most hard hitting combination. Something about it works very well.
  5. Plenty of energy cards.
    10 Fire and 8 Fairy cards. What is even better is that many of the Mons’ attacks use colorless energy, So the fairy and fire energy cards are often good for both types.

So there is 5 reasons why Sky Guardian is one of the better theme decks. Will it be our top rated deck? We will see.

Regardless, this is a high quality deck that is worthy of ownership.

Do you use this one? Let me know! How would you rate it?

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