5 Ways to Stay in shape with Pokémon Go – Pokémon Go Fitness

Pokémon Go was first introduced to me in 2016. At that time it promoted walking through forcing the trainer to hatch eggs. To hatch eggs, the trainer had to walk a set distance. Eggs had various distances up to 10km (almost 6 1/4 miles). We also had buddy Pokémon to walk various distances for rewards as well.

Then, of course, quarantine kicked off a few years later. Quarantine from the coronavirus closed down many of the parks and recreational areas we trainers would often use to walk these distances.

Niantic did the right thing when they dialed back some of the rules to help us trainers be able to play the game from our couches. The game had to evolve with the times, indeed.

POGO meme from RogueGOOSE1

Finally, the roll out of the vaccine has allowed some more outdoors activity as of late, but the game of POGO has kept the remote raid passes in place.

Many players still do not feel the need to get out and play.

Don’t get me wrong, I love playing from home. The game is much better while out and about. I used to enjoy running into fellow trainers. I do not recommend that quite yet, but the need to get out and step is important.

Health and fitness needs to come back in style. Now, you can play a game while getting in shape. So let’s talk about some way to do that.

  1. Walk 3km per day.
    Walking is one of the best things you can do for your health. 3km in Pokémon Go can get you a 2km egg hatched as well as collect a candy with your buddy. Some buddy Pokémon require more than that so feel free to walk more. 3km should be the minimum.
  2. Run (option).
    I have a 5km track at a local park in my hometown. There is a [approx] 500 meter portion of the track at the beginning. It has 5 Pokestops and 3 Gyms. I can walk that section and collect all the stops, house a Pokémon in a gym, and warm up at the same time. It is then almost a mile to the next 2 Pokestops. Then, another mile to a stop and a gym. THEN, back to the starting area. That is 8 stops, 4 gyms, a hatched egg, and a collected candy. (For anyone interested, this is LaFortune Park, Tulsa, Oklahoma.)
  3. Interval work outs.
    Guess what you could do at those Pokestops? You get 5 minutes after spinning the Pokestop before you can collect it again. Lunges, push-ups, crunches, or any other quick exercise can be done in under 5 minutes. Do them in sets.
  4. Have fun with it.
    Celebrate it. Make a game of the game. Celebrate a nice catch. Here is an idea: Pop and incense. That incense lasts for 30 minutes. IF, you get an excellent throw – do nothing. On great throws, 5 push-ups. On nice throws, 10 sit-ups. On regular throws, 20 jumping jacks. You will have time to catch a lot of Pokémon.
  5. Fill out your dex.
    Look at your Pokedex. Assign a work out for each of the Pokemon regions. Push-ups for Kanto, sit-ups for Johto, etc. Do 5 repetitions for every Pokemon missing in those regions Daily. This promotes exercise AND promotes you finishing your dex.

And that is 5 ways to stay in shape playing Pokémon Go. Pokedex already full? Running not your thing? Do not worry. There are more exciting ways to stay in shape with Pokémon coming up in future articles. Subscribe and stay tuned!

I am RogueGOOSE1 on Facebook, let me know how you are staying in shape using POGO.

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