Blood Bowl 3 – release info, gameplay, updates, what we know – Warhammer Gaming

Blood Bowl 3 Coming soon!

Is there any anticipation for Blood Bowl 3? Doe anyone even know there was a Blood Bowl 1 or 2? Well they should, and there should be.

Blood Bowl is a fantastic games developed by Cyanide Studio, and is currently available as a 1 and 2 on Steam. Blood Bowl 2 is very fun and challenging game which is advertised to be Warhammer and American football together. Whether you call it football or rugby, it is a fun spin on a great fantasy universe and a great sport.

Here is some gameplay from Blood Bowl 2:

RogueGoose1 plays Blood Bowl on YouTube

As you can see, I have a blast scoring touchdowns against some crazily lovable war Orcs. I am very excited about a third installment of this title.

So when can we expect it?

August 2021 is the current release information we have. I have no expectation of it being pushed back. This game will very likely release on time, and feature a lot of aspects from the 2nd game. There will be some great improvements, but from the sound of it -the game will be very much like Blood Bowl 2.

What is the main difference between 2 and 3?

The biggest difference is that Blood Bowl 2 released in 2015. A ton of groundbreaking technology has been developed since then. You still play as the coach of your monstrous (or human-like) team, yet there should be some massive graphical and mechanical upgrades.

Sounds good to me. Where can I play it?

STEAM. and possibly PS5 + Xbox Series consoles. There has been no minimum requirements posted for this game as of yet on steam. Blood Bowl 2 is available on PS4 and XboxOne. So it is safe to assume the 3rd one will also come to consoles. I have no info on when.

Stay up to date with RogueGOOSE1 to stay up to date with this and many other Warhammer games!

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