Pokemon Cards are flying off shelves! What’s being left behind? Online Card Codes coming?

What’s up mofos, welcome to Pokémon. Pokémon has once again taken over the internet and the world as one of the hottest items to get your hands on. Where have you found them? What have you found? Share with me on Facebook!

I have recently been within the rush for Pokemon Trading Cards. These collectible cards were popular in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. They have also had various year spikes in sales since then.

No such spikes as what we are experiencing in 2021. Now you can play the awesome game online which allows you to keep your physical cards safe from harm. I keep my rarer cards in hard covers as I am sure most of you do. I get to have them in their protective shells, AND still play with them! This is a great great concept that has finally hit Pokemon back into popularity.

Table top and other trading card games are all getting hotter this year. This is largely due to the video gaming industry getting the most of us gaming community. Whatever the case, I am here for tabletop games. Even if they are played online.

Chain Stores

Dollar General sold out of Pokemon TCGO

You may have gone to your local Wal-Mart, Target, or favorite Dollar store in hopes of collecting a few cards for yourself. That can be a tough task. All over the country, Pokemon cards have flown off shelves for months. Shelves like this one pictured, and complete isles have been destroyed by scalpers, players, and collectors alike. I made my way down to every store in town, and have found that some are being left behind, or perhaps I have gotten there just in time.

I stream a little playing of Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (TCGO). I absolutely love it. There are some tough decks out there. Gardevoir is a very notable deck that I will be playing with a little later.

Some of the larger packs are being left behind. Perhaps the scalper ran out of money or didn’t see it. I found several of these:

Battle Academy – Pokemon Go Battle Academy set

These come with guaranteed foil cards, and other various collectible items. I absolutely love this set! I’ll be unboxing one later on @Facebook.

Last bit of news to hit this blog post is that I will also be periodically giving away card codes to followers. Make sure you check out my channels for a chance at yours!

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