Cyberpunk 2077 runs great on my PlayStation 4 – Unpopular opinion? Issues I’ve seen…

Are you playing Cyberpunk 2077 on a PlayStation 4? How’s your experience with it?

Cyberpunk 2077 was the most hyped game leading up to its release on December 10th 2020 (for consoles). It has been out roughly a week and a day to this point, and it has definitely had mixed reviews right off the bat.

Gamers on all major platforms have share good and bad opinions regarding the newly released AAA game. Xbox has seen some of the least support from CD Projekt RED, yet the majority of complaints are coming from gamers playing Cyberpunk on PS4.

I play on PS4, and have not had near the issues being talked about in most major Cyberpunk communities. Could it be that those having the biggest issues haven’t cleaned their PlayStations in the 7+ years that they have owned them?

Hard to say that everyone having issues simply have not done the proper maintenance of their machines, but this is something that could turn minor performance issues into larger ones.

Did you pay almost $500 for a machine that you don’t know how to maintain properly? Let us know and we will smack you with some tips.

So what are the major issues people are bragging about?

Graphics issues

Photo from @JackMaxson4 on Twitter

At times, characters have issues rendering in when moving quickly into the scene. I do not know if that was the case for Jack M on Twitter. I have experienced this once or twice. It usually takes about half a second to fix itself, but it does happen.

It also happens that critics of the game could be using the bashing of the game to deliver them 15 minutes of online fame. These issues are there, BUT they are more minor than they are being made out.


Lagging is an issue mainly during autosave. I have not witnessed any lagging or glitching at any other time during my 50+ hours of playtime on PS4.

Bugs occurring during missions

Some of the side gigs have noticeable bugs. Occasionally, I’ll get to a scene where the NPC is detailing the stage of the mission, and it takes 10-20 extra seconds for the dialogue options to catch up to the scene. This is an annoying bug, but not gamebreaking.

Cirrus Cola Classic

I cannot dismantle Cirrus Cola Classic. I was able to dismantle this consumable in the beginning, but as of the last 20 hours I have been unable. This is a minor inconvenience as I can select all other brands and flavors for dismantling. It can be annoying sure, but not a big deal.

Other bugs

There are a few random issues that can be annoying. After defeating a boss, sometimes their remaining health meter stays on my screen even after I have defeated them. This sometimes lasts a couple of minutes, but does eventually go away. This also happens to pop-ups. Pop-ups like loot items I look at will stay on the screen long after I collect them. It last a few seconds and then goes away.

Also, rarely I am unable to pick things up. Normally cheap junk, so no sweat.


Overall, I have had a great experience with Cyberpunk 2077 on a moderately well maintained PS4. The issues are minor and are NOT gamebreaking. I absolutely love the game, the immersion, the scenery, the story, and everything about it. If I had to bitch, I would ask to be able to customize in-game items like vehicles, weapons, clothing, safehouses and the like. The minor issues will be fixed in time, and I’ll accept my free upgrade to PS5, once I decide to buy one. 😛

Let me know how the game is working for you, what platform you are on, and what you would like to see in the game! Facebook Gaming

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