Ark: Survival Evolved Rating – Rating Survival Games – RogueGOOSE1 Rates Survival Games

Ark: Survival Evolved Rating – Rating Survival Games – RogueGOOSE1 Rates Survival Games

Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival game that is rated Teen by ESRB ratings. How will this survival game rate with RogueGOOSE1? We will take a deep dive into the games features and make a well informed rating for you!

I enjoy survival games, and especially those with multiplayer elements. Whether that’s in a cooperative capacity or an mmo style. Survival games typically feature food & water consumption, resource management, sometimes building & crafting, and other survival mechanics that we all love. Ark has some very unique features which other games have tried to replicate. Ark is a tad older than some of the titles we are going to rate, but it still has a die hard player base.

Today’s featured game is:

Ark: Survival Evolved

This game can play as a true survival or as a more forgiving survival game. Team up with friends in a world as you try to figure out why you woke up there in the first place. Tame, train, and breed creatures of the dinosaur kingdom and even some fantasy worlds to aid you in your survival. I have a ton of hours in this game and love what it tries to accomplish.

Ark: Survival Evolved details:

Release date: Aug 29, 2017
Publisher: Studio Wildcard
Developers: Studio Wildcard · Efecto Studios · Virtual Basement
ESRB rating: Teen
Platforms: Microsoft Windows · PlayStation 4 · Xbox One · Android · Linux · Nintendo Switch · OS X · iOS · Google Stadia

Survival Rating System

Resource ManagementSurvivabilityGameplay
Crafting & BuildingShelterStory
Food & Water ConsumptionOpen WorldPvE vs PvP
Concepts of Survival games – Fallout 76 Rating – Rating Survival Games – RogueGOOSE1 Rates Survival Games

Some of the intriguing features of survival games is displayed above. There is more that goes into creating a good survival game which may be discussed in the Creativity section.

There are so many things that go into ranking a survival game. Most survival games have their own spin on the game itself, but have many similar elements. Ark: Survival Evolved has changed some over the years since its release. We are focusing on what the game is in its current state. Survival games will be able to earn 10 points per aspect plus 30 points can come solely from creativity. For a total possible score of 100. So let’s break down Ark: Survival Evolved.

Resource management

Resource management in Ark has many differences between maps and modes. Primitive Plus requires you to manage your resources more so than normal mode. There are also different maps which sometimes require different resources than others. Stockpiling in this game is almost mandatory as different resources are more common in varying areas. Resource collection is also enhanced by the creatures you tame, which builds on the total game experience. This aspect is beautifully done.

Points: 10

Crafting & Building

Crafting and building in this game is simply like no other game on console. There are many like it on PC, but this is nice for console players. Games like Rust come to mind on PC. Ark has a wonderful crafting system that is the games bread and butter. Many players spend hundreds of hours enjoying crafting and building in Ark. It again receives high marks here. More customization would be nice.

Points: 9


Survivability in this game is largely dependent on the player. I have noticed that many players find cave diving too difficult to even attempt. The Labyrinth has claimed its share of players gear as they couldn’t retrieve their belongings after death. A player who shies from PvP and adventure outside of there base location will find the game incredibly easy. Some locations are more difficult than others. This difficulty gears toward several gamer types, so I appreciate that.

Points: 10


Graphics in this game could be better. They are not terrible though on any platform. Compared to other games like Ark? Great. Game mechanics are slightly above average compared to a lot of survival games. Simply, decent.

Points: 7


Ark actually does have a ton of lore. There are no true quests or even a story mode in the game. You can piece together how the world works and how you fit into it. This is such a small aspect of the game that many players don’t bother with it.

Points: 6

See the source image
Ark: Survival Evolved Rating – Rating Survival Games – RogueGOOSE1 Rates Survival Games

Open worldliness

This game can easily define “pick a direction and go”. Thereare a variety of maps with a variety of biomes. Sometimes biomes within biomes. I absolutely love what they have done with the maps. You can even gear up and adventure seemingly other worlds at a moments notice if you feel up for it. There are loading screens between worlds, but the game does a great job making it feel like it is apart of the story by making you use a Teleporter to get to other lands.

Points: 9

PvE versus PvP

Strangely enough, this game was an introduction to PvP for a ton of console gamers. The PvP has become more Tower Defense feeling than it was in the beginning. Players tend to want to be PvE OR PvP, but everyone is sort of out for themselves. This creates a bad dynamic for many servers. If you find the server for you – it can be a great experience. Thanks to Nitrado. This game offers many player hosted servers to fit your PvE versus PvP needs. I do simply love that your tamed creatures play a central role either way.

PvE: 8 – PvP: 8 – Overall: 8


This is a very creative game worthy of a healthy distribution of points here. Other games have attempted to play off of what Ark has accomplished, but changed just enough to keep Ark very unique. Do you love survival games? Play Ark. Need and intro to MMORPG’s? Play Ark. Like crafting / building? Play Ark. This game is definitely worthy of 1000 hours. It isn’t uncommon to have thousands of hours worth of work destroyed in a matter of minutes; however, rebuilding is a part of the fun! The primary knock on the game is that it has certainly been made better with the most recent updates like Ark: Genesis, but the community has gotten ill. The mass exodus that every MMO experiences happened to Ark before the newest changes. The DLC’s did bring back and create new players, but they are much less interested in the grind part of this grindy game.

Points: 26

Ark: Survival Evolved Rating – Rating Survival Games – RogueGOOSE1 Rates Survival Games
Conclusion – Points 85 / 100

85 out of 100 seems fair. This is a great game. I attempt to be fair and objective when it comes to these ratings. The game’s only true fault is it’s age and it’s current community. If it was in it’s current state 2 years ago, it would be pushing 100 I think. But that is not the world we live in. The fact that it is on multiple platforms is great, it can be a true survival, and it is vast – open enough to enhance hours of exploration. It is still a great game. Whether you love it or hate it let us know on our channels:

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