Pokémon Go – Defeating Team Rocket Leaders / Boss – Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, & Giovanni

Pokémon Go – Defeating Team Rocket Leaders / Boss – Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, & Giovanni

Remember when it was almost impossible to beat the Team Rocket Leaders? If not then you are likely a top player, and had some ridiculous counters waiting for them at the time of release. If you’re an average player like me though, perhaps they were a little tough.

The hardship we faced in the beginning is indeed over. Now, Team Rocket Leaders and even the “Boss” Giovanni come straight to the trainer via hot air balloon. No guesswork involved there. All you need is some time and a little knowledge before hand to get the win.

In this article, I am going to share with you how I defeated the trio plus their boss. Let’s start with Team Rocket Leader Cliff:

Defeating Cliff in Pokémon Go – Shadow Omanyte – Team Rocket Leader Cliff

My Pokémon:

  1. Venusaur
  2. Leafeon
  3. Machamp

I knew that Cliff would come out with Shadow Omanyte first. The trainer never knows what might be next, but knowing the first Pokémon ahead of time can be a game changer. Because of this information, I chose to start with Venusaur. Venusaur has been in the game since the start in 2016. So hopefully, you all have one by now and can do the same. Or perhaps you have something similar in mind. My Venusaur was able to beat Team Rocket Leader Cliff’s first 2 Pokémon. Luckily, Onix came out second, and was quickly dispatched.

Tyranitar came out last and defeated my Venusaur. I then had to make a choice of Leafeon or Machamp to bring home the win. I went with the four-hand slinger, and got out of there with my Shadow Omanyte.

Next up we have Team Rocket Leader Arlo.

Defeating Arlo in Pokémon Go – Shadow Growlithe – Team Rocket Leader Arlo

My Pokémon:

  1. Alolan Golem
  2. Machamp
  3. Shiny Togekiss

Shadow Growlithe nearly whipped my Alolan Golem. Golem defeated Growlithe with a fully charged attack awaiting Team Rocket Leader Arlo’s second Shadow. Steelix ate the rock blast before defeating Alolan Golem.

Unlike with Team Rocket Leader Cliff, I didn’t know what the 3rd mon would be after losing my first one. Deciding a next move was slightly more challenging. I opted for Machamp. Machamp came out slinging, but would still be outdone by Steelix. I was now on my last Pokemon with Steelix, Arlo’s 2nd mon, still in action. I had faith in my Shiny Togekiss. Togekiss used Dazzling Gleam and secured my Shadow Growlithe.

The last Team Rocket Leader before we get to the boss is, Team Rocket Leader Sierra.

Defeating Sierra in Pokémon Go Shadow Drowzee – Team Rocket Leader Sierra

My Pokémon:

  1. Tyranitar
  2. Machamp
  3. Tyranitar

Like any other Team Rocket Leader, I didn’t know which Pokémon would be used after the first one. I knew Drowzee would be up to bat first, so on a hunch, I doubled up Tyranitar. My first Tyran quickly defeated Drowzee, but had nothing for Lapras. I quickly change to Machamp, and on to my second helping of Tyranitar for the win over Shiftry. I was able to collect my Shadow Drowzee, and prepare for Team Rocket Boss, Giovanni.

Team Rocket Boss Giovanni

Defeating Giovanni in Pokémon Go – Shadow Mewtwo – How to get shadow mewtwo

My Pokémon:

  1. Hariyama
  2. Machamp
  3. Yanmega

Giovanni’s Pokémon:

  1. Persian
  2. Kangaskhan
  3. Mewtwo

Now, I didn’t know any of the Pokémon that would be used against me here other than Mewtwo. The prize was said to be Shadow Mewtwo so that was an indicator, and why I chose a bug as my anchor. I did not know that Yanmega would have to essentially win the entire match for me. Persian and Kangaskhan beat the crap out of my fighting types. Yanmega was the clear cut MVP of the match, leading my team to the ultimate prize of Shadow Mewtwo.

There you have it

That’s how I defeated the 3 Team Rocket Leaders, Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, & their boss Giovanni. Hope you enjoyed the content and look forward to hearing from you. Hit #Socials to find out how or subscribe to this blog for more content.

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