How to be successful in Gulag – Gaming PvP – Sweet Gulag Victories – Call of Duty: Warzone

How do you like to win in the Gulag on Call of Duty: Warzone? Do you use your tactical and lethal equipment? Are you overly aggressive? Or are you a patient prison fighter? I think we all agree that getting out of the Gulag by any means necessary is the right attitude, but how do we increase our chances?

I am going to share with you some of my victories in the Gulag, and give some hopefully helpful tips to getting you out as well.

Tip 1. Use your Equipment!

Tip 1 in the Gulag – Use your equipment. Throwing Knife Kill in Gulag

As you can see in this first video. I won my Gulag bout without firing a single shot. My tactical on the left side may not have done much, or did it by me time as a distraction? Only the loser of this match would know. I’m heading back to the Warzone.

Tip 2. Be patient.

Tactical patience is important in the Gulag. You see me taking my time to pick my move in the previous video. Often, I am able to get a few kills simply by having my gun pointed to the right. The other gladiator didn’t appear this time so we went another way. My tactical patience gave me many options.

Tip 3. Patience is good, but know when to push!

Yes, tactical patience is a great attribute to showcase in the Gulag. Knowing when to escape from this patience and forcing your enemy to make a bad decision is also a key skill. In this video, I stay patient and get off some good shots from between cover. The opposition knows that he is caught and tries to escape. That was the one chance I had at pushing.

Tip 4. Be decisive.

There is no best way to win Gulag. Going 100% aggressive may win you half the fights. Going 100% patient will maybe do the same. Be patient-ly waiting to strike. See what your enemy is going to give you, and then take it.

Tip 5. Practice – Have fun.

Have a great understanding of the weapons used in Gulag and know that they change often. If you never use sniper or marksman rifles then you may be at a major disadvantage when those cycle back into Gulag. Gulag is a great brand of PvP. I absolutely enjoy the 1v1 aspect of getting back to my team.

Hope you enjoyed the content! I look forward to delivering more! Join the community to join the discussion!

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